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About Us

Who Are We?

Climbing Reviewed is the friendly platform for those struggling to find the right pair of climbing shoes for their needs of rock climbing with different challenges. We are a group of fanatic climbers who keep looking forward to hitting the mountains on a holiday while many of our folks spend leisurely hours on beaches or touring.

Our Story

Our rock climbing journey started at least a decade ago. We used to undertake each day’s climbing journey individually without knowing each other that much. There was hardly any day we missed to get injured or fatigued with pain. Sometimes, things would get much worse than simple injuries. We had to spend a day sitting idle just because of injury under feet or on toes. We shared with each other the pains and gains of our climbing expeditions. Sympathy towards each other brought us where we are today.

Our Mission

Since the past few years, we have set a goal that climbing has to be safe and comfortable as much possible. We know it is not easy to eliminate the physical arduousness that rock climbing begets. But, we had the belief that the shoes we wear could make a difference in our climbing experience. We are proud to declare we were right about that.

The world is full of climbers. Even, there are more people who are yet to start but have more eagerness than those who are already in the game. All we want is make the knowledge and understanding of the best rock climbing shoes enjoyable and easy. We love to see people climbing safely in their favorite shoes without being vulnerable to toe pain or foot injuries.

Each day, we feel glad and gratified when we watch new climbers are making their way into the sport, and seasoned people keep enjoying their games in renovated fashion with newer models of climbing shoes from different brands. Can’t we expect your arrival on our site now?

The Climbing Reviewed Teams

Robert Miles

Robert Miles

An Avid Backpacker

Robert is a smart backpacker. It’s what I feel proud of hearing from those I know. Brainstorming some ideas, packing whatever comes to knowledge, jumping on a bus/plane, landing somewhere totally unknown, and completing a journey amid fear, restlessness, scarcity, and tiredness are what many backpackers do. But that’s not my type. I go on adventures several times a year but not without doing my homework because I want to enjoy my time out in the middle of somewhere rather than worrying about my whereabouts. I also wish all of my fellows, known and unknown, to know before they leap. Feeling excited? Check out my tips and guides!


John Russel

John Russel

A Climbing Specialist

Rock climbing is as thrilling as it gets as you climb high up the sky-high mountains. The story behind my becoming a climbing expert is simple yet full of romantic events and glorious achievements. I’ve undergone climbing adventures at least four times a year over the course of past two decades. Apart from the magnificence and perils of climbing, I took another job as part of my adventurous spirits. I keep notes of my feelings that change once a while. Whatever you read in my posts is based on my true climbing events. I hope you would enjoy!