La Sportiva Skwama Review

Are you looking for a flexible slipper that features a secured closure system? Do not worry as the La Sportive Skwama accommodates your toes and you can use it for the aggressive climbing mission. The rock shoes fit strongly but not painfully, and this right fitness will enable you to climb even in the harder and longer routes. You do not feel the climbing challenging rather it will be enjoyable with this climbing shoe.

You will be surprised to know that this leather climbing shoes comparably offer a more stable and comfortable heel design which is less sensitive to the road surfaces to keep your feet smooth. The toe box in this La Sportive Skwama is not overly roomy, and you can acquire perfect fitness by wearing it for a day-long climbing mission.

This La Sportiva Skwama allows your toes to lie flat inside the shoes; you will not feel uneasy as it offers a breathable system to keep your toes cool. La sportive climbing shoes will be a great choice for the beginners as well as the experienced climbers who focus on the comfortability and long-run capacity of rock climbing shoes.

01La Sportive Skwama Overview

Leather climbing shoes have high shock absorption capacity, and there is a little risk of damaging this suede leather shoes, you can use it on all grippy surfaces with comfort. This synthetic climbing shoes breathable feature helps to keep cool your feet and prevent unwanted odors. As there is sticky closure system, so you can tighten or loosen the shoes based on the demand.

New split-sole construction allows the sole to spread out when weight is applied, and thus it reduces edge deformation. Through strengthening the holds, it offers a perfect shape to your feet so that you can get a long-lasting comfort, support, and personalized feelings when taking the aggressive climbing position.

The sticky rubber will hold your feet in place so that you will never slip or loss of footing due to its perfect grip system. This rock climbing equipment will prevent against any unanticipated events that can cause your feet to damage.


  • S-Heel construction

  • P3 Patent System
  • Split-sole construction
  • Ultra-sticky rubber toe
  • Vibram sole, suede leather upper
  • Black and yellow color
  • Synthetic material

03Feature Analysis

3.1 Synthetic material

Rock climbing sneakers are well equipped with the synthetic which is very sturdy enough to use for long. It is stretchable to some extent. So, you do not have to worry that this synthetic made climbing shoes may loose after few days as it offers a tight fit and perfectly grabs to your feet.

3.2 Optimal Performance

La sportive skwama has a perfect heel cup that offers smoothness and optimal maneuverability to use on any of hard surfaces. S-heel cup ensures speeds when climbing through the dangerous roots. The heel of this outdoor boots is a great offering that delivers convenience and adjustable fits, and by using this S-heel, you can get the maximum benefits worthy of the money you spent on it.

3.3 Advanced edging system

The sticky rubber edges around this climbing shoe have shock absorption capacity that can save you from getting hurt on the road surfaces. You can go ahead with your climbing mission as this rubber edges are designed to perform with sensitivity, flexibility, and precision on all surfaces. The breathable sharp edge offers perfect air circulation to prevent your toes from being sweat.

3.4 Sticky toe box

You may observe that some climbing boots are improperly sized as the foot is widest at the sides of the toes and narrowest at the heel. To remove the troublesome regarding the sizes bouldering shoes offers sticky toe box made of ultra-sticky rubber that can be spread out based on the width of your toes. You will enjoy the adventure as it makes the Climbing more fluid, instinctive and harmonious.

3.5 Designed with suede leather

The upper side of the rock climbing shoe is made of suede leather that is very thinner, softer, and less vulnerable to damage. Suede leather on the upper side provides a balance of comfort and high performance. It also offers great sensitivity to feel the rock below your feet for superior adaptability.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Having shock absorption capacity

  • Keeping the feet cool
  • Preventing unwanted odors
  • Flexibility to tighten or loosen the shoes
  • Reducing edge deformation
  • Strengthening holds
  • Offers perfect shape to the feet

4.2 Cons

  • Less water-resistant capacity

05Final Verdict

La Sportiva Skwama is one of the innovative offerings of La Sportiva which is designed with high-quality suede leather and sticky rubber that protect your toes from abrasion against the hard road surfaces. The excellent closure system makes it comfortable to use as you can get a perfect grip through this sticky closure system. This high-performance shoe makes the climbing more attractive and enjoyable to the new climbers.

Though there is a pitfall, you can handle this issue by creating awareness. The synthetic material in this La Sportiva Skwama has no water-resistant capacity; you have to aware of this. In our La Sportiva Skwama review, we will suggest you that you should keep the wet shoes in the sun to dry. Otherwise, it will lose it durability and appearances offered by the shoes originally.

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