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Evolv Raptor Climbing Shoe Review

Evolv Raptor Climbing Shoes

Are you seeking shoes that provide snug fit but not painfully? Do not worry the Evolv climbing shoes are built with high-quality leather that stretches slightly and molds to your foot. It offers tight fit but not very aggressively, and you can be able to cover a long distance without any stress. In this Evolv Raptor review, we will share you the different components of this shoe that provide to feel ease and comfortable during climbing on the high hills.

To maintain a good fit these shoes, offer various volumes and widths with thicker toes in the front. All these combinations make this shoe perfect for climbing harder and longer. Through this Evolv Raptor review, you will be able to know detail about the functionality of these shoes.

Between you and the rock, these climbing shoes happen to be the interface. So, the wrong type of shoe or fit can hold you back. When choosing climbing shoes, you have to consider the performance, fitness, and comfortability of the shoes. From this Evolv Raptor review, you may know that how you can feel rock and comfort simultaneously by using these shoes.

Feature Analysis of Evolv Raptor Climbing Shoe

1. Midsole

MX-P: 0.6 mm half-length midsole is the layer in between the outsole and the insole, act as shock absorption. Usually, the climber put more pressure on the beneath heel of the foot. Hiking shoes are made with rubber at the midsole to put balance pressure on the ground.

2. Sole

At the bottom of the shoe, to contact with the ground Soles are made from 4.2 mm TRAX high friction rubber to provide comfort to foot on the ground. This rubber made sole makes the climbing more hassle-free, and there is no chance to get pain on the heel.

3. Protect Toes

The feature at the toe is very thicker which helps to cover and protects the toes. At the time of climbing, this thicker shape at the toe makes every step very risk free and protect from causing hazards. This kind of thicker toe makes strong fit with the shoe.

4. Suede leather

The shoe is made from suede leather, so the climber may be happy to as the suede leather provides softness, thinness, and pliability. It is suitable for delicate uses for women to make the foot soft and smooth.


If the width is too narrow, then your toes will be pushed into uncomfortable and ineffective positions. It is too wide, and the shoe will roll around your foot when edging. A good width-wise fit is more obvious when trying climbing the hill, and these Rock shoes offer so.


  • Product Dimensions 14″ X 7″ X 4″
  • Weight 1.15 Pounds
  • Material Suede
  • Upper Leather
  • Sole 4.2 Mm TRAX High Friction Rubber


  • Relaxed fit for all-day comfort
  • Easy cover a long distance
  • Reduces pressure on the heels
  • Better grip with the shoes


  • Too much small. Seemed children sized

Final Verdict

At the end of our Evolv Raptor review, we would like to share you some reasonable instructions that you should consider to get the optimal benefits by using these shoes.

Earlier we have discussed that these shoes seem very small and children sized. But we ensure you that this is not a very horrible downside of this shoe. It made with thicker suede rubber that is why it looks so small. These shoes are stretchable, and after using few days, the width enhances and makes a perfect fit for your foot. So, do not worry about the size as it stretches and provides molds to your foot. So, in this Evolv Raptor review, we mention that this shoe is highly trustworthy as it helps to feel rock.

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