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Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoes Review

Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoe

Are you looking for a high-friction footwear that fits securely and comfortably? Five Ten, the brand of brave is the leader of providing a wide variety of products from mountain bikes to rock climbing shoes with pretty well edges. Five Ten Hiangle is made of the split grain leather that is very thick and a flesh split. The upper side of this shoes is tear resistant that provides smoothness.

This Five Ten Hiangle is designed with the proprietary stealth rubber sole which offers durability as it has the high traction that eliminates the danger of falling. The most attractive thing is that this Five Ten Hiangle has unprecedented friction for allowing the climbers to stick their feet to rough surfaces.

Five Ten Hiangle guarantees the best performance on any angle terrain. You can take the most brutal terrain in the worlds by using this high friction five ten climbing shoes.

Feature Analysis of Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoes

1. Split Grain Leather

This rock climbing shoes are made with the split grain leather which is very high quality as it has the water-resistant capability. This split grain leather can sustain a long period as it has supper thickness that can protect it from being damaged quickly. For this reason, Five Ten shoe brand is of choice for the world’s most exciting athletes as they can take any aggressive climbing through the dangerous roads.

2. Rubber sole

This rubber sole is better than the leather sole as they provide high traction with the surfaces. It also helps to avoid any slippage that can occur in the absence of good traction. You will not get hurt from the road surfaces as it supports high-quality friction that helps to keep the foot smooth. This rubber sole is breathable and provides a wonderful air circulation so that you feel fresh at every time of using this bouldering shoes.

3. Stealth C4 rubber outsole

Hiking boots for men are made of rubber outsole which is one of the most popular types of footwear because it is durable and protects the foot without detracting from the overall look. This hiking shoes for men are made of the rubber sole which offers more elegant and beautiful look than the leather sole. For bad weather condition rubber outsole is more favorable as it offers high traction to avoid slipping in the rainy season.

4. Unlined leather upper û half-size stretch

Hiking boots have the spilled grain leather that is stretchable. It offers perfect grip with your toes as too much tight or too much loose can make you feel uncomfortable for a day-long climbing. Your toes will not sweat if you wear it in the hot weather as it is stretchable so you may feel comfort by using this.

5. Single-strand Velcro closure system

The single strand Velcro closure system of this trekking boots provides easy grip system in case of emergency. Some shoes offer the closure system of lasing which is very difficult to grip and also very time-consuming. This single strand Velcro closure makes it very easy to open or close the shoes. This is the most attractive thing about this mountaineering boots to the athletes.


  • Package Dimensions 12″ X 8″ X 4″
  • Color Grey, Aqua
  • Sole Rubber
  • Outsole Stealth C4 rubber (4.2mm)


  • Provides comfortable support for the foot
  • Offers a variety of sizes to provide perfect fitness
  • Prevent legs foot from getting hurt
  • Allows to feel cool in hot weather
  • Prevent legs from fatigue


  • If get wet and remain for a long time, you may feel uncomfortable due to bad odor

Final Verdict

Five Ten Hiangle is highly equipped with the sturdy split leather, and the outsole is made of the rubber to offer the perfect fit to your foot. You can climb the dangerous routes as this protects your foot from getting hurt. You can have precise control on your toes by wearing this shoes as it has the high road traction.

Though there is a silly a pitfall, you can handle this issue with minimum effort. As the sole is made of rubber, it can produce a bad odor when it gets wet after use in the rainy season. So you need to create awareness to handle this issue. You should dry the shoes in the sun so that you can use it comfortably.

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