Best Rock Climbing Shoes To Look For In 2019

Did you know climbing has its ups and downs as enamoring as the sweetest yet thought-provoking events in our real life? Climbing with a pair of the best rock climbing shoes is, on most occasions, as exhilarating as the way you can ease your daily workout schedules with high-quality equipment, a pair of shoes, and a timer.

Climbing to our inner psyche, we have discovered that exploring mountains has its parallels with our practical life. Climb a rocky mountain or a giant waterfall that bring you a mix of every possible feeling of adventure. But, things may go reverse if the perfect climbing shoes are not there to entertain your feet.

What do you love when it comes to climbing? Alpine or traditional climbing? Bouldering or sports climbing? A pair of climbing shoes with features to ensure comfort, proper fit, and security can facilitate any of these climbing types.

Apparently, what you are going to ask is how to choose the right pair of climbing shoes. Well, we are going straight to some tried and tested choices for your convenience.

Best Rock Climbing Shoes To Buy In 2018

While making this list of rock climbing shoes, we have considered several factors like the type, features, comfort, and durability. For certain reasons, we gave the prices some serious thoughts. So, here we start with our selections.

Best Rock Climbing Shoes - Reviews

As you are at this stage of the article, we think you really want to know how to buy climbing shoes instead of just looking at some prechosen pairs and making a choice based on some short descriptions.

Things to consider

There are different types of climbing shoes, such as neutral, moderate and aggressive. Among these shoes, you have options to choose either cheap rock climbing shoes or more expensive pairs that offer the fancy bells and whistles. Again, there are women’s rock climbing shoes and mens rock climbing shoes.

Let’s get to the considerable factors right away

Types of climbing shoes in detail


If comfort is the first and only thing you want throughout the day of climbing, these shoes are just great by allowing your toes to stay flat inside them. For both beginners and proficient climbers whose pursuit is to take multi-pitch climbs, these shoes are good.

The midsoles of these shoes are often medium-to-stiff but less sensitive. The soles are often constructed with thick rubber. The flat design of them allows for slotting into different cracks. Some highly seasoned climbers do not recommend that these shoes be used for overhanging routes.


These shoes come in a camber or downturned shape that makes them a primary choice for a technical climber. Some models are ideal for a variety of climbing purposes, from crack climbs and slab routes to multi-pitch climbs and overhanging sprout routes.

For those suffering from a lack of confidence in climbing challenging routes, downturned shoes yield a stronger and more stable position than the neutral counterparts. The thinner and stickier rubber soles offer better feel and grip than the neutral ones. These shoes are more comfortable and stable even than aggressive shoes.

Now, let’s be ready to accept the downsides of moderate climbing shoes that are not very good at delivering when your climbing preferences include tricky boulder issues and overhung routes. When it comes to comfort, you would want neutral pairs. Also, the soles of moderate shoes being extremely thin and sticky wear a way faster than those of neutral shoes.


These shoes are your pick when performance is the pivotal point of your rock climbing endeavor. With plenty of heel tension and downturned toes, these shoes will put in the strongest position while climbing overhanging routes. Having an asymmetric shape, the shoes have curves toward their big toes as they focus power over the toes to ensure that your feet have a precise placement while on small holds.

Some dauntless climbers prefer aggressive models to any other design as the downturned shape, and snug fit allows them to single-pitch sport at the gym instead of multi-pitch climbs throughout the day.

With these shoes, you might sacrifice the feeling of comfort and the convenience of dealing with cracks. However, some aggressive models are immensely popular.

You might be thinking we have not discussed what men and women should think about while choosing the suitable climbing shoes for narrow feet or wider ones. You might ask if there is any difference between the rock climbing shoes women and men.

Some of you even want to know if there is anything different in between the rock climbing shoes for beginners and advanced climbers. Well, we will break these factors down into small details in another article.

Final Verdict

Several components of a climbing shoe affect its performance. Those parts include the straps, laces, rubber, and linings. The aggressive models are often admired for their strength to deliver. For comfort, neutrals shoes are a no-brainer. Tricky climbing is never enjoyable if you do not have the right pair of moderate shoes.

Apart from considering the types of rock climbing shoes and all features, you have to think about the fit of your pair. Make sure you get a snug fit, but it must not cause you pain.

So, what is the trick here? Following the climbing shoes size chart may ease the difficulty. Thus, you can finally believe that you are the proud owner of the best rock climbing shoes.