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How To Fit Rock Climbing Shoes?

How To Fit Rock Climbing Shoes
Written by Robert Miles
Last Update: August 18, 2021

You might admire thrill or love adventure. Either way, a well-made pair of rock climbing shoes is going to match your expectations in a nerve-wrecking, thrilling rock climbing situation but with one condition. You must ensure that the shoes you have worn fit properly. You might be a good climber but knowing the right way to fit may help you become even better at climbing.

Remember that the fit should be neither too tight nor too flexible. A snug fit is all you need.

How To Fit Rock Climbing Shoes – A Step by Step Guide

Do not make your exciting journey a painful one. So, to help you get the best climbing shoe for you, we would recommend you to go through the following tips:

  • Be very sure about the size of the shoe. Although tight shoes offer you brilliant performance, you can buy one size larger than your actual size if you feel comfortable in it. Avoid buying shoes smaller than your size. It can cause blisters on your feet. If you are a beginner, our suggestion would be to get a shoe that seems the most comfortable to you since you would not want to suffer pain at the first stage.


  • Always consider the type, profile shape, materials, and closure type that you would highly prefer. You would be only comfortable wearing them that satisfy your criteria.
  • Try to buy shoes from stores and avoid online shops. Even if you buy shoes from online, you can buy the brand and model you have used before and when you are sure that it will fit properly.


  • You should buy shoes that keep your toes either flat or comfortably curved; toe knuckles are secured, heels have snug fit and shoe bends rightly.


  • Never hesitate to try as many shoes as possible. It is okay to select the wrong shoe if that is your first shoe. People learn from their mistake. But, make sure not to repeat the same mistake the next time.


herefore, these tips can be considered while you attempt to buy a rock climbing shoe. If by any means you feel that your shoe seem extremely tight and not wearable, you can crack them in. For this wiggle into the thin-to-fist crack and hopefully, you will get rid of this problem.

If this does not help either, you can observe the few steps mentioned below to stretch and fit a rock climbing shoe:

  • Try short climbing wearing the shoe. This can lose it a bit.
  • Take a hot shower wearing the shoe and dry it afterward. Heat can extend its size and fit a rock climbing shoe.
  • Keep your feet wearing your shoe in a bucket full of hot water. This can help too.
  • Stuff your shoe with any item, blow dry and bend it. It will take time to stretch, but it can make your shoe slightly flexible.
  • You can put it in a freezer too or keep it in a microwave.

As you have read the article, you might have understood the key here is to buy the right size in the first place. Please feel free to ask us any question regarding the proper sizing of rock climbing shoes. Happy climbing!

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