überleben Zünden ferro rod fire starter

überleben Zünden ferro rod fire starter

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Planning to go for camping? Lighting up the fire in camping is a big problem. You also can’t carry a big amount of diesel with you. The carrying is a mess, and it’s also dangerous for camping. Anything unwanted can happen if you go with flammable materials. Carrying a fire starter rod is never dangerous looking, and it’s very comfortable to carry. It’s a compact piece of fire starter and a Ferro rod. No complexity to carry this Ferro rod fire starter.

überleben Zünden Ferro rod fire starter is one of the best fire starters. It has got the best Ferro rod. It is a composition of aluminum and iron that helps to spark easily. It sparks a high temperature of 5500˚F which helps to light the fire constantly.

It has got a wooden handlebar for firm use of the rod. It just weighs 3 ounces. So, it’s not a problem to carry. The lasso with the wooden handlebar keeps the rod and the fire starter together. It also makes it simpler for a user carry with him like a chain on the neck or like a wristband. The rod is about 5-inch-long, and there is variation in thickness. The traditional one is 8mm thick, pro one is 10mm thick, and 12.5mm is the thickest one. 12000 to 20000 strikes can be handled by these rods.

It’s a versatile fire starter. It can be used in any sort of weather. Hot, cold, rainy does not matter to it. It works always fine. It’s a waterproof firing kit. Getting wet does have any impact on its performance.  Best fire steel is used in this kit to bring out the best performance.

Our Remarks

In an emergency case where you can’t go with flammable components this kind of firing kit is very useful. Even in some condition like snowfall or run if you carry matches, it will surely get damp. This kind of firing kit has not got the chances to get damp. It performs always the same in all condition. Without any major friction, it will not spark so there hardly any chance of an accident.

With the leash on the Ferro rod, fire starter makes the carrying very stylish like a chain. It’s durable and does not get affected by the water. It’s great to use and carry in extreme condition.

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