Scarpa Vapor V Climbing Shoes Review

Do you have slightly wide and flat feet? Have you tensed that your shoes do not provide an adjustable fit to climb the hill?

If this is the matter then good news for you as the Scarpa builds performance footwear for climbing, hiking, skiing, mountaineering, trail-running shoes that provide strong fit for any size of feet. Through this Scarpa Vapor V review, we will share you about the salient features of these Scarpa hiking boots so that you can make a reasonable choice regarding climbing shoes.

Scarpa Vapor V offers an asymmetric and slightly downturned fit. This shape places the longest point over the big toe to increase the power of the inside edge of the shoe. This downturned fit is most appropriate for difficult routes when you need maximum performance and control. In this Scarpa Vapor V review you will be able to know how this downturn fit can be appreciable for climbing in a more challenging route.

It provides the most versatile style with the lace-up design. When your feet get hot and swell up, you can loosen the laces. So that you can feel relax and then start up with a new attempt. From this Scarpa Vapor V review you will see how this shoe provides the strongest effort for your climbing adventure.

01Scarpa Vapor V Overview

Lower tension on the Achilles offers all-day comfort. You do not feel uneasy after using for a long time. It also allows the adjustable fit to your toes with the edges of the shoes. No matter whether you want to cover a long distance or want to climb at the day long, These Scarpa climbing shoes are very suitable than aggressive shoes.

It is designed with stickier rubber and thinner soles than neutral shoes for better grip and feel. Because they tend to be more comfortable and will be a great choice for beginner climbers, but they’re also good for experienced climbers who want comfort for long multi-pitch climbs.

It is easy to slip the shoes for climbing in a challenging direction where you need to change the path through slipping your shoes. So, the adjustable fit with the shoes helps to move smoothly.


  • Color: Lime

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Rand: Bi-Tension
  • Edge: Vibram XS edge

03Feature Analysis

3.1 Synthetic

Scarpa men’s are designed with synthetic which is more durable than most other natural fibers. It offers consumer-friendly functions such as stretching, waterproofing, and stain resistance. Sunlight, moisture, and oils from human skin cause all fibers to break down and wear away. Natural fibers tend to be much more sensitive than synthetic blends. So, this synthetic made shoes protect your skin from sunburn.

3.2 Rubber sole

New split sole allows for more flexibility. You may not feel the pressure of the ground or road when running. At the bottom of the shoe, soles are made with high friction rubber to provide comfort to foot on the ground. This rubber made sole makes the climbing more hassle-free, and there is no chance to get pain on the heel.

3.3 Toe power

Bi-Tension active randing system provides maximum toe power. The synthetic featured toe is very thicker which helps to cover and protects the toes. At the time of climbing this thicker shape at the toe makes every step of your very climbing risk-free and protect from causing hazards. This kind of thicker toe makes strong fit with the shoe.

3.4 Vibram XS edge

Vibram XS Edge provides incredible grip and durability. This Vibram edge rubber makes every step quick and faster. You can cover a long distance at a single attempt. This Vibram edge rubber provides softness, thinness, and pliability.

3.5 Strap

The strap closures offer superior convenience. They are great for bouldering and gym climbing when you want to slip the shoes off between climbs.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Offers all-day comfort

  • Allows adjustable fit to your toes
  • Easy to loosen when feeling hot or swell up
  • Easy to slip the shoes to change direction.

4.2 Cons

  • Heel cup may not as tight as you expect

05Final Verdict

In this Scarpa Vapor V review, we have mentioned a downside that the heel cup may not be very tight as you expected but this downside has come with a positive side simultaneously. As it does not provide inadequate space, you can feel comfortable when your feet swell up or becoming hot.

In this Scarpa Vapor V review we would like to provide you some instructions that may be helpful to overcome this downside mentioned above. If your feet are too wide and large, then this downturned fit shoe will be very adjustable as you can loosen or tighten through the lances. So, you can handle this pitfall technically.

If you are highly concerned with the softness, fitness, and comfort of the shoes, then these
hiking sneakers will be highly appreciable. Hope that you enjoy this climbing shoe.

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