Evolv Elektra Climbing shoes review

Do you like climbing? Or Dream to be professional climber one day? Here we are about to share you our experience with Evolv Elektra Climbing shoes. Elektra has a long story of manufacturing women’s climbing shoe, it also the top seller in the USA in this category.

Along with super comfort, a performance this climbing shoe surely gives you a unique experience than before. It will provide extra friction with super edging which made it incomparable. This shoe is a smart choice for beginner to a professional climber; you can also use it for the gym.

01Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoes Overview

Women now a day are not far behind than men in climbing. A comfortable, lasting climbing shoe is necessary for that purpose. By keeping it mind this manufacturer introduced a special type of shoes that fit for women. Yes, we are talking about Evolv Elektra climbing shoes.

As many of us are a beginner now so for them, it is the best product in such low price. The TRAX technology gives proper friction between your feet and rock. The synthetic upper part gives it a perfect look also it ensures dryness of your shoe.

The asymmetrical shape will provide you a good edging power that surely ensures your best safety. Besides that, it has Teardrop MX-P 1mm midsoles, VTR technology toe rands, etc. which provide a very comfort climbing experience.


  • Product Weight: 6.35 oz

  • Application: Climbing
  • Gender: Female
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Fabric/Material: 4.2mm TRAX high friction rubber
  • Footwear Upper Fabric/Material: Synthetic.
  • Outsole Material: 4.2mm TRAX high friction rubber
  • Midsole Material: MX-P 1mm sensitive half-length
  • Lining: Nylon (comfortable and plush)
  • Footwear Type: Shoes

03Feature Analysis

3.1 VTR- technology rand features

VTR technology is for giving a perfect thickness to rands, which enhance its durability. Thus front toe area becomes thick without being bulky look. That makes the shoe a cool look.

3.2 MX-P 1mm half-length midsoles

Midsole gives flexibility and sensibility to different technical moves and adds edging power. This Evolv Elektra Climbing shoes comes with MX-P 1mm half-length midsoles which in a way serve your purposes for total climbing.

3.3 High-performance TRAX rubber soles

TRAX Rubber is the high performing rubber in the market. It gives a perfect balance of edging and high friction power. This Evolv Elektra climbing shoes comes with TRAX Rubber which is very comfortable and let you climb all day.

3.4 Flexible and durable synthetic upper

It is essential for a climbing shoe that it should dry quickly as it is risky to climb with wet shoes. These Evolv rock climbing shoes are made with durable synthetic that makes it dry so quickly and also offer resistance from the upper stretch.

3.5 Asymmetric shape

Asymmetrical shape is necessary for a perfect fit with your toes. The asymmetrical shape helps it do well while edging and the shape doesn’t hurt the toes. It sounds good that this shoe has Asymmetric shape.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Lightweight

  • Versatile
  • Comfort fit
  • Quick dry
  • Super Grip
  • Perfect edging
  • Affordable price

4.2 Cons

  • A little difficult to size properly

05Final Verdict

The Evolv Elektra climbing shoes are popular for its long durability and comfort at the least price. The thickness rand allows to last long and to get a good grip. From beginner to professional climber this shoe will bring satisfaction.

Since we said earlier that it is little difficult to size properly, this because these shoes generally have different size number than ordinary shoes. So, if you are thinking of buying this climbing shoe, then we suggest knowing the size of your feet first then order.

We like the Elektra as an affordable climbing shoe option. However, if you desire the fit of the Elektra or somewhat synthetic shoe, we think this is an upright shoe for the cost.

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