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La Sportiva Boulder X Review

La Sportiva Boulder X

La Sportiva makes some of the best mountain boots and shoes around the world. They are impressive in design, durability, and comfort. The Boulder X fits perfectly into La Sportiva’s lineup that includes hikers of all types, mountaineering boots, trail runners and much, much more.

The La Sportiva Boulder X is termed as an ‘approach shoe,’ which means it’s built to be more abrasion-resistant and will give good performance when climbing over rocks. For durability, the upper is made from suede leather with a rubber rand enclosing most of the shoe.
People love adventure; people love climbing. To go climbing you need to have a perfect shoe so that you can ensure safety while climbing. La sportive is going to provide you that safety. So, no wait let’s see what else this rock climbing shoe is going to offer us!

Feature Analysis of La Sportiva Boulder X

1. Approach Shoe

The La Sportiva Men’s Boulder X approach shoes feature Vibram Idro-Grip sticky rubber, which keeps the shoe sticky even in rainy season. Additional padding underfoot offers comfort for long approaches. For safety, it has all-leather upper and sticky rubber toe rands.

2. Durable leather upper

To ensure a long lifespan, the upper is made with Roughout lather which is extremely durable and has double stitched seams. A sticky slingshot rubber rand increases foot protection on rough and rocky surfaces and eliminates stretch for a secure fit.

3. Impact brake system

La Sportiva’s Boulder X uses their Impact Brake system, which reduces up to 20% of the impact forces acting on the feet, legs and back with each step while walking on hard ground.

4. Mythos lacing system

For the right placement of your heel, the shoe has Mythos lacing system, which can be woven through the back of the shoe, and wraps around the heel area, ensure a highly adaptable fit.


  • Item Weight 2.89 pounds
  • Item model number 838-LG-38.5
  • Upper Leather
  • Midsole Micropore EVA
  • Insole 2mm Polyproylene/2mm La SpEVA
  • Sole Vibram Idro-Grip V-Smear Impact Brake System


  • Low-bulk profile
  • Super Durable
  • Great grip
  • Stickiest rubber toe rands for all rock surfaces
  • Solid lug and tread pattern
  • Flexible
  • extremely comfortable and supportive sole
  • Weather-resistant leather


  • Not the lightest approach boot, but its superior comfort and durability are worth the extra weight.

Final Verdict

The Boulder X shoe offers outstanding performance that can cope with all weather conditions without compromising the comfort and durability. Due to the superb durability and comfort, the shoe is significantly heavier than most approach shoes.

However, the upper leather, midsole, Insole and sole are made for giving you perfect friction. The shoe provides utmost secure fit as it comes with Mythos lacing system.

We recommend the La Sportiva Boulder X is one of the best go-everywhere and do-everything approach shoe. If you seek an affordable shoe that does everything well, but places more emphasis on hiking comfort and traction rather than top-notch climbing ability and lightweight, look no further.

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