Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes Review

Some say that the best rock climbing shoes are those that fit you the most. But, we think otherwise. There are many other issues that decide whether a shoe is best in quality or not. Thankfully, Evolv Defy Climbing Shoes meet most of those necessary factors! That is why, we are here through our Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes review to guide you through the product.

Do not be confused with its budget-friendly nature as Evolv Defy Shoes come with supreme quality. The shoes are made out of high-grade leather ensuring durability and comfort. With the organic foot hemp feature, your feet synchronize entirely with the shoes.

The design of the shoes is light and flexible, making the fall into the moderate category. The breathable technology of Evolv Rock Climbing Shoes is also quite praised in other Climb X Rave Climbing shoe reviews along with its double stitched body.

But, you do need a proper analytical view of the shoes before you can make your purchasing decision. That is why we are here through our Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes review – hoping you will get all the information that you need.

01Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes Overview

The durability of Evolv Climbing Shoes is almost unquestionable. It comes with a high-grade leather construction so it will hold on even after the roughest use. Like we mentioned earlier in this Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes review, these shoes are double stitched, so you get to use these with more flexibility.

The organic hemp feature inside the shoes is also something to feel good about. It locks the odor away, so you get to feel fresh every time.

Most climbing shoes with these much features would certainly cost you a bunch, but Climb X Rave Shoes comes at a very affordable price.

Among the three-common structure of climbing shoes, this falls into the moderate section. Means that you can use it in a versatile manner in multiple types of surfaces.


  • Structure Type of The Body: Moderate Built

  • Body Material: High-Grade Leather
  • Sole Type: Flat with Pointers
  • Minimum Length: 200 MM
  • Maximum Length: 320 MM
  • Coating Medium of the Blade:
  • Appropriate Fittings: Snug (-0)

03Features Analysis

3.1 Double Stitched Body Construction

The double stitched body increases durability. Your Shoes will last for even longer because of the double protection.

3.2 Collar and Heel Padded Separately

The collar and the heel are very well padded to ensure comfort. But, the designer was careful about the grip as well so you do not have to worry about slipping.

3.3 Breathable Mesh Technology for Comfort

You do not feel too suffocated while wearing these shoes as it comes with a breathable technology. We have come to know this term while researching for our Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes review

3.4 Hemp Foot Bed with Organic Feel

The hemp bed will prevent any bad odor from your shoes keeping your shoes fresh for 24/7. It also ensures a very organic feel as well.

3.5 Strong Ankle Support

The shoes are enriched with strong ankle support so when you stay in the same momentum for a long time – your ankle does not get harmed.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Strong Body

  • Smooth Design
  • Odor Resistant
  • Comfortable Padding
  • Sturdy Grip
  • Budget Friendly
  • Double Stitched

4.2 Cons

  • Difficulty finding the right sizes for some users

  • Improper sizing often leading to poor fit

05Final Verdict

This Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes review has already described and critically presented everything that matters. Hopefully, you are now more informed about the shoes than you were before.

The design of Climb X Rave Shoes is praised by many and so is the comfort level. Many have also pointed out the versatile performance as well. So, in short, it is an all-rounder shoe with all the necessary features.

Climb X Rave Shoes is a fine product that comes in an affordable budget. So, if you are simply looking to buy another pair of shoes into your collection that gives you performance, durability and comfort then you can try it out.

That is all we had in our Climb X Rave Climbing Shoes review. Now you can make a better purchasing decision. And, do not forget to stay safe while climbing.

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