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Best Calorie Counter Watch – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (2023)

We are living in an era where unhealthy foods have become our daily consumption. These consumptions of junk foods result in obesity and which is the reason why it is imperative to keep track of your health and control thereby. A calorie counter comes as handy stuff for this purpose. But, you should also choose the best calorie counter watch among a wide variety of brands and models.

The advancement of technology has given us the chance to count our calories with such ease. Previously, people used to take a chart and list their calories consumed for the day. It used to turn out to be incorrect also. But, now we can count our calories accurately. Let us look at the next section of our review now which contains factors to choose the best calorie counter for you.

How Do We Pick the Calorie Counter?

In general, we use our secret method before buying any product. We categorize some factors before picking anything and then choose the product that matches our criteria the best. The factors that you can consider to get the best calorie counter for you are- functionalities, artificial intelligence, price, durability, compatibility, etc. If you follow our trick, hopefully, you will have no trouble in choosing the suitable one for you.

Top 10 Best Calorie Counter Watch Reviews

01 WOWGO Women Fitness Tracker

WOWGO Women Fitness Tracker

WOWGO Women Fitness Tracker is an Intelligent watch health tracker. It is a multi-functional calorie calculator that syncs date and time, music control, distance tracking, notifications, remote camera control, anti-lost alert, find Phone, sports and health recording, Incoming call and SMS reminder, Social software, message reminder, a sedentary reminder.

The calorie counter watch is designed combing fashion and sports which looks classy as well as trendy on our hands. The tracker has crystal clear OLED display screen and a comfy, friendly rubber band. The watch is lightweight too. This calorie watch not only provides calorie burnt information bus also compare calorie consumed to total calories burned. If you are going for jogging, do not forget to take this counter with you because it quantifies the intensity of your fitness activities using intensity minutes and the pedometer and distance measure give you information like how far you have gone.

The smart brand bracelet has an auto heart rate and sleep monitoring feature too that track heart continuously for a better workout, calorie burn and represents your health condition. The sleep monitoring feature tracks your sleep duration and consistency and wakes with a silent vibration alarm automatically. The watch is suitable for smartphones whether it is Android or iOS. Besides, it charges quickly and easily as well.


  • Item model number W1002US-FT-BK
  • Display 0.96-Inch OLED
  • Acceleration 3-Axis G-Sensor
  • Water-Proof Level IP67, Could Stay In Water 1 Meter Deep For 30 Minutes
  • Battery 90 MAh Lithium-Ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Sync Data Bluetooth 4.0 And Above
  • Wide Compatible Android 4.3 And Above/ IOS 8.0 And Above (Not Include IPhone 4)


  • Multi-functional calorie counter
  • Widely compatible
  • Elegant and convenient design
  • Smart and sleep monitoring function
  • Waterproof
  • Pedometer and distance measure
  • Measures heart rate

Our Remarks

WOWGO Women Fitness Tracker has so many remarkable functions that every user love it. The smart and artificial intelligence works properly without any flaw. It monitors, sync with most other apps, notifies and keeps us updated all the time. We always had a good experience with this watch.

02 LEMFO Fitness Tracker


LEMFO Fitness Tracker is such a fitness tracker watch that monitors dynamic heart rate, uploads the real-time data of heartbeats to the phone app and also monitors deep, light, awake time and date and whole sleep time. The information shown is understandable because the health data show as a chart.

It includes a high-performance acceleration sensor which accurately tracks multiple sports. The medium to tracks these sports is via a phone app. It tracks accurately the steps, distances and burnt calories. The calorie burn calculator also notifies incoming calls, SMS, app notification with silent vibration alert. It also has an intelligent remote controlling for your cell phone.

The remote camera will let you capture any beautiful sight when you are out for sight-seeing, and you can also enjoy BT music that shifts and changes using the remote. The calorie monitor has IP67 waterproof grade that makes it swimming waterproof. It supports mainstream cellphones via Bluetooth or others for iOS 7.0 and Android 4.3.


  • Bluetooth BT4.0
  • Waterproof Level IP67 (Available For Swimming)
  • Size 0.96 Inch
  • Type OLED
  • Resolution 128*64
  • Battery Type Polymer Battery
  • Capacity 90mAh


  • Monitor dynamic heart rate and sleep
  • High-performance acceleration sensor
  • Includes intelligent remote controlling
  • Swimming waterproof
  • Widely compatible

Our Remarks

LEMFO Fitness Tracker has always been there during bicycling, jumping rope, treadmill, jumping jack, sit up, etc. The remote control feature lets you work conveniently for your fitness with entertainment like music and pictures. Overall, we like this fitness band very much.

03 VOMA For Fitbit Blaze Bands

VOMA For Fitbit Blaze Bands

VOMA For Fitbit Blaze Bands is an activity tracker watch that can be personalized with this Refined Strap Compared to Fitbit Blaze. The watch is made of super soft silicone material which makes it both comfortable and fashionable. It is designed in a way that locks onto Fitbit Blaze precisely and securely. So, you will have no trouble assembling or removing the band. The package includes 1 pc VOMA Designer Band for Fitbit Blaze.


  • Brand VOMA
  • Condition A Brand-New, Unused, Unopened, Undamaged Item In Its Original
  • Color Black, Silicone, Icy Purple
  • Warranty One-Year Free Replacement Warranty


  • Designer band extremely fashionable
  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Super soft, comfortable silicone material
  • Precise, secured and hassle-free lock

Our Remarks

VOMA For Fitbit Blaze Bands is a designer band extremely fashionable and comfortable activity tracker. The watch band can be personalized according to your wish too. Besides, the price tag can be the major reason to go for this band.

04 DBPOWER Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor


DBPOWER Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor checks 24 hours continuous heart rate with data updated every 0.5s to help you know details like peak exer, cardio exer, and fat burning. The auto sleep tracker monitors sleep progress and state, identifying deep and light sleep hours so that you can adjust and improve sleep quality in the future. You can also set 10 alarms max sleep clock and wake up clock based on your needs.

The calorie tracker has comparatively swipe navigation 0.96” OLED display larger screen that makes it more fashionable. Although the wrist strap has a length of 6.7”-9.4” that fits most teenagers and adults, it can also be adjusted. The activity tracker and message call alert show real-time data of steps, calorie consumption, distance, working duration, etc. It is also IP67 waterproof that is capable of using in any situation.


  • Item Weight 3.2 ounces
  • Compatibility IOS7.1 And Above/ Android 4.4 And Above
  • App VeryFitPro
  • Bluetooth Support Bluetooth 4.0
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Working Temperature 10 Degrees C-45 Degree C
  • Battery Capacity 65mAh Chargeable Li-Polymer Battery


  • Monitor heart rate with details
  • Checks sleep with alarm facility
  • Larger screen
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Excellent activity tracker
  • Waterproof

Our Remarks

DBPOWER Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor provides excellent performance that can be used while running, riding, treadmill, yoga, etc. The larger screen gives a clear view to understanding detailed information. The device is riskless too.

05 Oenbopo Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Oenbopo Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Oenbopo Waterproof Fitness Tracker is a 0.96-inch full-color screen tracker that provides HD image quality. The LCD display with light up facility vividly shows the calls, texts and symbols and multiple dial faces. The multi-functional fitness monitor shows PPG heart rate, blood pressure, sleep condition, date, time, alarm clock setting on App, incoming call and messages, notification, calorie counting, step tracker, distance, shake snapshot, reminder, etc.

You can search “WearHealth” in App Store or Android market and can install, connect it via Bluetooth. It is iOS or Android compatible. Besides, it includes built-in USB that can be connected to PC and can be charged fast and easily too. The real-time monitor dynamic heart rate and syncs with your data to APK/APP automatically. The wristband is soft, lightweight and skin-friendly.


  • Dimensions 9.05” *0.43” *78.”
  • Item Weight 3.52 ounces
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • LCD 0.96-Inch IPS
  • Battery 85mAh Standby Time: 7-12 Days
  • Waterproof IP67-Level
  • Body Material ABS+PC
  • Band Material TPU
  • Resolution 128*64 Dpi
  • Compatibility IOS8.2 Or Above+ Android 4.4 Or Above


  • Full-color screen with HD quality with LCD display
  • Monitor sleep, heart rate, date, time, etc.
  • Built-in USB
  • Available “WearHealth” in App Store or Android market
  • ABS+PC durable body material
  • Skin-friendly wristband

Our Remarks

Oenbopo Waterproof Fitness Tracker is superior to others in terms of built-in body material and full-screen HD quality LCD display. The watch looks really great and easily understandable. The battery life lasts very long and charges fast. We have always loved working out with this counter as it is trouble-free and easy to observe.

06 Feifuns Smart Wristband Pedometer Watch

Feifuns Smart Wristband Pedometer Watch

Feifuns Smart Wristband Pedometer Watch is a simple but powerful pedometer bracelet specially designed for kids. It is a 3D pedometer watch which holds built-in sensitive triaxial acceleration sensor. This helps the watch to catch every movement with accuracy.

The activity tracker watch is also multifunctional that keeps track of your every movement like, time display, daily calories record, distance record, quantity, count, pedometer, activity duration. The tracker is only 18g, and the battery life is superb which last for a week. You would not require any charging cable just directly insert into the computer or mobile power adapter, let it charge for few minutes, and you are good to go.


  • Color Blue
  • Item model number H5L01


  • Designed for kids
  • The built-in sensitive triaxial acceleration sensor
  • Very lightweight
  • Keeps a record of everything
  • Easy charging facility
  • 3D Pedometer Watch
  • Charge For Few Minutes
  • Multifunctional Watch

Our Remarks

Feifuns Smart Wristband Pedometer Watch is made of attractive colors that are sure to impress any child. The 3D feature and easy charging feature has made the watch more loveable. It is a perfect gift for your child. Keep track of their movement to ensure their health and growth.

07 IGANK Smart Wristband Fitness Tracker


IGANK Smart Wristband Fitness Tracker is also a 3D acceleration sensor included fitness watch. It has a sensor with high sensitivity that makes it more accurate and let you capture every small movement. It understands and monitors your move, walking distance, measure calories burned and stationary time.

The watch includes an iGank T5s that does the job of an alarm clock and timer. So, you can use it at the time of sleeping or even while working out. It is compatible with PC app to verify sports data or set up other parameters. Besides, you would just need to directly insert T5s in the computer or mobile adapter, and thus the watch will be recharged easily.


  • Item Weight 1.76 Ounces
  • Color Black
  • Item model number T5s-black-20171013


  • 3D acceleration sensor with high sensitivity
  • Updates daily activity
  • Clock and timer included
  • Cooperate with PC
  • Easy charging
  • 3D Acceleration Sensor
  • IGANK Smart Tracker

Our Remarks

IGANK Smart Wristband Fitness Tracker has been our favorite for its sensor and iGank T5s alarm clock and timer. It has all other regular features too. The watch comes in a moderate price which makes it worth trying.

08 MysterLuna Digital Calorie Counter

MysterLuna Digital Calorie Counter

MysterLuna Digital Calorie Counter is an easy to read large LCD monitor, compact and lightweight, easy to transport and a suitable for walking and exercising calorie calculator. You can also clasp or clip it to your waist, belt, ankle, shoe or bra pocket or purse.

Your daily activities like the steps you take, the distance you go and calories burned will be recorded with 3D triaxial sensor technology. This means there is no chance of any error. It also keeps 7 days daily records for your health progress and fitness goals. The sleep mode triggers within 3 minutes without pressing any button or stepping.


  • Size 5*5*2.5 Cm
  • Color Random
  • Materia Plastic
  • 3 Counting Modes Step, Distance, Calories


  • Large LCD monitor
  • Lightweight, compact and convenient
  • Triggers sleep mode automatically
  • Reasonable price
  • 3D triaxial sensor technology
  • Keeps 7 days of daily records

Our Remarks

MysterLuna Digital Calorie Counter is our one of the most reliable calorie counters. It is lightweight and can be portable or carried in any of the ways that you want. Another best part of this product is the price. It is very cheap yet a powerful calorie burn calculator.

Final Verdict

We are nearly towards the end of our best calorie counter review. We believe you must be determined by your decision by this time. But, we still have some valuable opinions to share regarding best calorie counter to you. If you seek for quality products regardless of its price, our suggestion would be to pick Scofit Waterproof Fitness Tracker.

If you want fitness watches in a budget-friendly price tag, your choices should be within Feifuns Smart Wristband Pedometer Watch and IGANK Smart Wristband Fitness Tracker. For those who want elegance in every product, we recommend WOWGO Women Fitness Tracker. If you are willing to buy a calorie counter that only does the job in a reasonable price, your two fine choices should be MysterLuna Digital Calorie Counter and VOMA For Fitbit Blaze Bands. This was all from us. Hope you will take a wise decision. Have a good day!

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