Top 10 Chrome Bags 2018

For over two decades, Chrome bags are in the leading position among tons of bags and purses in the USA. The Chrome industry designs and builds each of their bags to fit well, to carry a wide range of gears, and to defend your gears against any kind of abuse. They offer you a lifetime guarantee for their bags. They also have a lot of varieties of bags. From these varieties, this article will inform you about the top 10 chrome bags that you might want to buy. So, let’s explore the top 10 chrome bags of 2018.

Top 10 Chrome Bags of 2018

Citizen Messenger Bag

The chrome messenger bags are simple, durable, and resourceful. This Citizen bag embodies the core values of the chrome industries bags. This bag is fabricated from military-grade materials, and it is secured with a seat belt buckle. It is designed to withstand both the equipment and the daily rigors of the city life. This bag is one of the most popular citizen goods and medium-sized messenger bags with quick-release seatbelt buckle. It is made in Chico, CA.


Kadet Nylon Messenger Bag

The Kadet has the most minimalist design to transport your essentials. This low-profile sling bag can carry a light jacket, a tablet, a camera, a wallet, and the keys. This bag is fabricated with military grade nylon, and it is secured with a classic seatbelt buckle. The Kadet is specially designed to be carried with you at a moment’s notice.


Mini Metro Messenger Bag

Every Mini Metro bag is fabricated twice to maximize its durability and waterproofness. It is also designed to withstand all kinds of weather. The inside liner of this bag is made with 18oz truck tarpaulin. The outside is fabricated with 1050 denier military-grade nylon which is abrasion-resistant.


Cardiel ORP Backpack

ORP means Operational Readiness Pack. It is an ultra-light, seam-taped, roll-top, and water-resistant backpack. It is fabricated with rip-stop nylon to create the appropriate balance of weight and durability. The ORP generally works as a daypack, and it can fit a 13″ laptop in its internal back-pocket. You can also roll it up and stow in another bag while you are traveling. It is the perfect bag for day trips. John Cardiel, a skateboarder designed this bag.


Pawn 2 Backpack

The Pawn bag of chrome has become a favorite of those who ride two-wheelers every day and everywhere in the city. The Pawn 2.0 backpack is waterproof, and it features a roll-top main compartment and dual flap closure system with the two front-mounted quick access pockets. It also features a gusset to the quick access pockets to help you reach all the way down to the bottom.  It also has a reconfigured strap and back panel to fit a wider range of gears and accessories.


Orlov 2 Backpack

The Orlov 2 is another great backpack from the chrome bags. It has all the features of the Pawn 2 backpack, and these two bags are similar in their looks as well. Additionally, it features a zippered tech pocket for phones, keys, etc. The Orlov 2 backpack is a little smaller than the pawn 2 backpack, but both of these bags are equally good.


MXD Pace Tote Bag

The MXD Pace Tote bag combines the utility of a tote and the transporting capability of a pack into a compact 2-in-1 travel bag. It is fabricated with high-quality 1680d ballistic nylon. It also features two front-mounted quick access pockets and a zippered compartment that can carry a 15” laptop. The MXD Pace Tote bag is the ideal bag for the day-trippers. It is a good choice for rock climbing day trips also.


MXD Fathom Backpack

The MXD Fathom bag combines toughness and compactness with style. It is fabricated with high-quality 1680d ballistic nylon. It features two quick front-mounted access pockets and a zippered compartment that can carry a 13” laptop or MacBook Pro. The MXD Fathom backpack is a good choice for those who want to take their work everywhere and travel ultra-light.


Juno Travel Tote Bag

Juno travel tote bag is another great bag from the chrome bags that are the ideal to carry your gears with swiftness. This bag is fabricated with 1680d ballistic nylon to make it the toughest tote on the market. It features an extra-padded and soft lined laptop sleeve that provides you with a little extra security for your gears. The pockets of this bag are easy to access and can hold varieties of things.


MXD Notch Sling Bag

The MXD Notch sling bag is one of the smallest chrome bags that get you straight to the point. This small bag is fabricated with the high-quality 1680d ballistic nylon. It features two quick front-mounted access pockets and a zippered compartment that can carry your iPod, phones, and other accessories. The MXD Notch Sling Bag is an ideal bag for the city-travelers who want travel extremely lightweight.


These 10 chrome bags are the most popular bags in 2018. Most of these bags have great reviews. If you want to go somewhere, you will always need a bag. So, choose the best bag that is the most convenient for you.

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