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How to Go Walking with Wired?

walking with Wired
Written by John Russel
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Do you love to hike frequently? Then, you must have heard the name of ‘Wired.’ Her real name is Erin Saver, and she is popularly known as ‘Wired.’ You might have passion for hiking. So, walking with wired might mean something more than just getting a company on your hiking adventure because she knows how to hike efficiently as she spends almost half of the year thru-hiking and trailing.

If you want to get inspirations for hiking or trailing, you may get it from ‘Wired.’ She started her trailing journey and the hiking journal in 2011. Recently, she returned from a section of great Himalayan trail in Nepal. Till now, she has trailed more or less than 15000 miles around the world!

If you like to thru-hike and trail, you may go walking with Wired as she thru-hikes or trails maintaining quite a procedure. You may contact her to get in touch with her or request a meeting before going walking with her. But, why will you even contact her ion the first place?

Walking With Wired for Adventure

Erin ‘Wired’ Saver’s Journey to Thru-Hiking (Journey to Thru-Hiking)

Your wish to go walking with Wired will thrive if you know how good she is in planning a journey. She has completed hiking’s triple crown by thru-hiking America’s three longest trails such as Pacific Crest Trail in 2011, Continental Divide Trail in 2013 and Appalachian Trail in 2014.

Erin ‘Wired’ Saver’s Journey to Thru-Hiking (Journey to Thru-Hiking)

You may not seem to surprise at this stat, the hiking may sound romantic, but it was not an easy task to thru-hike even at this age (39). She is the perfect embodiment of rhythm and stamina. That’s how she got her name ‘Wired.’ That’s not all, around the world means different continents covered. She put her foot in Asia, Oceania, Europe and her own America.

If you follow her trail journals, she has evolved herself more than ever after completing the triple crown hiking. Before 2015, she has completed four thru-hiking. And after 2014, she has completed 17 thru-hiking and to be continued.

Her Journal Writing Journey (Journal Writing)

But do you know how she became famous? She is not only a general thru-hiker or trailer; she is a blogger too. She has her website; she calls it a journal. You can get enough details about her completed and ongoing trailing and thru-hike from her online journal.

Her Journal Writing Journey (Journal Writing)

She describes her journey with as many pictures as possible, even with videos too. You can a see a bear sighting video from her Appalachian Trail Journal. So, you can see how adventurous, dangerous and dexterous her journeys are. Even several times she got injured but did not stop. And that is the perfect reason you should go walking with Wired.

Did She Thru Alone or Had Some Company? (Did She Alone)

Yes, this is the most desired part for you. She did not, do not, and will not thru hike alone.  She always wants a company with her. In her journal blog, she invites people to share her journey. There are many people thru-hiked with her and still want trail with her. So, if you are thinking of walking with Wired, you got a chance!

Did She Thru Alone or Had Some Company? (Did She Alone)

Do You Want to Go with ‘Wired’? (Do You Want to Go with Wired)

Are you willing to go walking with Wired on her next journey? Cool, then contact Erin through her website contact form and mail her. When she is available, she will reply and tell you the procedures, expenditures, destination, plans, pros, and cons. She might even want to know about your hiking or trailing experiences to take precautions and say her recommendations.

Do You Want to Go with ‘Wired’? (Do You Want to Go with Wired)

How to Contact and Go Walking with Wired? (How to Approach)

Well, there are several ways to contact Erin. She has accounts on Facebook, Tweeter, and Instagram. Do you want to see her actions in real? She runs a YouTube channel that shows all her accomplishments. You can get to her on those platforms. She prefers contacts through her website contact form. Because she believes that with it you can express your real emotions briefly and she can show her thoughts, recommendations, and other things.

How to Contact and Go Walking with Wired? (How to Approach)

Contact with her first, if she confirms, she will tell you where to meet her. If you are local and residing near her, you may request her for a meeting. It is always a better option to talk in person than online.

If she agrees to meet you, meet her and tell her about your dream of trailing and why you wanted to go walking with her. If you can clarify your words, she might agree to have you with her hiking and trailing partners.

So, what are you thinking? Write up your wish, fill out the contact form and send it to Wired. Wait for her reply, do not push harder. If she replies, answer her queries pra omptly. We, think with your positive and wishful attitude, you can persuade Erin Wired to take you with her companions on her journey.

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