Wild Country Pro Key – nut tool for climbing

Wild Country Pro Key - nut tool for climbing

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Wild country nut tool is a very useful tool to unlock the climbing nuts from the slots. It is an excellent tool that will allow you to recover the nut or came from the smallest slots because there is a hook in the bottom of the tool like bird beaks. And it is able to enter the narrow holes.

Folded top of this nut tool features nice which provides a big surface on the top. For this big surface, you will be comfortable to push the nut tool heavily. And it will protect your palm from the fatigue also. this nut tool is designed with large holes which feature to keep the weight down for comfortable using. Besides the top of the nut tool, there is a wire gate carabiner which will allow you to clip the tool to the harness directly. Which is very helpful to recover the nuts easily by keeping the tool near your hand. If you don’t want to clip it directly, there is another option for you that is a leash.

This nut tool has a leash to clip the tool to the harness through the leash. It is very helpful to recover the nuts from the long distance. This leash also prevents the possibility of dropping the tool from the hand while recovering the nuts.

This wild country nut tool is lightweight and nice designed. It weights 104g and very comfortable to handle it. It can easily recover the nuts from the thin slots for its thin and tiny designed construction.

Our Remarks

To recover the climbing nuts to continue your journey in climbing nut tool is excellent that will not let stop your journey. It has a thin and strong hook to recover the nuts from the narrow slots. The top is flatted that will make you comfortable to push the tool strongly without getting pain. There is a carabiner on the top of this tool, so it is helpful to clip it directly with the harness.

Besides, there is a leash also which is more protective to recover the stuck gear without dropping them from hand in the hard situation. This nut tool is portable, flexible and very comfortable to use.

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