Apcc 100 Ft. Shock Cord | Bungee Cord In 2018

Apcc 100 Ft. Shock Cord | Bungee Cord In 2018

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more elastic strands which are covered by a woven sheath. As a material, both natural rubber and synthetic rubber or a combination of the two types or even different material can be used for the inner elastic core. But, the material may vary and can largely depend on the projected purpose of use of the cord that the manufacturer wants.

The woven sheath on the outside can be composed of different materials, for example, cotton, nylon, polypropylene or other. The outer sheath saves the elastic core from harm and makes uniform stretch possible along the entire length of the bungee cord. Other common names of bungee rope include “shock cord,” “elastic cord” and “stretch cord.”


Model Number EC114-300
Material Nylon, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene.
Diameter 1/4"
Length 100'
Stretch 120% Elongation + /- 15%

Common Questions and Answers

Question :  What should you do if you want to repair your zero-gravity chair with the bungee cord? What should you use at its end if you want to keep them in place?
Answer :

Seal the cutting edge with the heat of the cord after cutting it. There are two options if you want to create a loop if you do not want to use a huge knot. First, you must use a heavy nylon threaded needle. Then, push the thread or needle forward and backward through the two pieces of elastic cordstrap and confirm it adequately secures. At last, do a fine, pleasant, beautiful wrap so that it covers the loose end of the loop. Secondly, stretch the cord as tight as possible, and wrap a rigid wire strongly around both cords.

Question : Are stretch cord and paracord the same?
Answer :

Both are two different types. Stretch cord or bungee straps can be stretch while paracord does not. Stretch cords are polyester made, but paracords are nylon kernmantle cord.

Our Remarks

Granting a shock cord can be used to do many different things, they have been around for a long time. People who are involved in fitness training must have an elastic rope or two hanging around their house or garage. They are handy things to secure items yet little, come in different lengths, but they are cheap in price.

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