Enjoy The Best Climbing Activity With Prana Axiom Jeans

Enjoy The Best Climbing Activity With Prana Axiom Jeans

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A sturdy and comfortable pant is essential for any climber for being protective from any harder things during climbing. a climber can injure in many ways during climbing especially on their knees. And with the injure legs one cannot think about climbing.  Prana Axiom jeans are the best choice for the climber to provide them a secure climbing activity.

Prana Axiom jeans are constructed with cotton and spandex perfectly which provide some stretch. And for this stretchy feature, you will be more comfortable with this pant to move around flexibly. As the material is not waterproof, so it provides breathability and has quick drying capacity. The pant is a little thick which is very helpful to protect your legs and knees from hard things. for this sturdy construction, the pant will not tear during the toughest situation.

For adjustable fitting, the climbing pants are very comfortable and flexible. There are zip fly and button to fit the opening of the pants in waist perfectly. For this system, it is easy to wear the pant without any hassle. If the pant doesn’t fit well in your waist, then you can use a belt where there are loops to use a belt. The pants have inseam gussets which make the pants sturdy and allow to move with a maximum range of climbing steps without tearing the pants.

There are five pockets in these rock climbing pants where three are in the front, and two are in the back. And the pockets are larger which are very helpful to keep some necessary thing near the hands. Besides the durability, the pants have stylish sense where you will find stylish rivets on the pockets and zig-zag stitching on the thigh. For the durability and flexibility, you can use these as mountaineering pants also. For the specific sizes and designs, they are great as mens climbing pants.

Our Remarks

Prana Axiom jeans are great as climbing pants with its performance. The pants are very comfortable with their construction and material. The cotton pants will make you comfortable in any season of the year. They feature stretch that will provide you comfortable paddling, and for inseam gusset, you will be able to take a wide range of motions also provide durability.

These rock climbing pants are recommended for the men. There are different sizes in these pants with different colors. To fit very well they have a loop which helps to wear a waist belt. They are best climbing pants with classic five pockets construction will allow you to keep different important things during climbing. Besides the performance, you will also be satisfied with the price of these prana jeans.

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