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TOP 10 Best Calorie Counter – 2024 Updated Reviews

Obesity is killing our generation. Our hectic days and unhealthy food consumption are leading us to obesity and to the way of major illness thereafter. If you are a health-concerned person who wants to keep track of your health and daily routine, calorie counter is the best instrument for you. Top 10 calorie counter will not only alert you with your daily activities but also make you conscious about how to cover your mistakes.

Before the invention of a calorie counter, people used to take an expert’s help to make a calorie chart and sometimes those result turned out to be inaccurate also. Although calorie counting started manually, devices were made to give out the correct result recently. There are devices which measure sleep, steps and other daily activities too. Few of these calorie trackers are so advanced that they can be compatible with other technological devices. Learn more about this calorie monitor in our top 10 calorie counter review. Before that, have a look at what unique we have for you in our upcoming section.

How Do We Pick The Top 10 Calorie Counter?

Due to its high-demand and usefulness, there are huge numbers of calorie calculator brands in the market. Since we have faced difficulties finding the right calorie tracker for us and finally found a way to deal with this problem, we thought of sharing the idea with you too. Firstly we should find what we exactly want from a calorie burn calculator. You may consider functionalities, artificial intelligence, price, durability, compatibility, etc. Secondly, look over the following top 10 calorie counter list and analyze them based on your preferred factors. This will certainly lead you to a better decision.

 Best Calorie Counter – Top 10 Reviews

01 iWOWNfit i6HR Fitness Tracker Smart Wristband with Deep/Light Sleep Monitor and Call

IWOWNfit Fitness Tracker Watch is a 0.73 inches HD and 16 Proband fitness tracker that illuminates when you lift your wrist, gives you full-screen touch facility, Clickability, long press and slide option. It forecasts time, date, weather, temperature, steps, distance, calories, heart rate in real time, messages, call ID, to-do and movement model on its screen display. It monitors your heart rate and sport rhythm to show more effective and scientific result.

This calorie counter watch comfortably rests on your wrist. The curved bottom with ergonomic design snugs against your skin and deliver comfortable training and grip. It meets IP67 water-resistance grade and can be used in the water during swimming and surfing. Besides, the watch is compatible with Android 4.4 or above and iOS 8.0 or above, Bluetooth 4.0.


  • Model iWOWNfit I6HRC
  • Screen Size 0.96 inch
  • Battery Capacity 75mAh
  • Wristband 216mm
  • Material of wrist strap TPU
  • Material of shell PC


  • Versatile calorie watch
  • Touch screen control
  • Water-resistant
  • Compatibility
  • Perfect fit

Our Remarks

IWOWNfit Fitness Tracker Watch is packed with too many essential features that gave us the reason to put it in our top 10 calorie counter list. The calorie tracker watch is comfortable to be used and compatible with many devices to provide ease in use. The versatile counter can be applied to numbers of activities and identify basketball, cycling, walking and running. It is a good activity tracker watch, after all.

02 Uxcell 4 Digit Number Clicker Golf Manual Hand Tally


Uxcell Manual Hand Tally is a metal made sturdy calorie calculator. The counting range from 0000 to 9999 that is quite big in number. As it is a manual hand tally, it does not have any technological hassle rather you can operate as per your will. The round base stays stable and gives you a good grip with its hinged finger loop. This calorie calculator has the convenience to return to zero quickly and automatically with just a twist of the reset knob. Despite having metal construction, this calorie tracker is also lightweight.


  • Item Weight 59g
  • Total Size 5.5 x 5cm/ 2.2″ x 2″(Dia*H)
  • Count Range 0000-9999
  • Brand Uxcell
  • Item model number SYNCTEA007191


  • Metal construction
  • Easy return to zero
  • Stable base
  • Fine grip
  • Large counting range

Our Remarks

Uxcell Manual Hand Tally is a sturdy and functional calorie calculator that works manually. It is durable and lightweight too. Besides, it gives you the convenience of a fine grip and returning to its beginning instantly and automatically. It is recommended to use this calorie tracker device for punch, imprinter, and other mechanical equipment. Also, you can use it for sports like golf.

03 Keweis Jump Rope Digital Counting Calorie Jump Counter


Keweis Calorie and Jump Counter is a jumping rope that does not tie rather it can be carried easily and conveniently. It is a cordless jumping rope which operates as a digital calorie tracker device and shows the result on the LCD display screen. It has a built-in timer, calorie and jump counter that let you lose your weight quickly and help you stay healthy.

This calorie monitor can be used anywhere and anytime. It does not consume any space rather it is portable enough to be carried easily in your bag or car. It delivers a lasting service to having hard ABS, PVC, anti-slip soft silicone, EVA foam and counterweights iron construction.


  • Brand Keweis
  • Rope Material PVC
  • Handle Material ABS plastic
  • Rope length 9.51ft/290cm


  • Corded and cordless digital jumping rope
  • Eliminates skills or coordination need
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Compact and durable
  • Contains LCD display

Our Remarks

Keweis Calorie and Jump Counter help you to burn fat, lost weight, beautiful body and lived a happy and healthy lifestyle. It is a cordless jumping rope with digital features that gives you the exact benefits of traditional jumping rope. From professional to homebodies all use this fitness monitor. It just requires placing batteries in the slot and using afterward. But, do not forget to avoid keeping it under the burning sun.

04 Janve Fitness Tracker Calorie Counter


Janve Fitness Tracker Calorie Counter is a versatile fitness tracker watch that tracks Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, Active Minutes, SMS Reminding, Incoming Calls Show, Reminders to move, Alarm, Remote Camera Control, and Anti-lost. It also monitors your sleep and updates you about your sleeping quality. The counter wakes you up quietly with a vibration alarm if you sleep excessively.

These fitness watches notify you intelligently through a clear glance and create access to a telephone, SMS, etc. Touch button starts to ring and show information content while sedentary reminder alarms you to leave the seat after sometimes.

It is equipped with 0.86-inch OLED Screen Display, Mini vibration alerts motor and a lasting battery and is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0. Support system: iOS 7.1 or above (iPhone7/6/6S/5/SE) and Android 4.4 or above (Huawei Mate 7/P9, LG, Samsung, etc.)


  • Item Weight 18g
  • Battery Capacity 60mAh
  • Bluetooth BLE4.0
  • Working Time 5 to 7 days
  • Charge Time About 1 hour
  • Band Size Adjustable fit for 5.51 inches to 8.26 inches wrist


  • Tracks numerous activities
  • Monitors sleep
  • Equipped with advanced features
  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy to use

Our Remarks

Janve Fitness Tracker Calorie Counter is a well-built fitness tracker watch that alarms you with numerous activities even when you are sitting for long it notifies with a sedentary reminder. It monitors your sleep and sleeps quality as well. Besides, it features wide compatibility and advanced qualities that make controls your daily activities and let you live a healthy life.

05 Oaxis Calories Counter for Women Men Kid

Oaxis Calories Counter for Women Men Kid includes 0.91 inches OLED touchscreen that effectively shows clock, steps, calories, and distance. It is a well-calibrated steps tracker which keeps track of your activity and gives a precise result with the most accuracy. It is designed with over 2 months of standy time so that it can provide a better understanding of data and can be curated over time to let users know about their progress.

This activity tracker not only tracks calorie or distance but also monitors your sleeping habit and the quality of your sleep. The auto sleep detect begins monitoring sleep from 9 pm to 3, make you aware of your sleeping condition and help you make your sleep even better.


  • Product Dimensions 9.8 x 0.3 x 0.7 inches
  • Item Weight 9.1 ounces
  • Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
  • Item model number HB3002SB-BK01


  • OLED display included
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Monitors sleep
  • Standy timing
  • Touch control method

Our Remarks

Oaxis Calories Counter for Women Men Kid provides maximum functions with maximum accuracy and minimum hassles. This calorie tracker device is for all ages and for all genders. It tracks distance, clock, calorie and even sleeps and shows the necessary information of sharp display screen. It also lets you control through the touch control method.

06 Chromed Nb Hand Tally Counter 4 Digit Number Clicker Golf

LuckyStone 4-digit Hamd Tally can be used for count person or another thing that includes golf points and other sports. Because sports like golf points require counting way too much and so this calorie can count from 0000 to 9999 with reset buttons. It has a reorganized or reset button on the side of the device and keyring or loop at the top. The rest button automatically returns to zero while keyring or loop has given the comfort to place the counter securely in your hand. The metal white silver looks good as well.


  • Counts Range 0000 to 9999
  • Material Stainless metal
  • Color Silver


  • Pretty metal silver white body
  • Large counting range
  • Applied to various sports
  • Reset button
  • Keyring loop

Our Remarks

LuckyStone 4-digit Hamd Tally is a very basic activity tracker with no fancy features. But, it gives out an accurate counting with a huge counting range. There is no issue holding the calorie burn calculator for its keyring and loop design. If you are fond of golf and other related activities, this top 10 calorie counter is the right product for you.

07 W5 Pedometer Bracelet Wristband Calorie Counter


W5 Pedometer Bracelet Wristband Calorie Counter performs as high sensibility 3D acceleration sensor, captures minor movement and synchronizes and shows accurate data. It is showed in real-time temperature display which also makes it easy to analyze the temperature of your current location. It tracks and analyzes calorie, moving steps, and distance and even your sleeping status.

The calorie counter warns you with a silent alarm, start silent alarm by running AP in PC and wake you up as per the preset time through vibration. The time and date can be synchronized with the computer and adjusted manually. Besides, it is comfortable and convenient to wear and makes your outlook more fashionable.


  • Product Dimensions 10 x 0.4 x 0.6 inches
  • Item Weight 2.08 ounces
  • Color Black
  • Item model number E0241 W5


  • High sensibility 3D acceleration sensor
  • Accurate data synchronization
  • Real-time temperature
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Multi-functionalities

Our Remarks

W5 Pedometer Bracelet Wristband Calorie Counter traces sleep, steps, distance, calorie, and temperature all at once that to its high sensibility 3D acceleration sensor. It shows real-time temperature and syncs well with a computer. Moreover, this activity tracker is very stylish and adds more fashion to your appearance after wearing the device.

08 Ticwatch Most Comfortable OLED Display Smart Watch


Ticwatch Waterproof OLED Touch Screen Smart Watch is supplied with high technologies and 0.66 inches OLED touchscreen with crystal surface. It monitors your sleep quality and awakes you based on hours and history sleep data or through your pre-set alarm clock in the app. Also, it reminds you to do exercise, takes medicine, etc.

In addition to this it is a blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie and mileage counter, distance track, SMS reminding, call reminder, sedentary reminder, alarm clock, time display, remote control self-timer, etc

This fitness tracker can be connected with your phone, android or apple device, through Bluetooth. You just need to lift up your wrist and touch the key to view the data. It also allows for sharing of data on social media. It meets IP67 waterproof standards and can be used while taking a bath, washing hand, swimming and diving underwater. Plus, it has 86mAh rechargeable battery which lasts longer than you can ever imagine.


  • Product Dimensions 9.2 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches
  • Item Weight 1.44 ounces
  • Model Number Ticwatch E Shadow


  • Multi-functional calorie tracker
  • OLED touchscreen
  • Compatibility
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting battery

Our Remarks

Ticwatch Waterproof OLED Touch Screen Smart Watch is a very versatile calorie counter that provides information about every activity you are performing daily. It helps you to maintain a healthy life too. Besides, the counter provides the convenience of connecting it with other devices and operates for a longer time period through its powerful rechargeable battery. Although it is a bit expensive, the features it provides are worth every penny.

09 OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer


OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer makes walking, running and jogging a fun and simple activity. It is constructed with advanced 3D Tri-Axis Sensor which calculates steps, distance, calories, MPH/ KPH and Exercise time and updates you through its large LCD display screen. There are big buttons on the front to make it easy for programming and viewing different modes. So, seniors, juniors, and elders, all can use the calorie burn calculator.

This calorie tracker is a non-Bluetooth device. There is no complicacy using the calorie counter. There is a built-in clock which makes it a compact watch and triggers midnight resets for a fresh morning. The compact counter can be taken with you in a pocket or purse or clip on your waist, belt, ankle, shoe or bra.


  • Color Navy Blue
  • Bearing capacity 44 lbs. to 441 lbs.
  • Battery CR-2032
  • Display screen LCD
  • Warranty 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Advanced 3D Tri-Axis Sensor
  • Understandable large display
  • Simple usage process
  • Portable
  • Comes as compact watch

Our Remarks

OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer is a simple and easy to use a device which can be carried with you anywhere and anytime. Its advanced sensor provides an accurate result, and easy programming and operating can be used by people of all ages. If you need concerned for your health, take this calorie counter, and it will always motivate you to keep track of your activities.

10 Bomxy Fitness Tracker Watch

Bomxy Fitness Tracker Watch is a multi-functional fitness band that tracks and keeps a records calorie and steps both. It delivers the most accurate results on its easy to read LCD display. The fitness tracker watch gives you the convenience to change the mode with just a single button. Moreover, as it is not needed to pair the device with a mobile phone, Bluetooth, apps or any other media, the tracker watch is very easy to use. This top 10 calorie counter is extremely lightweight and applicable to be taken on numerous outdoor activities.


  • Product Dimensions 2.7 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches
  • Color Purple
  • Batteries 1 AAA batteries required. (included)


  • Multi-functional calorie calculator
  • Contains LCD display
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very affordable

Our Remarks

Bomxy Fitness Tracker Watch is a versatile activity tracker watch which monitors your calorie and accurate steps and let you view the result on its easy to understand LCD display. Besides, there is no hassle in using this device because it does not need to be connected with any other technology. It is compact also. You get all these conveniences at an unbelievable less price.

Final Verdict

This was all about our top 10 calorie counter review. Before we reach the conclusion of this top 10 calorie counter review, we want to provide you with some suggestions now. Hopefully, these guidelines will take you to your final destination.

For those seeks for a high-quality product can go for LuckyStone 4-digit Hamd Tally and W5 Pedometer Bracelet Wristband Calorie Counter. For those who want cheap calorie counter should choose W5 Pedometer Bracelet Wristband Calorie Counter and Bomxy Fitness Tracker Watch.

For those who pick an only high-class product, we recommend AngeliaSky Waterproof OLED Touch Screen Smart Watch. For those who believe in simplicity and do not want anything extraordinary from calorie counter, you have two fine options Dcolor Manual Hand Tally and LuckyStone 4-digit Hamd Tally. Now, the decision totally relies on you. Pick wisely! Best of luck!

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