Metolius crash pad – Metolius Session Crash Pad

Metolius crash pad - Metolius Session Crash Pad

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Metolius crash pad is important equipment for the climber for landing securely from the top the climbing objects. It is a durable pad which is padding with foam, and the pad is enough thick that can save your ankle for the longer jumps. This pad will provide you enough surface area when you open, and this big flat surface will provide you very secure and softer landing.

Though it is large enough in the unfolded condition when you fold, it will turn in a small piece that can easily carriable. The outer shell of the pad is also durable what is nylon shell, and it is suitable for using the pad regularly in outdoors for tough situations. There is a carpeted logo in the center of the pad, and you can use this to clean your shoes by rubbing.

The design of this Metolius session crash pad is really well that you can easily open and close it. It has a flap which covers the bottom of the pad and provides a perfect closing system when you fold the pad it will allow to put other gear in it by closing it. For this flap closure system, you can stuff the pad very closely without falling out any gear.

Your pad and the small gear will be secure in your hiking. Metolius crash pad is very lightweight that you can easily carry this. To carry it with comfort it has shoulder straps and waist belt. So, you can easily carry this crash pad like a bag on your shoulder.

Our Remarks

Metolius crash pad is perfect equipment for bouldering that we have found with high quality. The material of this pad is very well that makes the pad very durable and comfortable for secure landing. For the nylon outer part, you can use it for outdoors regularly. And the thick padded foam will provide you fatigue-free secure ankle for long jumping. To clean your shoes, it has a carpeted logo in the center of the pad.

The pad is very lightweight that will allow you to carry it easily. It is a large-sized crash pad that provides you secure jumping for its large surface in the same way it is a small and easy bearable when you fold it. For well fitted and adjustable carrying it has two back straps that you can carry it on the shoulder, and it has another waist belt which will make you more comfortable to carry it for climbing outside.

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