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Best Safari Hats for Men and Women

Best Safari Hats
Written by John Russel
Last Update: August 23, 2021

Are you planning for a summer adventure with your family and wishing to see the wildlife of African safaris or going out for a tropical country trip and do some parties? No matter what you headed to, Safari hats can be your style icon in any situation. A good quality, stylish safari hat can exhibit your adventurous spirit with a hint of style. If you need a few essential things for making a safe journey, a quality hat is a must.

There are different types of hats can be found in the market. Such as Boater, Bucker hat, Chupalla, Boonie hat and lots of others. But African safari hats will be your first line of defense if you want to save yourself from the powerful rays of African sun in the safari. Whether walking around the bush or visiting places in the town, getting a shield from the sun is always essential for your health and skin. It’s also helpful to reduce visibility from wild animals while watching their hunting game or playful motions. If you do not want your hair to be like a dusty mattress during driving an open car or stalking animals through the jungle, you should bring the hat.

To get the right kind of hat, you need to look for a few basic qualities. After lots of research, we form a list of hats for both men and women according to features, quality, and style. Different styles of hats for men and women can be illustrated elaborately, and we tried out best to do that in this section.

Best Safari Hats Tips and Tricks

Safari Hats Tips and Tricks

Safari Hats Features

To have a high hat, you must find these features in the hat. Without key features like these, that we are going to show you, is not a safari hat at all.

Wide Brim

Wide bream is a must in a safari hat because the sole purpose of this hat is to protect you from the scorching sun of the safari.

Water Proof

It needs to be waterproofed because you going to sweat a lot; moreover, in the safari rainfall can happen at any moment no matter how hot the season is.


You have to wear that hat for an extended period in a single day. If you choose the best boonie hat rather than a safari hat, I think it will cost you a lot of discomfort and eye burns.


Various material built is available; you can choose your material for your hat. Our suggestion is to choose the leather one because with proper care it will be long-lasting. Don’t forget to get the UV rays protected one, at least 50+UVP is recommended.

Ultimate Safari Hats for Men

Outback Trading Co Men’s Co. Kodiak Oilskin Hat
This hat can perform well, both into the African bush or into the outback. This one is made out of cotton but not the regular cotton, an oil mixed cotton. Because of that, it is water resistant, and you don’t have to worry about its safety or getting yourself wet in the rain. It is a stylish hat built to play multirole dependent on your wish.

Rogue One Hat

If you want to buy a hat from Southern Africa, this one will be available there. You could become a fan of this hat, thanks to its quality leather base that built last forever. The rouge hat is originated from southern Africa and simply amazing and long lasting.

Rogue One Hat

Dorfman-Pacific Weathered Cotton Outback Hat

If you are looking for protection and strength in a single hat, Dorfman might be the choice for you. It is the best hat of the year according to the user reviews of the internet. Despite being black, it can remain cool through the whole day, due to its thick cotton material.

Dorfman-Pacific Weathered Cotton Outback Hat

Best Safari Hats for Women

Wallaroo Naples Safari Hat

The Wallaroo Naples safari is a stylish and durable hat for women who love to do adventure. This one is made of paper braid with no mixing. It has UPF 50+ sun protection that makes it more unique. An additional drawstring is installed for the required adjustment.

Wallaroo Naples Safari Hat

Raffia Straw Hat

Raffia straw hat is a perfect combination of Light and airy features. UPF 40+ is its capability against Uv rays. It has an adjustable internal sweatband. Overall this hat can make its place into the top five in the market.

Raffia Straw Hat

Tilley Women’s Hemp Hat

Tilley Women’s hemp is a good-looking, stylish and durable hat, with 50+ UPF protection. Down-slopping brim is one of the key features that make the hat elegant and protective in profile. The hat has soft linen like feel that cover up its hard work capability. Hemp is naturally resistant to mold, Uv light, mildew and salt water. It’s an all-weather hat for women with an adventurous and fashion spirit.

Tilley Women’s Hemp Hat

A wide-brimmed safari hat can assure you a comfy and cool summer. These versatile hats for men and women named for any adventure, which demanded a comfortable hat to protect the face from the hot summer sun. You can wear any of the above safari hats to have a great look at any beach, party, office, adventure or a night out at the town. If you liked our post, you could also consider checking the information and reviews of other outfits for adventure seekers.

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