Butora Endeavor Women’s Climbing Shoes Review

Women's specified climbing shoes are a relatively new introduction in the world of climbing gear. This because women feet are slightly different from those of men. A specialized shoe for that reason is an excellent choice.

To women, Butora is a well-known name that brought Butora Endeavor Women’s Climbing Shoes. This shoe comes with lower volume feet that we know necessary for women climbing shoes.

The shoe made with 100% organic hemp fabric to minimize stretch, besides there are lot many features that we thought you need to know. For that, we are here to give you a complete review of Butora Endeavor Women’s Climbing Shoes to ease your buying decision.

01Butora Endeavor Women’s Climbing Shoes Overview

The Butora Endeavor comes with a lower cut on the heel and ankle area to suit perfectly for women. The shoe ensures power and precision where you need it. The slightly asymmetrical toe shape gives you comfort in following the natural line of the foot.

For a comfort fitting, this shoe has an innovative triple fork webbing system. The polyurethane midsole used for torsion rigidity and precision edging. The Butora F5 rubber sole is used for super sticky performance. You can choose half size for an aggressive and tight fit or full size for more comfortable fit.

Moreover, with its unique features and super solid construction, the Endeavor is committed to its users to meet their high expectations. There are few features for what we termed this shoe as an all-rounder shoe, Read the whole review you will have your answers.


  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 4 inches

  • Weight: 1.98 pounds
  • Fabric: organic hemp
  • Leather: Moisture wicking split leather
  • Midsole: Polyurethane
  • Sole: Butora F5 rubber
  • Colors: Multi

03Feature Analysis

3.1 Organic hemp fabric

Organic hemp shoes are amazingly breathable and dry real quick. In all weather conditions, you can use it. This Butora Endeavor Fully lined with 100% organic hemp fabric which minimize stretch and resisting odor development.

3.2 Moisture and wicking split leather

One of the important features that these climbing boots have footbed of moisture and wicking split leather. This ensures comfort and gives a custom fit to your toes.

3.3 3D molded midsole

Midsole ensures stability this women's climbing shoes made with 3D injection molded full lengths variable thickness polyurethane midsole which provides torsion rigidity and precision edging.

3.4 Comfortable fit

There is no reason to compromise with comfort; this hiking shoe ensures ultimate comfort to the users. The moisture-wicking split leather is used for a comfort fit. For an aggressive and tight fit, size up a half size and for comfortable one full size recommended.

04Pros & Cons

4.1 Pros

  • Perfect for women

  • Durable
  • All seasons use
  • Great edge
  • Asymmetric shape
  • Stable rubber sole
  • Comfort fit

4.2 Cons

  • Little issue with perfect sizing

05Final Verdict

The shoes yield great performance without any instance of downsizing and with an aggressive curve, or any pain. The organic hemp makes this an excellent option for gym or climbing women shoes, and the well-designed with super features adds more value to your money.

It is very common that people have issues with the sizing of any hiking shoes. So, to overcome this issue we suggest, have prior knowledge of the size of your foot and compile it with the size meter for hiking shoes.

However, the Butora Endeavor Women’s Climbing Shoes made especially for women. The shoe knows the needs of a woman. We recommend this as a great compilation of budget, comfort, and durability. So, take your time and choose what you need according to your priorities.

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