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SCARPA Drago Climbing Shoes Review

SCARPA Drago Climbing Shoes

Selecting the best shoe for your climbing interest is always challenging. You need to consider the features which provide you utmost safety. SCARPA, a renowned Italian climb shoe manufacturer comes with SCARPA Drago.

The SCARPA Drago was built to meet the purpose of challenging bouldering and overhanging tasks for climbers. The sensitive toe box does a great job in handling overhanging footholds and rock that requires technical smearing on unusual features. With its soft sole, it sits almost like a sock and is therefore perfect for technically demanding boulders.

Drago is the ultimate sensitive slipper. It will give you super sensitivity as you climb with barefoot. There are a lot of features that we will discuss gradually. Go through the whole review to know what features this climbing shoe is going to offer you.

Feature Analysis of SCARPA Drago Climbing Shoes

1. Vibram xs grip2

The Vibram XS Grip2 rubber provides the maximum level of friction. Rubber compound built for pure friction, recommended for use where maximum grip is the primary need – bouldering and sports climbing, indoor climbing, or extremely smooth, polished routes.

2. Lightweight microfiber upper

One of the important features that we like most is, this Drago is super lightweight. The Microsuede upper wrapped in a T45 Rand provides strength, elasticity, and friction. The Wave strap system spreads the pressure across the upper and grants great adjustment.

3. Active randing.

The PCB tension system maintains the dynamic natural movement of the foot. Combine with the SRT system this tensioned rubber strip reduce the layers of material around the foot and add sensitivity while climbing. The SRT system surrounds the foot with rubber that gives excellent hooking abilities in all directions.

4. Comfort insole

The drago climbing shoes come with Minimal Flexan 1.0mm midsole that inserts with floating big toe pad. That ensures ultimate sensitivity and comfort for all days climbing.


  • Product Dimensions 13″ X 7″ X 5″
  • Color Yellow
  • Item model number SCARPA DRAGO CLIMBING SHOE-U


  • Incredibly sensitive and soft
  • Downturned asymmetrical shape
  • Comfortable
  • Quick easy on/off
  • Best for bouldering and sport climbing
  • Can fit wide feet well


  • Very expensive; one of the priciest at the moment

Final Verdict

The SCARPA Drago combines Scarpa’s best climbing-shoe features into one. It has the active Rand and midsole of the Scarpa model “Furia” that ensures ultimate precision and sensitivity, and the slipper upper and heel cup of the “Instinct VS” that’s for a great fit and easy on/off. When it comes to volume and suppleness, the Drago fits like a rubber sock.

We all know performance comes with a price. Drago is one of the expensive shoes on the market. If you consider the features it possesses, it actually is worth the price. It is a pair of professional and all-rounder shoes.

The right shoe is a tool to showcase your technical abilities as a climber. You need to practice regularly with your shoes to get full use of it. Hope this SCARPA Drago will put you to the happiest climbing experience ever.

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