Petzl Spirit Express – Quickdraws

Petzl Spirit Express - Quickdraws

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Petzl spirit express is nice equipment for climbing sports. It is a durable quickdraw with two parts connected with a nylon sling, one is spirit straight gate which is the upper part, and the other is spirit bent gate which is the lower part. It is a simple and lightweight quickdraw but very strong to protect you in your climbs.

Petzl spirit express is a strong quickdraw than can take weight less than 100g. you can easily move in the crags, long and difficult sport routes with this simple tool. the top carabiner which features a nose shape and is prepared with keylock system, these features makes the carabiner easy for clipping and unclipping the anchor.

The gate opening is 21mm so; you can easily lock it with the anchor. Another carabiner which is in the lower part can deal smoothly with clipping the rope, it will protect the string from webbing and will help the carabiner to hold in the right position. Thus, it will help you in proper climbing with nice balance.

For the sewn sling design Petzl spirit express works as an excellent grip. The grip is also very comfortable for working in a route. It is excellent climbing equipment that can develop strength/ weight ratio and it is possible for its H-shaped profile by keeping a nice balance. Other benefits of this profile are that it can provide better rope glide without wearing in facing wider surfaces. Petzl quickdraws are strong, simple and comfortable to keep safe and secure in the hard situations in climbing.

Our Remarks

Petzl quickdraws are very simple and comfortable with its design. You can use it for multipurpose in your climbing sport. There are two sizes of these Petzl quickdraws; one is 12cm which can take weight 93g and the other is 17cm which can take 100g. These can give you nice protection and balance with their two parts, upper part will help you to clip and unclip the anchor, and the lower part is helpful for clipping and balancing with the rope.

The sewn sling which is connected with two carabiners is very comfortable and flexible as a grip. These are durable with nylon construction with two carabiners which are the best quickdraws for any climbing sports.

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