Prana mojo shorts – rock climbing shorts

Prana mojo shorts - rock climbing shorts

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Prana Mojo shorts or prana shorts are very durable and comfortable for its construction which is made of a sturdy 100 percent polyester which is recycled also. for this construction, these features quick drying and breathability.

When you will work continuously or will do any aquatic activities these can get wetted with sweat or water, but for its quick drying and UPF, 50+ feature which is helpful for sun protection dries quicker than any cotton materials. These are the more comfortable shorts that you can use for any kinds of fitness activities, especially for climbing activities.

You will find these shorts very comfortable with its designs and sizes. Prana Mojo shorts are more comfortable for their waistband which will fit well without the drawstrings, and you will not feel any pain. It has two mesh-lined front pockets which are very deep so that you can keep any important thing easily.

They have also one back pocket which is also deep and closure with full tab Velcro. You can use these shorts for rough uses and long time because these are durable and make these more durable these have finished with inseam gusset.

Prana Mojo shorts are lightweight that you will be very flexible and feel very light by wearing these. Even you can wear these for a whole day without being uncomforted. You can use these shorts for various activities such as for swimming, any kinds of climbing, yoga, hiking and for many activities. you can easily and quickly wash these shorts what will dry quickly also. For the light-weighting feature, these are wonderful for backpacking.

Our Remarks

These prana mojo shorts are very comfortable and durable that we have found these with their best quality. These climbing shorts are suitable for any kinds of activities what will make you comfortable with their excellent features. you will find the available sizes and various colors in these shorts which are very stylish also. for its waistband, they will fit well without the drawstrings, and this elastic waistband doesn’t make pain.

You will be more flexible with the shorts which are very lightweight and stretchy. You can use these shorts whole days flexible. These are sun protected and dry very quickly when they get wetted. You can carry the important things with you by wearing these shorts because they have deep pockets. These shorts will allow you for running and long steps without tearing because they have gusseted inseam which makes these shorts more durable.

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