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Best Fitness Trackers for Swimming – Reviews & Guide (2024)

A fitness tracker has become a necessity in this era of technology where we become so busy with our activities that we almost forget that the health is the greatest wealth. As our daily busy life goes, a fitness tracker keeps track of our activities, notifies us every minute of what unhealthy and fit we are doing. It guides us to lead a better and healthy life. If you are also too busy with your life schedule, cannot do anything about your unhealthy habits and turning into obesity at any time, you need a fitness tracker in your life.

A fitness tracker is a life-changing device. This world has witnessed numerous untold stories of fitness trackers that have brought a drastic change in people’s life. It has improved our lifestyle too. After trying few fitness trackers, we have finally come up with the best fitness trackers on our list. Continue reading to know more about these devices and their benefits. Hopefully, our review will be useful to you.

Our Top 8 Best Fitness Trackers for Swimming

01 Lintelek Fitness Tracker

The Lintelek fitness tracker is a multisport, long-lasting and waterproof fitness tracker. This is one of the best fitness trackers that come with 14 sport modes which will help you to better understand each sport. The continuous heart rate monitor will constantly monitor your heart rate and will immediately notify you whenever any abnormality observed.

This activity tracker has a comprehensive sleep analysis technology that will analyze effectively your quality and quantity of sleep. After connecting with the app, you can get your message and call notification in the app. Besides, once you connect the GPS function, you can always map your own route.


  • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 0.6 x 0.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Size: gallon
  • Color: 6 different colors available
  • App Veryfit: Pro
  • Item model number: ID130Plus HR


  • 24-hour constant heart rate monitoring
  • Supports 14 sport modes
  • Pedometer
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Not compatible with PC, iPad or Tablet

Our Remarks

Lintelek fitness tracker is an all-day activity tracking device with long battery life. You need to charge it for 1-2 hours only, and it will run for next 5-7 days. The 24-hour continuous heart rate monitor and sleep analysis monitor will always effectively look after your heart rate and sleep. The 14 sport modes have 3 default exercise modes and 11 extra modes where you can easily add exercises. This best fitness tracker will help you to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle in every possible way.

02 Henoda Leather Bands for Fitbit Alta HR

Henoda Leather Bands for Fitbit Alta HR

Henoda Leather Bands for Fitbit Alta HR is made of high-quality genuine leather material. This high-quality material gives this fitness band a soft, classy and elegant look. It will simply go with any outfit and will leave a fashionable look. The fitness band is adjustable and will perfectly fit 5.9-7.6 inches wrist sizes. There are multiple small holes in the band with which you can easily adjust the bad. The fitness bands are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. There are multiple color options, and you can choose any color by matching with your personality and even outfit. It will enlighten and highlight your taste.


  • Brand: Henoda
  • Item Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Wrist size: 5.5-6.7 inches (small) and 6.7-8.1 inches (large)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: genuine leather


  • High-quality leather material
  • Adjustable fitness band
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Cannot be worn during underwater activities

Our Remarks

Henoda Leather Bands for Fitbit Alta HR is an ideal option for you if you want both top class performance and an elegant look. The high-quality leather construction ensures the lifelong performance and a classy look. It is a lightweight fitness band which can be easily carried around the whole day comfortably. With the small holes, you can easily adjust the size of the band and make it perfectly fit your wrist. This fitness band will go with any outfit and will give a classy and elegant look.

03 Andyou for Fitbit Blaze Bands Leather with Frame

Andyou for Fitbit Blaze Bands Leather with Frame

Andyou For Fitbit Blaze Leather Bands is one of the best fitness trackers available in the market and on our list. This best activity tracker has a unique magnetic clasp design with which you can conveniently adjust the size. You will not need extra hassles of the buckle to secure it to your wrist as it will easily stick and lock itself with the magnetic property. The top woven stainless steel mesh loop gives a classy look with long-lasting durability

This fitness tracker is unisex and can easily be used as fitness watches for women. The fluent and simple curves make the watch look more classy and fashionable. This waterproof fitness tracker has double electroplating process which will increase the durability of the color of the watch.


  • Wrist Size: Small = 5.5 – 7.3 inch ,Large = 6.7 – 8.3 inch
  • Brand: Andyou
  • Material: leather, Metallic (stainless steel buckle; stainless steel watch stand.)
  • Color: Black, Brown, White, Red, Pink and Gray


  • Top woven stainless steel mesh loop
  • Magnetic Clasp
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Durability


  • Might slip off if the magnet loosens

Our Remarks

Andyou For Fitbit Blaze Leather Bands is a waterproof and high-quality construction fitness band with unique magnetic clasp. The stainless steel top makes this band more durable and long lasting. You do not need to lock it with buckles as the magnetic clasp will easily stick and lock itself. The high-quality construction, elegant design, and top-class features make this band a popular product in the market.

04 NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker

NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker

NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker is one of the best fitness trackers with an OLED touchscreen. The heart rate monitor will constantly monitor your heart rate and will record a different heart rate in the form of a graph. It will also monitor or display your sleep pattern and will provide you with any suggestions if needed. These fitness watches have multiple sport modes which are easily customizable and can be personalized. It will record your daily activities and will notify you whenever a sedentary lifestyle is detected.

Moreover, once you connect it to your phone, it will give you a call alert, SMS alert, and social media service alerts. With the constant activity monitor, it will continuously monitor your steps, speed, distance, calorie, etc. There are 4 customized clock faces from which you can choose any one according to your choice.


  • Brand: NewYou Direct
  • Item Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Battery: 1 nonstandard battery required
  • Sport modes: 14 sport modes
  • Dial plate: 4 dial plate types


  • Constant heart rate monitor
  • Monitors sleep pattern
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Daily activity tracker
  • Call, SMS, SNS alerts


  • Music cannot be controlled

Our Remarks

NewYouDirect Fitness Tracker is one of the top fitness trackers that will constantly monitor your heart rate and sleep pattern. With the help of the daily activity monitor, you will be able to assess your daily physical activities. These fitness watches will itself remind you if sedentary habits are detected. With GPS, you can track your movements and locations. After connecting it to your phone with ‘very fitpro’ app, you will call, SMS, SNS and email notifications with the help of this watch.

05 Willful Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Willful Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Willful Waterproof Fitness Tracker will effectively track your all-day activity. It will efficiently track your steps, calculate calorie burnt and distance traveled. The HR sensor will constantly monitor your heart rate. It has a sleep monitor too. The sleep monitor will automatically monitor your sleep pattern. Besides, it will also monitor your sleep quality, and the silent vibration alarm will effectively wake you up.

You can easily connect it to your Android or iOS smartphone, and you will get notifications for call, SMS, and social media apps. The phone anti-lost technology will always help to track your phone. In addition to all these features, you can easily control your music with this best fitness watch.


  • Brand: Willful
  • Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Battery: Long-lasting Battery
  • Control: Touch key


  • Daily activity tracker
  • 24/7 heart rate monitor
  • Sleep analysis monitor
  • Durable
  • Waterproof


  • Takes few hours to get fully charged

Our Remarks

Willful Waterproof Fitness Tracker is an efficient fitness tracker that will constantly keep monitoring your overall activities. The heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and daily best activity tracker will work 24/7 and will also monitor your health status. This is an IP67 waterproof fitness watch with a durable battery life that will give you a life-long service. Even if it carries out or takes a few hours to charge, it remains active till 3 days which is quite useful for us who have a hectic routine. These are the grounds to put this tracker in our list.

06 Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band is amongst the best fitness trackers in the market which is water resistant up to 50-meters. This can be used easily while underwater swimming, in the rain and in the shower too. With the MapMyRun and MyFitnessPalm of Under Armour app, you will be able to count the distance you have traversed and the amount of nutrition you have taken. This best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor will track your heart rate 24/7 efficiently.

You can listen to your favorite music with this device. You would be able to store music and even download them with this device.  Furthermore, the device has a long battery life which can last for a few days once fully charged. This device is a handy fitness tracker indeed.


  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 0.5 x 2.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Battery: 1 lithium-ion battery
  • Music control: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes, up to 50 m
  • Item model number: SM-R365NZKAXAR


  • Can be used while swimming up to 50 meters
  • Music control with storage
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Durable


  • The power socket is a USB port, so you will always need a USB cable to charge it.

Our Remarks

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness is a waterproof fitness tracker that can be used for underwater swimming up to 50 meters. With the fitness apps powered by Under armours, you can now track your activities and reach your goal easily. The top-class performance and long-lasting durability make this device one of the most popular products on the market.

07 Garmin Vivoactive HR Watch Band

Garmin Vivoactive HR Watch Band

Garmin Vivoactive HR Watch Band comes with innovative pin and tucks closure system. These pin and tuck system will adjust perfectly with your wrist and will ensure a clean fit. The bands of these best fitness trackers have a high-quality construction with metal parts made from hypoallergenic nickel-free stainless steel. So, it is totally safe to use the band. The soft silicone bands will give a sporty look and will go perfectly with any outfit.

This fitness band when personalized with Garmin Vivoactive HR band, gives a very classy and sporty look. You can wear or clothe it with any outfit in order to enhance your elegant look. The bands are light weighted and comfortable to wear all day long. This is a unisex device and can be used as the best fitness tracker for women as well.


  • Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 1 x 0.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Silicone band with hypoallergenic nickel free stainless-steel metal part
  • Brand: Garmin


  • Soft silicone bands
  • Hypoallergenic metal part
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • The silicone band might be difficult to be pulled off with every look

Our Remarks

Garmin Vivoactive HR Watch Band is a popular product of Garmin Brand that has innovative pin and tuck closure system. With this feature, you can precisely and securely lock your fitness band. The fitness band is lightweight and comfortable to carry around the whole day. The soft silicone band with hypoallergenic metal part will give you a sporty and trendy look.

08 007plus Waterproof Fitness Smart Watch

007plus Waterproof Fitness Smart Watch

007plus Waterproof Fitness Smart Watch has 0.96 inches OLED full touchscreen display with multiple available colors for the bad. It is one of the best fitness trackers in the market with D107PlusHR fitness tracker that will monitor your overall activities including calories consumed, heart rate, sleep analysis, distance, calories burnt, etc. It has 14 different training modes, and the GPS service will always map and track your activities.

This is a waterproof fitness tracker with the waterproof level of IP67which means that the best fitness watch is both sweat and splash resistant. After connecting it to your phone, you would get all the call, SMS, social media apps alert and you can control the music with this device too.


  • Brand: 007 plus
  • Item Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Color: Blue
  • Touchscreen: 0.96 inches OLED full touchscreen
  • Waterproof level: IP67
  • Charger cable need: No


  • Continuous heart rate monitor
  • 96 inches OLED touchscreen
  • Sedentary reminders
  • Durable
  • Efficient Pedometer


  • Cannot be used while underwater swimming

Our Remarks

007plus Waterproof Fitness Smart Watch is a popular product of 007 Plus brand which provides high-quality construction and top-class performance. The soft silicone band with hypoallergenic nickel free stainless-steel metal part gives a trendy and sporty look. The pin and tuck system will precisely and securely lock the watch with your wrist. You can carry it everywhere without having any worries of slipping off.

Best Fitness Trackers for Swimming – Buying Guide

rice is a primary concern for many users. Many cannot afford luxury devices. But a fitness tracker is not anything deluxe. You can get it at a budget-friendly price as well. Besides price, the factors that you should consider before buying the product are:


If you are a swimmer or staying underwater is one of your daily activities, you will surely need a fitness tracker which is water resistant. We have already included some names of waterproof trackers in our list. You can take one of them. However, there are also a few devices which are water resistant while taking a shower or washing your face. If you do not need much water resistance, you can pick them too.


Although nowadays a maximum fitness tracker comes with a built-in-display, this was not regular few days before. Now, you can enjoy a fitness monitor and can conveniently keep track of recorded result. There are few additional features with it as well. For example, LED lights, etc. You can easily observe your progress on a display monitor.


Design can be an appealing factor for many users. Trackers come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. It totally depends on you which would seem more attractive to you. As most fitness trackers are worn like a watch, it must also go with your personality and outfit. In terms of design, we have mentioned the names which seem most attractive to us. A classy design takes your look to the next level. So, you should choose carefully when it comes to design.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the most crucial factors for those leading a busy life. It is tough and at the same time annoying for users to charge their device frequently. So, pick those devices which last for a couple of days and eliminate the need to charge it again and again. Also, you should know how long it would take to fully charge these devices.


If you are a smartphone person, compatibility is a must for you. When connected with smart devices, fitness trackers notify you with important messages and calls so that you never miss them. Compatibility is a must-have a factor for music lovers too as it creates access for you to listen to your favorite tunes all the time.


Durability is a prime factor for any device, not only for the fitness tracker. No one would want to get a short life service from a product. You should also check the review to know about the longevity of these devices and pick them which have a longer lifespan.

These are the few characteristics you should consider while picking the most suitable and best fitness trackers for you.

How to Use and Maintain Fitness Trackers for Swimming?


There are numerous people out there who do not even know how to use the tracker efficiently. In order to guide you with some clear instruction on how to use a fitness tracker, we have come up with this section. So, the rules you can follow are:

Calorie counter

You can use the device to count calorie and eventually keeping a record of the foods you intake. However, devices with a heart rate monitoring system give out more accurate results on the fitness tracker. Tracking your heart rate saves you from heart diseases and keeps you healthy and sound forever.

Sleep monitor

Fitness trackers check your sleep, analyze sleep depth, and some trackers can also wake you up with a light alarm. As a result, you will know about your sleep status and will try to improve it, if necessary. If sleep monitoring is not an essential factor for you, we suggest you do not waste your money on it.

GPS tracker

Fitness trackers also have built-in GPS in them that will help you find your way. It tracks and finds convenient routes and makes your daily life easier. You can also utilize your GPS in your fitness tracker for daily walking or jogging.

Get social

As a fitness tracker is compatible with smart devices, it notifies you with many updates you need to know about people near you. It also never let you miss a call or important message and brings you more close to your dear ones.


Fitness trackers do not require much maintenance rather it helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, if you are still concerned about its maintenance, we can help you with providing some tips to get longer service from a fitness tracker. These are:

  • Charge your fitness tracker regularly. Battery life is the only life of this fitness tracker. If you keep it without charging for a long time, it will soon lose its efficiency and die eventually.
  • If your device is not water resistant, never forget to take them off when you will be exposed to water soon. Keep it away from you while taking a shower, swimming, washing face and when it is pouring.
  • You should always wipe your tracker with a clean cloth to keep it fresh from dust and debris.

This is how we believe your device will live a longer life.

Final Verdict

We have talked enough about the best fitness trackers on our list and some tips to know your fitness tracker clearly. You still might have little confusion regarding fitness trackers, and this is why we suggest you wait no more, get yourself a fitness tracker and try it for once. You will fall in love with the usefulness and million benefits of fitness device once you start using it.

While mentioning about the likeliness of loving the tracker, some trackers which have highly impressed users and most of them liked it are Henoda Leather Bands for Fitbit Alta HR and Garmin Vivoactive HR Watch Band. One top-notch fitness tracker is also there in the market with exclusive features to meet your taste, which is none other than 007plus Waterproof Fitness Smart Watch. If you are not interested in any fancy feature, Andyou For Fitbit Blaze Leather Bands and Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band are just the two right options for you.

The decision is still yours to take. Our task was to help you with every guideline possible. Read our whole best fitness trackers review carefully and come to a conclusion after analyzing each of them properly. You will confidently find what you are seeking for. Happy shopping!

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