Big agnes double sleeping bag – Big Creek 30F

Big agnes double sleeping bag - Big Creek 30F

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Big Agnes double sleeping bag is a very comfortable bag which is suitable for camping. For its doublewide design, it is perfect for couples. the shape of this bag is rectangular, and the pad is integrated with the sleeve to make you more comforter. it is a no draft center flap type sleeping bag which will attach your body to the center of the hood and will eliminate drafts during moving in the sleep. If you want you can place the double wide pad and also can place two single pads side by side.

This big Agnes sleeping bag can provide you the same comfort and roomy environment like home even on the outside from home. It has corner hand pockets on the top which will wrap the bag around your shoulder and make you more comfortable. Besides, it has open and free-range hood design which will provide you free motion to lift your head. Besides, it has low profile cardlock so that you can easily uncinch the hood by one hand.

For well-fitting pillow for the whole night, it has pillow barn which will keep your pillow tight in the same position. There are two zippers on both sides of the bag which will allow you to come out from the bag easily.

Big Agnes double sleeping bag is very soft and smooth to touch. The shell of this sleeping bag is constructed of nylon ripstop with DWR coating to resist water. The lining of this bag is durable, and it is made of nylon taffeta which is soft, breathable, and the finishing is very well for resisting stain. And this down sleeping bag features SL90 synthetic insulation which very soft and compressible also very effective to keep you warm.

There is interior, and exterior loops in this bag where interior loops are used as sleeping bag liner and by the exterior loops you can dry the bag by hanging also can store easily. It is a very lightweight sleeping bag that you can pack this in a small back bag and can go around with this backpacking sleeping bag easily.

Our Remarks

Big Agnes double sleeping bag is excellent for camping and is well designed for two people. It is soft, comfortable and durable sleeping bag with good materials which resist water and stain. The integrated full pad sleeve, pillow barn, double zippers, no draft collar, no draft wedge, no draft zipper, no draft center flap features make this sleeping bag wonderful for more comfort.

It is lightweight and compressible that you can pack it in a small bag and can easily carry it. Besides, it has lifetime warranty offer which relaxes you for longer use.

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