Climb X Icon Climbing Shoe Review

Are you looking for a rock climbing shoe that offers perfect fit and comfortability for long-time uses? Do not worry as the Climb X has brought a comfortable, low-stretch leather shoes that offer breathability to keep the foot relaxed and comforted. Read this definitive review and learn about climbing shoes with these ones.

These shoes will also stretch up to a full size once brought out of the box. This offers a perfect fit for any size of the feet. A free Sickle M-16 Climbing Brush is included to help bring the great look back. It also helps maintain the coating that the shoes offer for a long time.

Climb X Icon is made of sticky rubber, and the front tongue makes it different from another shoe. Climb X Icon is more flexible and more breathable, and since they stretch with the shape of your feet, it also proves substantially more comfortable.

Climb X Icon is high-quality and premium made leather that will not wrinkle and is vastly resistant to elements like water which cannot easily damage. This hiking sneakers can be worn in all weather conditions that proves outstanding durability.

01 Climb X Icon Climbing Shoe Overview

Rock climbing demands flexibility and adaptability as it requires climbers to reach and climb to handholds and footholds usually far from a comfortable distance. These mountaineering boots allow for comfortability as it provides perfect fitness to the foot and can prevent fatigues.

Mountaineering boots are designed with the sticky rubber which offers stickiness to slippery surfaces, the rubber armor sole is crafted to provide a solid platform to stand on tiny edges.

Mountain climbing shoes have the water-resistant capacity, and you can use it in all-weather condition. In the hot weather, you do not get sweat as there is a breathable system to make feet cool.


  • Color: Dark Grey/Blue

  • Outsole: Rubber-leather
  • Brush: FREE Sickle M-16 Climbing Brush Included
  • Stretchable size: Low Stretch Synthetic Leather
  • Stickiness: X-Factor Sticky Climbing Rubber
  • Tongue: Neoprene

03Feature Analysis

3.1 Rubber-leather

Climbing sneakers are designed with the rubber leather that offers a perfect grip to your feet. You do not feel loose and can take aggressive climbing for a long duration. This rubber leather is strong enough to protect your foot from the hard road material. It reduces the risk of getting hurt in the toes.

3.2 Low Stretch Synthetic Leather

This climb x rock climbing shoes are equipped with the low stretched leather that offers a compact attachment with your toes, and it does not get loose. This synthetic leather is hard enough to last for a long period. It does not damage if it gets wet in the water. So, this synthetic leather provides durability and sturdiness for ensuring quality performance.

3.3 X-Factor Sticky Climbing Rubber

This sticky rubber is stiffer, stronger and durable which makes it more attractive for climbers. This sticky rubber outsole offers stickiness to the slippery surfaces so that you can avoid any unprecedented accidents during climbing.

3.4 Neoprene Tongue for Comfort

Rock climbing boots are the perfect all-around shoe for bouldering, gym, sport, and multi-pitch climbing as it offers comfort to your toes. This Neoprene tongue increase the breathability to feel comfort in the foot. It can resist the sweat as it provides good air circulation system inside your shoes.

3.5 Hemp Footbed

Hemp Footbed helps to reduce odor, and you do not feel uneasy by using this rock climbing equipment as it can absorb the sweat of your foot to provide something fresh for it.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Provides flexibility and adaptability

  • Offers perfect fitness
  • Prevent fatigues
  • Offers stickiness to slippery surfaces
  • A solid platform to stand on
  • Keep foot cool

4.2 Cons

  • Color may wear off

05Final Verdict

Climb X Icon offers an aesthetic look and excellent performance all the way from climbing to relaxing after a thrilling adventure. But, the color of the shoes may lose its shine if the shoes are put into rough uses. So, a little maintenance or care is important.

You also have to be conscious as the synthetic is sensitive to water. The only thing you have to do is to dry the shoes in the sun to bring sturdiness.

Above all this Climb X Icon is a very high-quality shoe that offers perfect grip and high traction to the road to avoid falling. It also reduces the risk of getting fatigue on your foot as it has the thick leather that can protect your legs from the hard road surfaces.

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