Rising Value Of Leuko Tape – Offers Strong Support

Rising Value Of Leuko Tape - Offers Strong Support

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Leuko tape is a type of rehabilitation tape which was initially created for injury prevention. These sports tape with high tensile strength usually comes in a roll. As a support adhesive, this tape was used to provide stability and deal with joint and muscle injuries. Now, the most common use is as the first-line therapy to treat blisters. Leuko tape P has taken the place of moleskin as a well-chosen material to prevent blisters.

Leuko tape is the wonderful combination made by extra strong zinc oxide tape and sensitive surgical tape. Zinc oxide provides Leuko tape its adhesive properties and supportive qualities, during which surgical tape gives the fabric letting air to the skin as well as passing sweat to evaporate and pressure delicate stability. Now, this athletic tape is the miracle foot tape of climbers and sprinters who are extremely lightweight.

This is a porous tape which can easily be tear with hand, yet it offers extra strong support by protecting skin from scratches and relief from strains and sprains. This tape fits for runner's knee (usually known as patellofemoral) taping and also ideal for “shoulder taping techniques.” As it may contain Latex, so this tape might not be suitable for people who are sensitive to it.

The tape is very sticky due to adhesives materials. It will easily stay on your feet for a few days. And, it seems that it is not affected by sweat. The tape tears with ease but a negligible amount of stretch needs to apply. Therefore, you will need a little time to take when using it so that it helps to prevent creases. It is also excellent for first aid applications as it lacks stretch, rigid joints can immobilize any part of the body or can limit the movement.

Our Remarks

People with tender feet have been susceptible to blisters. They need to take preventive measures by taping their feet before a long climb. People who used to be hikers put positive aspects about Leuko tape. Therefore, you can give a try to it, and it will become, undoubtedly, a material of choice which can be used as a preventive measure against blisters, and it will be something that you will always want to carry in your rack pack.

Leuko tape is an excellent alternative to moleskin to treat with blisters and use particularly with Cover-Roll stretch strapping which can be your prominent first aid tape that you will want to keep in your box. One excellent point about this tape is it is very thin, and its outer surface is just smooth. Therefore, it hardly can affect your feet to fit in your boots. Its smoothness will allow your foot for natural movement when covered with a sock.

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