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How To Choose Climbing Shoes for Adventure

How To Choose Climbing Shoes
Written by John Russel
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Rock climbing is as tough as it sounds. Only the people with the bravest hearts will dare to turn rock climbing into their hobby. But, there is also a lot of risks associated with rock climbing so you must always have the right gear and accessories for you to minimize the risks. Especially the climbing shoes features should always be on top of its game because you would end up using this tool a lot.

During my 7 years of rock climbing (and still counting) I have learned that your safety and security depends highly on your climbing gears rather than your techniques so you must always be well prepared no matter what. I can’t begin to tell you how easily I have improved my climbing techniques by buying well-reviewed climbing shoes. Especially those which have good climbing shoes features regarding the grip and the safety.

So, today I am going to walk you through my personal experience and tell you which climbing shoes features matters the most compared to the others. I hope that you will be able to identify which features you need the most after going through the article. So, without further delay let’s move onto the article;

How To Choose Climbing Shoes

Purpose or Type of Your Climbing

The climbing shoe features that you are looking for is largely depended on your purpose for using these. If your purpose is to simply climb the more stable and smaller hills then you should worry less about the long-lasting comfort and more about the grip and the materials of the shoes. But, you must consider the long-lasting comfort factors if you are about to climb a larger rock than usual.

Purpose or Type of Your Climbing

So, the fact that you should consider before deciding the feature of your shoes is your purpose. How, where, when and how often are you going to use them will tell you how you should actually determine the valid features. If you want a versatile climbing experience then you must get a shoe that has all of the major features.

Associated Budget Analysis

Then you should consider your budget. Let’s be honest here for a second, if you have a huge budget to buy the shoe then you will be able to buy a shoe that has each and every feature in it. But, as most of us do not have an exceptionally large budget; we need to let go of some secondary features and focus highly on the essential ones.

Climbing Shoes- Associated Budget Analysis

If you have climbing shoes features in the basic range then you should avoid the ultra-expensive shoes and focus on the main parts. Look for sturdy material, good grip and overall nice performance in your shoes if that is the case.

Most Essential Features

  • The Material of The Body: the materials used in the shoes should always be high end. It is one of the basic things that makes the shoes great so you should look for shoes with reliable materials used in the shoes.
  • The Design of The Shoe: The design of the shoe helps it to get the balance and the grip that it needs. A well-made shoe must have good design both stunning to look at and very workable as well. So, you must choose a good design as well.
  • Lacing Type: There is two lacing type that comes as climbing shoes features. Velcro lacing and the lace options. So, you must figure out which one is more comfortable for you. Most critics believe that Velcro is the more suitable ones for the feet.
  • Durability of The Shoe: You do not want your shoe to get damaged very soon, do you? Of course, you do not. That is why you need your shoes to be very durable and make sure your manufacturer comes with a long warranty in that case.
  • Fittings of The Shoe: Your shoes should be well fitted. This is one of the major concerns for all those climbers out there. If your shoes do not fit well with your feet then you will not be able to climb properly.

Most Essential Features for Climbing Shoes

Secondary Features

  • Climbing Variables: This is a designing factor that determines how much of the variable use the shoes will end up having. Variability can be a major attraction for rock climbing shoes as it can increase your experience.
  • Heel Type and Heel Depth: You must the focus on the climbing shoes features that deal with the heels. This includes what kind of heels it is going to be and what is the depth of it. You must choose these according to your needs.
  • Versatility of The Shoes: If the one you have on hands is versatile in use then you are a lucky person. You will enjoy the shoes on all of the climbing types which will eventually reduce your costs.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is one of the major climbing shoes features. You do not have to follow a lot of tips and tricks if your shoes can bend according to your feet. This gives you feet like the feeling when you are climbing.
  • Grip and Easy Wear-ability: Then comes another very valid point which is the wear-ability of the shoes. Make sure your shoes have a very tight grip and at the same time be sure of its easy wearing features.

Climbing Shoes Secondary Features

Additional Features

  • Breathable Technology: Check for the latest development in the shoe technology and see if your shoes have those or not. Some technology is not that important and others can change the way you climb.
  • Grip Changing Features: There are new features that allow the shoes to change the level of grip and the tightness of it through easy shifting technology. This can help you get the fittings that you want.
  • Comfort Backing: The upper end of the shoes should also be comfortable as well as the inside of the shoes. This is called the comfort back. Check to see if your shoes offer the comfort backing technology or not.
  • Color Combinations: This is a climbing shoes features that deals with the looks. When we climb the rock we not only want to feel fresh but we want to look cool as well. So, the right color combination in the shoe can be a very important feature for the users.

Climbing Shoes Additional Features

So, the next time you go out to buy a pair of shoes, you must ensure that your shoes offer you the following features otherwise you will not be able to get the most out of your climbing experience. Focus highly on the primary feature and if your budget allows then focus on the later features as well.

Always remember that safety is your best guardian when it comes to rock climbing. So, prepare yourself and have the right gadgets and the right techniques with you throughout the climb and nothing will be able to stop you. I hope I have been able to provide each and every information regarding the climbing shoes features. See you next time on another blog. Until then, have a good time.

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