Mad Rock R3 Crash Pad

Mad Rock R3 Crash Pad

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Mad rock r3 pad is very strong crash pad for the rock climber what will protect you when you fall down during climbing. The crash pad is very durable also more comfortable which provides a soft landing. The shell of this pad is sturdy and durable that you can place it on any rocky surface and that will not disengage. The shell is also preventing dirt and moisture from going inside the pad.

The filling of the pad is very comfortable which EVA foam and has good ability to tackle the high falls. And for the foam tube padding, you can place this in any rugged surface. This mad rock crash pad will provide you long service for years by replacing the foam.

The size of this mad rock mad pad is well standard that will provide you large surface when you unfold it for landing securely. There is a secret pocket in this pad which is for snacks. So, you can easily store snacks in your journey. You can also store all the gears inside the pad by folding it, and it is not so weighted that you can easily go with it for hiking on rocks. Besides, there are two gear loops on the backside of the pad vertically that you can carry gear easily.

To carry the folded pad, it has hip straps that will support you for backpacking. To adjust the pad perfectly in carrying it has a waist strap. the best thing is that the straps have protective covers so when you place the pad on the ground, they will be protected from dirt.

Our Remarks

Mad rock r3 are the best pads for the climbers that we have found with the best quality. You can use these for both bouldering and climbing. The durability of the shell and the recycled foam pad will satisfy you with its best service. The large surface of the unfolded pads is more secure for landing from climbing equipment.

This crash pad is more comfortable for carrying because it is lightweight also has back straps and waist strap to carry it flexibly in hiking. This pad will allow carrying all the gear in it, and also it has a secret pocket for snacks. Overall, it will be the best choice for the climbers.

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