Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoes Review

A risky yet thrilling sport, rock climbing is an activity that is highly dependent on your skills and equipment. Rock climbing equipment make your adventure much safer and more effective. Out of those equipment, rock climbing shoes are one of the most essential equipment you will need. That is why we bring you our Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoes review to help you make a choice.

Most rock climbers would consider having the best rock climbing shoes as a top priority. The shoes would have to be able to help you maneuver uphill while looking after your feet. Fortunately, these are the capabilities the Mad Rock Climbing Shoes possesses.

The Mad Rock Climbing Shoes offer good friction to allow you to hold your position and latch your foot to the ledges with ease, great for edging and smearing on rocky hills. Furthermore, the Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoes have been told to work well on surfaces made of lime and grit as well.

Moreover, unlike the rock climbing shoes of the past, the shoes are not bone-crushingly tight. Instead, there is room for gaps to be between the shoe and the foot, with a slingshot strap at the back to adjust the shoe, and Velcro straps for easy fastening. We can learn more about this rock climbing shoe in our Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoes review for your convenience.

01Overview of the Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe

In this section of the Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoes review, we will explain the vital details of the rock climbing shoe. But do not worry. We have simplified the details as much as possible for your reading pleasure.

To start off, the Mad Rock Flash 2.0 is a rock climbing shoe that has a 3D modeled heel that maximizes friction and allows you to hold your position firmly. In addition, this rock climbing shoe’s midsole is mad of poly-carbonate, which gives you a steady and predictable stretch.

In the field of comfort, these Mad Rock Climbing Shoes give you a fresh and cozy fit for your feet. The Shock Gel of the shoes make sure your heels do not feel the full brunt of impact forces. Plus, the shoes’ leather upper is combined with a material called Synflex. This allows the shoes to stretch as you strain your feet while rock climbing.

Now let us take a look into the broken-down feature of the rock climbing shoe in our Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoes review to help you better understand what makes them tick.


  • Gender: For Men’s

  • Footwear Closure: Slip-on
  • Toe Coverage: Closed Toe
  • Terrain: Mountain

03Feature Analysis

3.1 Mad Rock Rubber and Poly-Carbonate Midsole

Layered with Mad Rock 5.3mm rubber, the Mad Rock Flash 2.0 ensures a lot of friction for you to hold your ground and not slip off, in addition to it being easy to latch onto lime and grit so that you can gain a good footing of the rock you are climbing.

Moreover, the midsole of the Mad Rock Climbing Shoe is made of poly-carbonate (a strong, light and stretchable polymer material) so that you have a stable and predictable stretch while you edge or smear a rocky slope.

3.2 Synflex

The upper portion of the shoe’s leather is combined with Synflex, a synthetic stretch material that makes other materials more tensile when applied, to make the shoe more flexible for you. Which means that when you stretch your feet on rocky slopes, the shoe will stretch with your foot instead of hugging it.

In addition, your feet will also get a plush fit, with your feet touching soft leather instead of coarse materials that can scrape off socks or your skin.

3.3 Shock Gel

The Mad Rock Climbing Shoes also come with a Shock Gel at the heel area. This ensures that any impact to your heels from your rock climbing adventures will be mostly absorbed by this gel and your heels will be as unscathed as you started.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Comfortable

  • Velcro straps for easy appliance
  • Inexpensive
  • Does not hurt your heels

4.2 Cons

  • Not very long-lasting

05Final Verdict

As seen in our Mad Rock Flash Climbing Shoes review, the Mad Rock Climbing Shoe barely has any major negative points. It gives you magnificent comfort and power exertion when compared to average high-end rock climbing shoes. A comfortable, fairly all-purpose rock climbing shoe that is affordable and can help you with most of the rock climbing.

In this review of ours, we hope that we have managed to give you a clearer idea of the things this rock climbing shoe can do. For those who expect to own the best rock climbing shoes for beginners that is comfortable to use, affordable and has near all-purpose usability, this might be your befitting choice.

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