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Why Do You Need Bivy Tent for Shelter

Bivy Tent
Written by Robert Miles
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Do you like to hike, camp or mountaineering? Cool, you may need a lot of hiking and camping gears including shelters and a good pair of rock climbing shoes for these activities. The tent is one of the fundamental options for shelter. But what if there are no smooth places for setting up the tent. In that case, bivy tent is the option you would want to try getting.

Bivy is derived from a French word ‘bivouac’, which means sleep uncomfortably in rocky or non-smoothie rough place. So, if you consider yourself a rough and tough climber, hiker, camper or mountaineer, bivy tent (bivouc shelter) is for you.

When and Where Do You Need Bivy Tents Most? (When and Where)

As you already know the meaning of bivy, you can guess under which conditions you need the bivy tent? When a suitable place is not available for setting up the tent, you can use the perks offered by a bivy tent. But, for clear understanding, we are highlighting the hours of need for bivy tents.

  • In rough/unsmooth places
  • In rocky places
  • In mud covered places
  • In ice-covered places

When and Where Do You Need Bivy Tents Most? (When and Where)

The Benefit of Bivy Tents (Benefit)

You may be thinking why we need bivy tents exactly if you are not satisfied with our statement above. You can say, ‘we can find a nice place for camping’ or ‘why should we camp in a rough place?’ You are right in a sense. But let us describe some more insights to persuade you.

  • Lightweight: The first thing you should know about bivy is its lightweight feature. Bivy tent can be three to five times lighter than conventional tents. So, you can call it ultra-light bivy tent.
  • Easily Packable: The size of bivy tent is small, suitable for small backpacks or light loads. You can even place your sleeping inside it.
  • Easy to Setup: The most benefit of a bivy tent is, you can set it up in less than a minute. But if you want to set up a traditional tent it may take 10 minutes average depending on their set up design and complexity.
  • Any Placement: Do you know why bivy tent is most relaxing? You can place the bivy tent anywhere. You can place it in the normal places along with other rough and tough landscapes. It won’t hurt you a bit.
  • Comfy Sleep: Just set up the bivy tent; adjust your sleeping pad and sleep. No further action needed! You will feel extra warmth and comfort with a sleeping bag inside.

The Benefit of Bivy Tents (Benefit)

Some Facts to Know About Bivy Tent (Need to Know)

There are so many benefits of bivy tents. But there are some bad factors to it too. If you know these factors, you are free to decide to buy a brand new bivy tent.

  • Less Space: Comparing to conventional tents, bivy has less space to offer. So, if you want to camp or hike comfortably, you may need to go for traditional tents which provide more breathable space.
  • Not Suitable in Rainy Situations: Some bivy tents have an opening at the head side for breathing that is not fully covered. So, when the rain starts, you need to duck inside to prevent rainwater, and the breathing situation will become so strict.
  • Less Bug Protection: Only some of the bivy tents offer bug protection nets. But this bug protection net is essential as it is placed in harsh landscapes, where the bug is your all-time companion.
  • Moisture Concerns: You should be careful about moisturization inside the bivy tent. It is hard to prevent moisturization in the morning, although it hadn’t been raining or snowed all night.

Some Facts to Know About Bivy Tent (Need to Know)

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying Bivy Tents (Before Buying)

Now, you know the pros and cons of bivy tents, you should proceed to the part that leads to the buying part. You should check out these factors below before buying the bivy tent.

  • Fabrics: You should check the fabrics of bivy tent. Bivy tents have two different types of materials. The floor part is heavy which is long lasting in floor situations while the top part is light with a breathable option.
  • Extra Room: You should check for extra room. If you find one, you got it all. You can get extra comfort and breathing facilities with it.
  • Bivy Opening: You need to know which openings are perfect for you. Choose the opening with or without net covering.
  • Size and Weight: You must know the size and weight of bivy tent. Choose the size and weight depending on your specific need. You can even choose ultra-lightweight 1 person tent.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying Bivy Tents (Before Buying)

Well, you have almost finished the article. We hope you have got essential information about the best bivy tents for shelter.

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