Why is this Scholarship?

Every people in our community loves to learn, try, and experience new activities. It’s in our vein to take on the unknown and unseen. On the other hand, we always love to see people having their education without any impediment. But, for many, bearing the expenses becomes a tough job. So, we have an aim at helping those who need and love to help those who climb or take adventures. To us, this community service scholarship 2018 is a chance to offer supports to people presently doing their academics.

Who gets the scholarship?

Graduates or people with a bachelor degree or a high school diploma are requested to apply. If any applicant is planning on getting admission into a post-graduate institute, we encourage them to apply.

What procedure must you follow?

  • Please submit an article concerning climbing/adventures up the hill/ wildlife sensations
  • Word Count: 1000 Words
  • Please submit your work in a .doc/.docx file. Please don’t send your work in a PDF file. Please be advised that we do not accept links to any works.
  • Please submit your work in (.doc/.docx) format including your details (name, educational information, and mailing address etc.) on or before (DATE)

How do we select the winner?

Following are the criteria your works will be reviewed upon.

  • Subjectivity/Responsiveness
  • Popularity/Usefulness
  • Writing Capability (Grammar, Style, etc.)
  • Facts and citations
  • Originality

The Selection and Declaration

We take at least a month to complete our selection process because we usually receive thousands of works. we take each work seriously and review them depending on the above criteria. We will declare the winner on (DATE).

Transaction Procedure

We will share the required information and document via mailing services so that the winner of community service scholarship 2018 can collect the award money without any hassle. Please contact us at (NUMBER) for further details.