Teton sleeping bag – Double Sleeping Bag

Teton sleeping bag - Double Sleeping Bag

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Teton sleeping bag is a comfortable camping bag for two persons. Though it is 2 person sleeping bag but is longer and wider than a queen-sized mattress, this size makes the bag suitable for three persons. So, you can do work for a particular purpose or use this bag as a family sleeping bag. you will also be happy with the construction and the filling of this sleeping bag which are very durable and comfortable also.

The taffeta shell of this double bag is very durable which is constructed with a double layer. For this feature, you will be warmer. The liner of this bag is flannel liner which is very soft and comfortable with the bed sheet and holds your body warm. This shell retains tear resistance feature so that you can use this for years. And it is insulated with SuperLoft Elite™ Hollow Fiber that keeps you warm.

The materials of this sleeping bag non-allergenic and you will be more comfortable with this bed. The temperature for this bag is rated for cold, but you can also use it in multi-season.

The hood of this bag is mummy hood and half-circle type which will keep your head and pillow higher than the ground. Besides to go in and out of this bag it has two side zippers. The zippers are high quality and anti-snag type that provide smooth and flexible to zip and unzip it from both inside and outside of the bag. for the anti-snagging feature, they last for a long time.

Teton sleeping bag is easy to stuff in a compact bag which you can carry easily anywhere for camping. For stuffing the bag one thing, you have to remind that you will not roll the bag up and also no need to fight to get inside the sack. To stuff the bag, you will just start the from bottom simply, and thus you can easily stuff the bag in the compress sack.

Our Remarks

Teton sleeping bag is a wonderful double sleeping bag for camping. It is bigger than queen sized bag, and you can enjoy a family camping with this large bag. we have found this bag very durable for its construction that it is constructed with double layer shell which will not break easily also provide you longtime using facilities.

The liner of this sleeping bag will also satisfy you because it is flannel liner which is similar to soft bedsheet and it is not allergenic. So, you will be more comfortable and warmer with this sleeping. Though it is more comfortable for cold weather, it can use it other seasons also.

This double sleeping bag is easy to pack in a compact bag so that you can easily bear this. To pack this bag into the sack, you need not fight you will just apply a technique that folds this bag starting at the bottom, and you can simply stuff this. Besides these this bag is giving you a lifetime limited warranty offer.

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