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Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Bouldering- Reviews (2024)

If you’re entering into the climbing game or thinking about how to get into rock climbing — and a lot of folks are, then you’re going to require a decent pair of best rock climbing shoes for bouldering. Currently, there’s a lot of product to pick from. It’s crazy for the reason that the climbing manufacturing just has an explosion on all ends. There are also notable variances between novice shoes and more progressive ones, and fruitarian selections for climbers who wish not to wear leather. With lots of these existing choices out there, it’s truly a devastating procedure to choose the best rock climbing shoes from the marketplace. This article will guide you through this complicated process. We’ve comprised a top ten list for you—read more to understand in-depth analysis.

Tacky rubber tactic soles are an important element for amusing and security in the rock climbing game. Truly, these things can change a low angle slab climbing into a casual stroll, and make your approach to the cliff much less of an ordeal. We’ve investigated over lots of pairs and nominated the top ten models to provide a complete view. Read on to find out which shoe is precise for your chosen elegance of best rock climbing shoes. Also, keep that in mind that the basic gear for the rock climbing also includes Rock climbing pants; and those best climbing pants can be bought with a very affordable price range.

Climbing Shoes For Bouldering to Consider Buying

Rock climbing boots are rather costly compared to other usual footwear. For the high-end features with top quality built, it will cost you more than $200. If you are a learner, then you should go for an averagely priced shoe. Use this guideline to understand different features to simplify your choice.

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Bouldering – Top 10 Reviews

01 La Sportiva Men’s Tarantula Rock Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Men's Tarantula Rock Climbing Shoe

The Tarantulace is intended to be a versatile shoe for novice climbers, and its plane outsole makes it sufficiently contented for prolonged wear. If you don’t buy them too close-fitting, you’ll be capable of wearing these shoes on for a whole gym session without taking them off once. Fastens are perfect for those looking for an extremely customizable fitting, while Velcro belts are decent if you want to put your shoes on and off in a quick motion. Honestly, the closure elegance of your initial shoe is merely a personal choice. These Tarantula slippers are built to a more usual foot form. The sole has a stiff flat shape (i.e., no downturn). This makes the shoe appropriate for novices and expert enthusiast as it does not discomfort the foot.

The stiff sole delivers lots of support to the foot over lengthier climbs. This indicates that you can put it on without distress and it will decrease the energy preferred to stand on minor edges. For proper fitting, we suggest you get your pair of Tarantulaces half a size down from your street shoe size (in US sizes). They might be a slight close-fitting and tight when you first try them on, but after a couple of days, they will be contented by climbing shoe criteria.


  • Dimensions: 7 x 8 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 10.23 oz. (290g)
  • Size: 33.5M EU- 48M EU
  • Color: Kiwi, Flame, Kiwi/Grey
  • Model number: 10C
  • Upper Material: Leather
  • Midsole Material: LaspoFlex
  • Sole Material: FriXion® RS
  • Suitable for: All Around Climbing


  • Comfortable, convenient, and versatile climbing shoe
  • Sole grip is suitable for both rock and plastic with ease
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure method
  • Comfortable to put on and off
  • Constructed with high quality and durable material


  • There’s some problem with proper sizing
  • Suitable climbing shoes for wide feet only

Our Verdict

In a la Sportiva finale review, it must be said that, as a novice, it’s actually vital to be truthful with yourself about your aptitudes and needs as a climber. If you’re searching for a comfy shoe that you can take you up modest multi-pitches or wear for some session in the gymnasium, then this is an outstanding choice. The Tarantula is a climbing shoe that brings coziness and flexibility. It is a nice versatile climbing shoe for climbers who are entering into the climbing game and for adventuring onto classic ways.  And finest of all, it arrives with a reasonable price label! Also, La Sportiva Otaki is another great model of this brand.

02 Adidas Five Ten Anasazi Pro

Adidas Five Ten Anasazi Pro

The more secure and contented state your feet are in; the upper your probabilities are of relishing your climbing experience. If you’re a newbie to the entire climbing effort, then a decent place to begin is at climbing shoes that come strongly suggested by expert sportspersons. Owing to the significance of your feet, you can see how vital your choice concerning the best climbing shoes you use truly is. A renowned climbing shoe that expert players all over the place seem to vow for is these five ten climbing shoes.

When it comes to the toe rubber, this is an apparent additional point to the Anasazi Pro’s game; it’s now much improved for toe-hooking. In terms of enactment, the usual Anasazi was nice since it was decent at smearing and upright at edging. The 5.10 Anasazi Pro is comparable to the Anasazi, but the outsole is efficiently a bit firmer because of the high-quality toe rubber and snugger heel, united with an impartially rigid midsole. With the advance progress in the features and quality, this product is an ideal choice for all type of climbing enthusiast.


  • Weight: 9.6oz
  • Size: 2M US – 10M US
  • Color: Black/Orange
  • Upper Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Material: Stealth C4
  • Suitable for: Climbing
  • Warranty: 1Yr.


  • Manufactured from hundred percent synthetic leather
  • Suitable for versatile type of climbing
  • C4 rubber delivers excellent grip
  • A new type of tongue material adds breathability
  • Highly comfortable shoes


  • Velcro can be a problem with cracks
  • The heel is quite stiff

Our Verdict

The Five Ten Anasazis Pro is an amazing pair of climbing shoe. The combination with top quality built and the toe cap makes this an ideal climbing shoe with coziness and durability. It’s a contented and dominant edging shoe with the toe-hooking ability and the praised grip of high-end C4 rubber. With the top quality features, the Anasazi Pro became the highest selection for a climbing session. The only downside of this shoe is the proper sizing, and for that, we can say, sizing of the climbing shoe is extremely complicated. Every novice person should be aware of this, and with the expert help, this Anasazi Pro is the best choice for them

03 Evolv Elektra

Evolv Elektra

This is Evolv’s bestselling women’s rock climbing shoes. It is vastly widespread with novices and those searching for all around cozy experience at outdoor climbing or at the gym. The Evolv Elektra is extremely contented precise from out the box. Indeed it is like a household slipper! It is shaped with a smooth profile and a quite low asymmetric combination which delivers a very expected foot fitting. The sole of the shoe is very soft. The form and arrangement of the shoe indicate that it is built for coziness and performance. These women’s climbing shoes are manufactured from a renowned brand constructing women shoes for a long time of period.  Not only does it has a different and fresh design, but provides an enhanced and bodily fit.

These womens climbing shoes are also very light in weight; also the plane structure and asymmetric form provide nice traction. For a novice climber, this is one of the finest and durable shoes in the marketplace which comes at this reasonable price range.


  • Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 4
  • Weight: 1.99 pounds
  • Size: 4BM(US) – 11BM(US)
  • Color: Jade/Seapine
  • Model number: EVL0290-SP-95
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Suitable for: Climbing
  • Closure: hook-and-loop
  • Lining: Mesh


  • Affordable price range
  • It feels great in the toe while climbing
  • High-quality rubber prolongs the lifespan of the shoe
  • The flat shape of the shoe is very comfortable for climbing
  • Hook and loop closure for comfortable put on and off


  • Runs a little small
  • The heel cup is quite low

Our Verdict

The Evolv Elektra is a mixture of sturdy, contented and reasonable shoes. The adjustable function permits the rubber to last for a long time of period. One of the nice add-ons of this shoe is Anti-microbial weave expertise to safeguard from the stink, that certainly an exclusive feature. So, for the climbing enthusiast of all ages, this will be an ideal pick. These evolv climbing shoes are less costly if you are a novice, intermediary or an expert climber.

04 Evolv Shakra

Evolv Shakra

Just like its earlier model, the Shakra is destined for top enactment, as the downturned, asymmetrical outline plainly demonstrations. Key qualities are a 4.2mm TRAX high grip rubber sole, a 1mm midsole, a double hook-and-loop closure structure and top quality synthetic upper. For the reason of the slightly light mid-sole, these shoes are quite adaptable to wear. The feel is reactive, yet the rubber-sole is quite sticky which can hold a very nice grip and an amplified toe rubber provides you great hooking control. They are still lightweight, but your toes are well-bent, and the top class synthetic upper certifies there is no break-in period.

You must certainly think about the Evolv Shakra if you need to work your boulder difficulties all day without having to take off your shoes in pain in-between. They’re also nice buddies for inside and outside climbing game and deliver long-lasting comfort in lengthier ways. Without hesitation, this is the finest rock climbing shoes in the marketplace.


  • Dimensions: 14” x 7” x 4”
  • Weight: 1.99 pounds
  • Size: 5DM(US) –12DM (US)
  • Color: Aqua/Neon Yellow
  • Model number: EVL0292-9
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole material: TRAX® rubber
  • Suitable for: Climbing
  • Closure type: Hook and Loop


  • Constructed from high-quality material
  • High-performance climbing shoe
  • Soft midsoles allow for more sensitivity on the rock
  • High grip rubber sole
  • Hook and loop closure for easy put on and off


  • Runs little small
  • Not suitable for any other activities than climbing

Our Verdict

This climbing shoe is exclusive in its outlook, and it’s both slimmer and less volume paralleled to the earlier forms from this maker. These features make this shoe perfect for folks with narrow feet. The Shakra is constructed with the high enactment in mind which is obviously verified by the downturned and asymmetrical outline. Also, it arrives with a 4.2mm TRAX rubber outsole which is precisely intended for high grip.

05 Evolv Defy

Evolv Defy

This is Evolv’s record-breaking shoe. It is enormously widespread with novices and those searching all-day coziness for outside or at the gymnasium. A key sales point of the shoe and aim for its reputation is its great price range. You can get a lot of shoe for this price range. However, as can be anticipated, there are some performance limits. The shoe is intended for novices but is suitable up to intermediary climbers. The Defy can be utilized as an additional shoe in your stash for heat ups and long training days at the gym with the purpose to save your more exclusive shoes.

Ideal for novices who are under training and those are spending a long time in the gymnasium or out at the crag climbing with buddies. It is distinguished however that the discreetly soft sole does not deliver the backing to the foot for edging that you can find in more costly climbing shoes. However, this shoe is very comfortable for all-day wear and constructed with the high-quality material, makes this an ideal choice for your better climbing experiences.


  • Dimensions: 14” x 7” x 5”
  • Weight: 8.5oz
  • Size: 2D(M)US—12 D(US)
  • Color: Black/Sulphur, Charcoal
  • Model number: EVL0187
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Lining Material: Nylon
  • Sole Material: TRAX® Rubber
  • Suitable for: Climbing


  • Upper is constructed from high quality synthetic
  • Manufacture country is the USA
  • Sole has the high friction capabilities
  • Comfortable for all day long wear
  • Fashionable outlook with sturdy construction


  • There’s some problem with the adequate sizing
  • Not suitable for pro-level

Our Verdict

When you are out there to purchase your first pair of climbing shoes, defy hits all the parameter, which are coziness, reasonable price range, versatile performance. Relatively, you can’t really find this type of high performing shoe in this price range. The defy remains a decent selection as the best beginner climbing shoes. Suitable for who are searching for a comfortable and cozy shoe for a better climbing experience.

06 Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Climbing Shoe

Five Ten Men's Anasazi Climbing Shoe

The Five Ten Anasazi is one of the finest and widespread climbing shoes—turn up to any hard cliff or wall. As an extremely cozy and handy shoe, they are numerous peoples preferred for some upright cause. With the Anasazi Climbing Shoe, Five Ten have prepared a high-performing item for the current climber. The two main new qualities of the Anasazi Climbing Shoe are the toe rubber and a quite snugger heel. The Anasazi Pro is a rigid and even shoe that executes its finest on climbing and boulders that need a solid border. The shoe has a contented, stress-free fitting and the fabulous grip of high-quality C4 rubber. The Mi6 toe cover enhances incredible toe-hooking and climbing enactment.

When it comes to the upper material, this show is constructed with the high-quality polyester which makes this shoe more comfortable and cozy in the game of climbing. The Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Climbing Shoe grips an edge, and when you’re trying them, you sense like they could climb everything.


  • Dimensions: 12” x 8” x 4”
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Size: 3M(US)—14M(US)
  • Color: Pink
  • Model number: Anasazi Lace-up-M
  • Material: Polyester
  • Outsole Material: Rubber
  • Suitable for: Climbing
  • Manufacturing Country: USA
  • Closure: Lace-up


  • Constructed from high-quality polyester
  • Rubber outsole for high grip
  • Made in the USA
  • Lace-up closure for comfortable put on and off
  • Edging of the shoe is quite adequate


  • Not available in different color
  • Velcro might hurt sometime

Our Verdict

Generally, the Anasazi Climbing Shoe has renovated the standard form into a more bouldering, inside and performing focused shoe over the adding of toe rubber and a snugger heel. It is definitely a diverse beast to the typical versatile Anasazi, and Five Ten have accomplished the high competition that they set out to make with this shoe. It is superb at edge, coating, toe, and heel securing and so if you’re searching for those features in a climbing shoe, then the Anasazi Climbing Shoe is an amazing selection.

07 La Sportiva TC Pro

La Sportiva TC Pro

This is an ideal climbing shoe which is very well suited for gym climbing or gentle boulder and wall. This one is also perfect or crack and face climbing. Tc pros from La Sportiva is prepared for your climbing task. It is constructed with the combination of eighty percent leather and twenty percent rubber blend. This shoe is constructed to inspire an air circulated shoe environment, while, also, protecting your feet from predictable pain from the rough surface. In gist, these shoes provide improved performance and breathability.

The midsole thickness is 1.1 mm which can provide the appropriate amount of both balance and adaptability. Also, this sturdy construction of the midsole will bring the comfort and coziness in your feet. When it comes to the price range, this shoe falls in the mid-range category. Moreover, these are well-built for both of the novices to advance climber.


  • Dimensions 14” x 7” x 5”
  • Weight 9 ounces
  • Size 39M (EU)—45.5M (EU)
  • Color Sage
  • Model number 861-SAGE-40.5
  • Material 80% Leather/20% Vibram rubber
  • Suitable for Crack climbing, face climbing


  • Properly edging with durable construction
  • Flat toe makes it suitable for crack
  • An ideal combination of safety and performance
  • Sole offers lots of support
  • Ideal for crack climbing, face climbing, and big walls


  • Runs a little bit small
  • Not suitable for pro level climbing

Our Verdict

It is intended to aid you to add control on your foot to power up when you are climbing. Foam filling is deliberately positioned for additional coziness and the mid height for malleolus cover during crack climbing. This is a decent buddy for anyone who needs a worthy time on the rocks. The prominence on La Sportiva TC Pro climbing shoe is toughness and coziness. This comfort and safety make it a good choice any day, anytime. With some other additional qualities, you can never go off beam with this shoe on.

08 Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsym

Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsym

At the very time when you take the 5.10 moccasym out of its box, you’ll instantly notice how primarily the shoe edge is properly and fine. The main feature of this shoe is that it has a flat form shape and no midsole building or backing, so it would make logic that the absence of such helpful features would cause the shoe to edge unwell. This is a nice update for those who have strong feet, and since your feet don’t need much support from your midsole, to start with. If you’re a novice to the rock climbing arena, then you may need to think twice about buying these shoes, since they won’t provide the midsole support you’ll need at the beginning level. This is a pro level climbing shoe, admired by lots of climbers.

Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe is capable of stretching a complete foot extent as you continually use them over a small period of time. So, when you confirm your shoe size and ordering yourself a pair of Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe, you need to order one size low because they’ll ultimately stretch to your standard, shoe extent.


  • Dimensions: 13” x 6” x 4”
  • Weight: 8.9 oz
  • Size: 5M (US)—14M (US)
  • Color: Moccasym Red
  • Model number: Anasazi Moccasym-M
  • Material: Leather
  • Outsole Material: Rubber
  • Suitable for: Climbing
  • Manufacturing Country USA


  • Constructed from full grain leather
  • Adjustable fit
  • Slip-on structure makes it comfortable to wear
  • Soft fish hook midsole
  • C4 rubber outsole provides nice traction
  • Easy to put these on and off


  • Not great for edging
  • Toes area might hurt sometime

Our Verdict

The Five Ten Moccasym is a verified model with over 20 years of expertize in the climbing marketplace. When it comes to the material quality, it is constructed with high-quality leather upper and C4 rubber outsole. The top class construction of this shoe offers great performance and durability. The Moccasym is a nice deal in general, particularly as you can find these at a very reasonable price range. Also, this product is made in USA, and this stands for the supreme quality and reliability.

09 Scarpa Boostic

Scarpa Boostic

Uniting Italian workmanship with an aggressive, downturned form, the Scarpa Boostic is an ideal operational shoe. The Scarpa Boostic is a whiz of climbing expertise and eye-watering elegance. With a vastly distorted form and a thin, tapered fit near the toe, the Boostic emphasize all of the mass of the mountaineer’s body over the toe. Moreover, The Boostic is not the lone shoe out there with a half sock, but their construction is the finest when it comes to coziness. This makes for a very detailed climbing shoe, and it comes at a very decent price range. The Boostic is a superb fusion of downturn, toe point accuracy, and sturdiness. These united structure features make it an edging engine that recompenses for its partial sensitivity with the aptitude to smear great power.

The Boostic is very comfortable to put on and off. Moreover, this Boostic fits in the group of shoes that you wear and take off instantly. It will upsurge your score as long as you don’t let the distress reduce your spirit.


  • Dimensions 12” x 8” x 4”
  • Weight 0.48 kg
  • Size 38.5 M(EU)- 41.5M(EU)
  • Color Cyan/Spring, Parrot / Spring / Turquoise
  • Model number BOOSTIC-U
  • Material Leather
  • Outsole Material Synthetic
  • Suitable for Climbing


  • Excellent edging
  • Special soft rubber for high friction
  • Constructed for maximum power
  • Sticky rubber for remarkable heel hooking
  • X5 edge delivers nice grip and sturdiness


  • Not suitable for all type of climbing

Our Verdict

The Scarpa Boostic is fairly an aggressive shoe which permits you to put on hold when hanging but they execute just as well on the upright matter. The Boostic is an expert instrument designed to execute at the uppermost ranks of the sport, in vertical to a hanging environment where accurate toe control and edging is quite vital. This shoe will provide your toe the additional bite it requires for the most stimulating ascents with the Boostic climbing shoe from Scarpa.

When it comes to the outsole material for the secure and safe climbing, the special and comfortable rubber provides high friction for better toe hooking. With these Scarpa climbing shoes on you’ll experience an amazing climbing with the durability and sturdiness. Scarpa instinct is another popular model from this brand when you are searching for security and safety.

10 Butora Acro Wide Fit

Butora Acro Wide Fit

Comparatively fresh to the sight, these shoes rapidly have established their superiority and enactment, obtaining a keen following amongst boulders and sports climbers alike. Moreover, if you’ve writhed with the proper fitting with other climbing shoes and are searching for rather marginally more contented, less weighty, and great form-fitting, perhaps it is the high time to run through the Acro. And if it’s suited your feet than don’t have to be concerned about the quality of this shoe which is completely exceptional. The major objects we saw about these Butora climbing shoes are its attractive appearance and smooth design. The compacted form makes it quite prominent. With a high outline, the shoes can make you feel amazing.

The rubber toe cover is tacky and big for protected toe hooking when climbing in extremely nominal circumstances. Also, the combination of soft synthetic and natural leather in the upper construction allows for even greater performance and an amazingly contented fitting. Butora endeavor is another popular model from this brand when you are searching for the high outline.


  • Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 4
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Size: 5DM(US)—14DM(US)
  • Color: Orange/White
  • Model number: ACRO-OR-11.5
  • Upper Material: synthetic and natural leather
  • Suitable for: Climbing
  • Closure: Hook and Loop


  • The Acro is an aggressively down-cambered shoe
  • Constructed for steep sport climbing
  • This shoe combines soft synthetic and natural leather for the upper
  • The high-quality material allows for great performance and a comfortable fit
  • Hook and look provides additional security and a comfortable fit
  • The sticky rubber of outsole provides secure toe hooking


  • Lots of additional spaces in the heel cup
  • The heel and toe area are quite stiff

Our Verdict

The fact is that we have few downsides about the Acro, although we highly suggest it for vertical climbing. The shoe is almost entirely roofed with rubber, making it a toe and heel hooking device, ideal for boulders and steep sports climbing. And finally, rock climbers, in general, have been very mesmerized with the fitting: the Acro arrives in both narrow and wide sizing and fits a wide range of foot extents.

Best Climbing Shoes For Bouldering — Buying Guide

With so many picks, elegances and a lot of shoes to pick from in the house of climb—here is a swift guide to some things you must know before you purchase your first pair of climbing shoes.

Things you cannot ignore

  •  Types

Pick among neutral, moderate and aggressive shoes relying on what type of climbing you plan to do.

  • Neutral shoes provide a comfortable fit for all-day coziness. They permit your toes to lie smoothly inside the shoes. Since they have a habit to be more contented, neutral shoes are of an amazing pick for novice climbing enthusiast.
  • Moderate shoes are distinct by their a little-downturned form (also called camber) that marks them decent for practical climbing.
  • The aggressive shoe has high downturned toes and lots of heel tension to put your feet in a strong and powerful position for stimulating overhanging climbs. Most aggressive shoes have a distorted form that bends to the big toe, aiming power over the toe for detailed settlements on minor holds.
  • Closure

The most climbing shoe comes with either lace-up, strap or slips on closure style. All of the structures offer to support by safeguarding the climbing shoe to your foot for a convenient fit.

  • Lace-up is one of the very useful designs. If your feet get warm and swell up, or for walk-off ways, you can relax the ties.
  • The band is also recognized as “hook-and-loop.” Provide higher on/off suitability. They are amazing for bouldering and gymnasium climbing when you desire to take the shoes off among climbs. These will fall under the best bouldering shoes category.
  • Slip-on, frequently named slippers, slip-on shoes have flexible closure arrangements and provide the nicest sensitivity and lowest profile of any shoe.
  • Materials

Shoe uppers are constructed from either leather or synthetic. Leather shoes (lined and unlined) provide comfortable maintenance, counting cleaning. Many top performer shoes are synthetic, and many vegans choose synthetic shoes.

  • Unlined leather climbing shoes can expanse up to a complete size. Measure them with proper sizing so that your toes just touch the end of the shoe, so you can sense (but not see) your toe knuckles pushing contrary to the leather.
  • If leather constructed upper is lined, the elasticity is decreased to half size or less. Occasionally constructors line only the toes to maintain the cost down and to lessen elasticity where it has a tendency to occur the most.
  • Synthetic shoes don’t have that much elasticity and become softer to some extent with usage, but there is a little stretch so don’t presume the fit to alter much.

Digging Deep into Technicalities

  •  Entry-Level

Predictably, Entry-Level shoes are meant for those climbers new to the climbing game, and they are mostly intended for coziness and sturdiness. The outsoles are typically pretty flat with your toes not excessively bent, and the last form is either symmetrical or very considerably asymmetrical.

  • All-Round

These shoes have a more practical structure and accurate fitting to that of entry-level models. These shoes are intended for a climber who may emphasis on a particular part of climbing, and who will profit from amplified support/edging, sensitivity, accuracy, and/or toe power.

  • Advanced

Progressive climbing shoes are intended for the maximum performing climbers with very precise necessities. Some structures are very downturned for extreme prehensile sensitivity on sharply overhung courses.

  • Weight

Weight is perhaps the least noteworthy issue when picking a pair of climbing shoes. If you want to lessen your climbing equipment weight in general, however, then you might want to agree on a lightweight climbing shoe.

  • Support

The support you are looking for will depend on the climbing dare you are planning to take. While thinner and stickier rubber sole might be improved for gripping and pushing at the rock, they are also more liable to leave your feet with raw feeling, aching and sensitive.

Remembering the Extras

  • Delivery

Rock climbing shoes are quite light in weight, so you need to confirm the delivery. And, how they handle the delivery process as some of the items can get damaged in the course of delivering the product.

  • Return Policy

You need to check the return policy; it doesn’t matter whether you are buying from a store or online. Ask if there any additional cost to return the ship to the manufacturer.

How to Use and Maintain Rock Climbing Shoes for Bouldering?

If you have a rock climbing shoe, its maintenance might not be new to you. We all know how vital it is to have a pair of rock climbing shoes to preserve your rock climbing thirst thriving. But it is harder to uphold fresh rock climbing shoes as they are typically unprotected to dust and filth. Bad scent can also be produced for sweat and that may outcome in microorganisms and illnesses. These filthy shoes can be a great burden to your climbing as it can skid and can cause accidents.

Best rock climbing shoes Maintenance

Climbing shoes can become very smelly in a small period of time. With perspiration and the smell can sometimes be sufficient for your partner to ban them from home. However, there are some things you can do to eradicate the germs that form and to save your shoes squeaky fresh. How to clean climbing shoes? Don’t worry; we’ll go through that too.

Cleaning instruction

You need to follow these steps to clean your climbing shoes properly.

  • Plug a bucket or bowl with warm water and a hint of lightweight cleanser.
  • Let your shoes to immerse in the water for a couple of minutes.
  • Utilize your toothbrush to brush away the filth both inside and external of the shoe. You can use a bit of additional cleanser on precise hard-to-clean spots.
  • Wash your shoes wholly to make certain there is no cleanser left over on the shoe.
  • Wash your feet and put the shoes on to preserve them from shrinking.
  • Let the shoes to dry out of the sun in a calm place.

Also, kids rock climbing shoes can be cleaned with this same procedure.


When you are buying the rock climbing shoes from a retail store, you need to confirm about the dealer, does the dealer from whom you are buying the product has the proper authorization from the manufacturer to provide you after sales services or not?

Final Verdict

At the final stage of this article, it’s highly likely that you’ve already gone through this complete buyers guide. So we may take you a well-informed person in this game of climbing. If you still have any confusion about purchasing the best rock climbing shoes, don’t worry. Still, we may able to help you. We want to start this section with the best ones from our list, and they are La Sportiva Men’s TC Pro Climbing Shoe and Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Pro Rock Climbing Shoe. Both of them are constructed from the combination of high-quality leather and synthetic/rubber. These rock climbing shoes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor climbing experiences.

Now we want to talk about La Sportiva Men’s Tarantula Beginner Rock Climbing Shoe and Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe for a distinct reason. Both of these shoes have higher customer ratings in this list for their amazing look and high quality built while the first one is constructed from the synthetic and second one is from leather. Some of our guys like SCARPA Boostic Climbing Shoe for its nice combination of high-end features and affordable price, which make them the ideal choice for the best rock climbing shoes available in the marketplace. Other options like Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe – Women’s and Evolv Men’s Defy are very popular as entry-level rock climbing shoe with the very low price range. Plus, both of them are manufactured from high-quality synthetic, even if you are looking for some cheap climbing shoes. These will fall under cheap rock climbing shoes in this versatile marketplace. Finally, it is highly suggested for you to go through our complete buyers guide to understand the basic differences between those shoe’s features and qualities. Anyway, the ultimate choice rest upon you, go for the best one that suits you the most. Best of luck with that!

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