Beastmaker 2000 – fingerboard Climbing Equipment

Beastmaker 2000 - fingerboard Climbing Equipment

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Climbing hills or rocks is now a common picture around us. People love climbing, and it is popular sports also. but climbing is not an easy task, to climb on rock everyone needs some training. Because before preparing yourself for climbing you have to make your wrist, finger, grip strong first. And to prepare yourself for hard climbing there is a Climbing Equipment which will make strong.

Beastmaker 2000 is a nice fingerboard climbing gym instrument. It will provide you multiple exercises from easier to harder with its multiple holds. There are two types of finger socket, one is medium finger socket, and another one is smaller finger socket, both sockets are 3 finger measurements. To strength your finger it has big, little and incut rungs and has 2 back pockets, it also has 2 finger pockets which are little and sloping.

To make you a perfect hill climber there are different slopers in this climbing hangboard such as 45-degree, 35-degree, 20-degree slopers so that you can practice climbing from different angels.

Beastmaker 2000 is a nice wooden fingerboard climbing which will provide you a flexible work with it. Every hold of this board is very smooth finishing, and it will not injure your skin. For its wooden frame, it will provide you a natural grip and texture to secure your skin from ruining. There are 6 screws to adjusts this climbing equipment with the door frame easily and strongly. It is an excellent climbing trainer to train you at home or gym which is suitable to take your weight easily with a durable adjusting capacity.

Our Remarks

Beastmaker 2000 is a nice rock climbing fingerboard which will strength your finger and will make your hand perfect for climbing. To make your fingers strength, it has many holds so that you can practice easier and harder exercises. Besides, it has different slopers, sockets, and pockets for doing multiple exercises. For the wooden frame, it is very comfortable and flexible to practice finger exercises and this frame also secure for your skin.

It is very easy to adjust the board strongly in any frame with 6 screws. One thing we have found about this climbing equipment is that it is recommended for intermediate and advanced climbers but not suitable for the beginners.

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