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Mad Rock Remora Climbing Shoes Review

Mad Rock Remora Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing is a type of art, and rock climbers need good shoes to seal their climbing success. Your shoes have to ensure safety and comfort to enable you to handle the challenging task. To make your climbing safe and comfort, mad rock remora came on the market from the manufacturer Mad rock.

The mad rock remora is kind of all-rounder shoes for those who can’t have separate shoes for boulders, sports routes, and gyms. With a moderately stiff, slightly downturned design, the Remora is perfect for any climb at steep to vertical angles.

With a non-aggressive profile and elastic sole, the Remoras presented a moderate performance for a good deal. It is Super-comfy for jamming, smearing, and slabbing.

Feature Analysis

1. Power upper

The shoe comes with synthetic upper which grab less dust and water than ordinary shoes. The Power upper ensures thin, light, sensitive & ultra sticky rubber that provide an ideal grip.

2. Versatile Performance

The non-aggressive profile has a soft sole; the Remoras offered moderate performance at a fair price. It is super comfortable jamming, smearing, and slabbing. Those who don’t have separate shoes for other activities for them this shoe offer all in one performance.

3. Sock-like Fit

The sticky boots suck onto your foot like Remora fish it is named after. It has quick on/off features. For wider feet, it offers high-volume shape, especially in the toe box.

4. Stiffness

The shoe is soft and quite flexible, perfect for super-tiny holds and grip with great precision. The extra surface area in the front made smearing and smudging a breeze. Get your slab on with these softies.


  • Product Dimensions 14″ X 7″ X 5″
  • Item Weight 1.99 pounds
  • Color Blue
  • Fabric/Material Synflex
  • Fastener/Closure Type Slipper
  • Outsole Material Science Friction 3.0 Rubber


  • Super fit
  • Easy toe hooking
  • Great edging
  • Asymmetrical
  • Affordable
  • Versatile uses
  • Synthetic upper
  • Durable


  • Fits tight right at first

Final Verdict

The Mad Rock Remora allows the climbers to move more easily and quickly as it has good suction to both foot and rock. The traditional look of the Remora incorporates powerful features like power upper and Synflex materials. This mad rock remora climbing shoe offers a precise fit.

As we mentioned that the shoe fits tight at first, this because we suggest the buyer buys one or two sizes less than the actual size. The reason is, it will stick with your foot like a sock, and gradually you will feel comfortable on that.

However, this is an affordable shoe for all level climbers. If you want versatility then don’t look further, it will be a worthy investment on your side. Have a safe climbing.

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