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Best Compass for Land Navigation – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Compass is your most useful companion on any outdoor adventure. We put our complete faith on the compass and start our most awaited journey. But, a faulty compass can risk your journey and can trap you in danger. This is one of the major reasons why you should go for the best compass for land navigation.

The first compass was invented almost 200 years before. It was made of lodestone in Han Dynasty China. Then, it started to be made with iron needles, magnetized by striking them with a lodestone. The earlier compass was replaced in the early 20th century by the liquid-filling compass.

Now, we are witnessing a more advanced featured compass with the most accurate reading. But out of so many options, making the right decision can be a lot tough. In order to make your choice clearer, read our next section which is all about factors needed to be considered to pick the best compass.

How Do We Pick The Compass for Land Navigation?

As we have already experienced some best compass, we know the way towards buying the best compass. At first, we categorize some important factors. These factors can be quality, looks, endurance, price, etc. As soon as you enlist your preferable factors to consider, you will see it will be easier to find the perfect compass. Just like our recommended factors, we hope our whole review will be helpful to you. Read further to learn more about more compass with the factors that you need to consider before you make a purchase.

BeBest Compass for Land Navigation – Our 10 Models Reviews

01 SharpSurvival Glow in the Dark Military Compass


SharpSurvival Glow in the Dark Military Compass has an old-fashioned copper finish which is favored by many users by its great looks. It features 360 degrees rotating bezel to make your navigation and orienteering easy.

It is a compact and convenient compass made specially to fit your smaller hands to handle and can be stored very easily with your other emergency survival supplies. The compass glows in the dark for your ultimate convenience. You can read it in all weather at any time at any circumstance.


  • Product Dimensions 2 x 2 x 0.4 inches
  • Item Weight 0.16 ounces
  • Color Light Gold
  • Item model number CHARLOTTE001


  • 360-degree rotating bezel for easy navigation and orientation
  • Old fashioned beautiful copper finish
  • Glows in the dark
  • Compact and convenient
  • Accurate reading
  • High quality
  • Survival Gear
  • Smaller Hands To Simply Handle

Our Remarks

SharpSurvival Glow in the Dark Military Compass never fails to deliver a good service. The perfect size comes with accurate reading. The accuracy of SharpSurvival compass prevents you from guessing which way is North. So, the compass is very reliable.

02 Suunto MC-2 Compass

Suunto MC-2 Compass

Suunto MC-2 Compass has a high-grade steel needle with jewel beating. Thus, there is no hesitation or doubt in the quality of the compass. It works fine too. The liquid filled capsule is there for the stable operation.

The mirror is used in the sighting compass for bearings and signaling. Non-luminescent bezel. The luminescent marking will let you use it in low light. The compass is made to balance for the northern hemisphere and includes an adjustable declination correction.

The Clinometers are used for sighting hole and notch to provide correct bearings. Besides, it includes metric scales and inch ruler. As a baseplate compass, it comes with magnifying lens also. The easy to detach snap-lock lanyard with wristlock makes it a wrist compass.


  • Product Dimensions 9.1×3.2×0.8 Inches
  • Item Weight 3.84 Ounces
  • Item model number SS004242001
  • Style /360/D/CM/IN/NH


  • Easily detachable
  • Use of Clinometers
  • High-grade steel needle with jewel beating
  • Liquid filled capsule for better performance
  • Luminescent marking
  • Magnifying Lens
  • Adjustable Declination Correction

Our Remarks

Suunto MC-2 Compass truly stands out different from others in its unique and progressive characteristics. The quality and convenience of the compass are beyond imagination. It not only provides perfect service but also gives out adjustable declination correction facility. The compass is a worth-buying item.

03 SUUNTO A-30 NH USGS Compass


SUUNTO A-30 Compass is another SUNNTO two zone system with fixed declination correction scale high-grade steel needle with jewel bearing compass. It is balanced for northern hemisphere mainly. The compass has a detachable snap-lock lanyard, luminous bezel, and markings in cm or inches scale. The magnifying lens holds marking holes for drawing control points for your ease in using the compass.


  • Product Dimensions 2.2 x 4.5 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight 1.6 ounces
  • Model number SS012100013


  • Fixed declination correction scale
  • Balanced for northern hemisphere
  • High quality with jewel bearing
  • Detachable snap-lock lanyard
  • Magnifying lens marking holes for drawing control points

Our Remarks

SUUNTO A-30 Compass is a production of SUNNTO. We always had a good experience with SUNNTO products. Along with the size, the compass has features like detachability, magnification, etc. Besides, the manufacturer given limited lifetime warranty is another reason to try this compass once.

04 Fire up the Soul Display Stand Unique Compass


Fire up the Soul Display Stand Unique Compass is the only compass on earth that points us to God. The compass is a unique work of artisanship. The handcrafted, antique brass material not only looks stunning but also reminds us daily that God is our Guide and True North.

The scripture Joshua 1:9 is engraved on the backside of the compass. This allows us more to focus on our faith. Besides, the beautiful compass is appropriate to be kept as a display piece on a desk or shelf. It has a compact size that fits pocket or purse easily. The compass is made of high quality, an antique replica of an original compass trusted by mariners, covered by the finest solid brass case and beveled glass compass face. So, you might not have any doubt about the quality of the compass.


  • Item Weight 6.7 Ounces
  • Four Graphic Sizes 36×60, 36×78, 40×75, 48×72
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects


  • Represents religious aspects
  • Extraordinary work of artisanship
  • Handcrafted, antique brass material
  • Compact size
  • Fine quality body, case, and face
  • Telescopic Pole Telescopes
  • Weight With Graphics 14 Lbs.

Our Remarks

Fire up the Soul Display Stand Unique Compass is not just a compass it is more. It reminds us more of God and our religion. We suggest you take the compass as a gift for a birthday, baptism, Duty to God, wedding, anniversary, Mother’s or Father’s Day. Everyone would love to see such a charming yet solid built compass.

05 UST Deluxe Map Compass


UST Deluxe Map Compass is a good compass for hiking. It is compact and lightweight that makes it a suitable hiking compass. It features a clear and durable base plate with a quality liquid filled compass with swivel bezel and adjustable marching line. The inch, metric and 1:25,000 scales also ensures a clear, precise route planning.

This compass includes attached breakaway lanyard as well to let you enjoy an excellent service with safety. It is one of the recognized products of the UST brands which have been dedicatedly working for innovative and advanced products.


  • Product Dimensions 5 x 2.2 x 0.8 inches
  • Item Weight 1.76 ounces
  • Item model number 20-310-455C


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Attached breakaway lanyard
  • Easy-to-read liquid filling
  • Clear and durable base plate
  • Adjustable marching line
  • Special Hiking Capability
  • Swivel Bezel And Adjustable Marching Line
  • Clear Route Planner

Our Remarks

UST Deluxe Map Compass is a handy compass for those who frequently go for hiking, orienteering, scouting, wilderness survival, boating and other outdoor activities. UST is a promising brand that manufactures camping, survival, personal safety, and other equipment for 80 years. We have trusted the compass of this brand, and it never failed to impress us. Hopefully, it will be handy to you too.

06 TruArc 3 – Base Plate Compass


Brunton TruArc 3 Compass is a good sighting compass that contains TruArc Global Needle system. This is correct in both northern and southern hemispheres. The compass is useful for anywhere in the world. It has advanced navigation technology that stops magnetic interference than most other compasses and will not lose its polarity.

The navigation compass is easy to use. The imperial and metric scales, toll-free declination and 2-degree resolution, make it hassle-free and efficient.


  • Product Dimensions 2.5 x 0.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Item Weight 1.12 ounces
  • Size One Size
  • Color Clear
  • Item model number F-TRUARC3


  • TruArc Global Needle system
  • Advanced navigation technology
  • Simple process
  • Brunton’s own facility
  • Toll-free declination

Our Remarks

Brunton TruArc 3 Compass is a reliable compass that can be taken for basic orienteering and mapping or for everyday traveling. The manufacturer has a reputation for using advanced features, and this compass is no different. Our overall remark on this compass has given us reason to take this as the best compass.

07 Cammenga US Military Tritium Lensatic Compass


Cammenga US Military Tritium Lensatic Compass is a worth demanding lensatic Compass that has been battle tested through rigorous shock, water, sand proof and functional from -50o F to +150o F. So, this is evident it is a waterproof compass.

The luminous Compass is consists of seven Tritium Micro Lights making navigation in low light conditions much easy. It is equipped with sight wire, magnifying lens, and dial graduations in both degrees and mils so that it yields right reading. The copper induction damping system also slows down the rotation of the magnet without the use of liquids.

Furthermore, the compass is made of highly endurable aluminum frame and waterproof housing and includes carrying pouch and belt clip.


  • Product Dimensions 6 x 4 x 3 inches
  • Luminosity Tritium
  • Jewel Bearing Sapphire
  • Rotating Bezel Bi-Directional
  • Climate Capacity -50 F To +250 F
  • Frame Material Cast Aluminum
  • Waterproof Yes
  • Accuracy +/-0002 Miles
  • Casting Aluminum
  • Damping Process Induction
  • Lanyard Included
  • Item model number 3H


  • Durable aluminum frame and waterproof housing
  • Sand and Waterproof Compass
  • Accurate reading
  • Makes navigation easy through luminous feature
  • Copper induction damping system

Our Remarks

Cammenga US Military Tritium Lensatic Compass has always been our favorite since the day we have been using it. The additional and extravagant features of this compass can be a very useful mean. This compass is depended on by government agencies, fighting forces, and other adventurous outdoor enthusiasts.

08 Bayite Hard Shell Liquid Filled Button Compass


Bayite Hard Shell Liquid Filled Button Compass is a hard shell designed button compass. It is more durable than another soft rubber compass that breaks easily for rubber aging. It can be picked as a wrist compass for making paracord bracelets. Leave a loose place for the compass when making it.

The liquid filling is well run in good tinder in an emergency. The NSEW letters glow and can be read easily even in dim light.


  • Product Dimensions 4.9 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches
  • Item Weight 0.32 ounces
  • Shell Size 24mm X 24mm
  • Loop Size On Back 3mm X 21mm
  • Compass Diameter ¾ Inches


  • Hardshell designed
  • Perfect liquid filling
  • Ideal for making a paracord bracelet
  • NSEW is more understandable for lights
  • Paracord bracelets provide convenience

Our Remarks

Bayite Hard Shell Liquid Filled Button Compass has more than the things you would need in a compass. The compass gives it more strength and accurate reading facilities. What else would a person want after this!

09 Sportneer Waterproof Military Compass

Sportneer Waterproof Military Compass

Sportneer Waterproof Military Compass is a modern and improved version of the compass. It boasts a slope meter and gradient comparison table which makes it a must-have for rock climbers, engineers, and outdoor enthusiasts. It is also a Lensatic Compass that gives out accurate reading every time you use it. The high-quality lens magnifies the dial for better service.

It has a durable military construction. The elements are solid, high quality, and rugged metal. This compass is also both water and shakeproof that lets you use in the harshest conditions. You do not have to rely on the outer light because it glows in the dark.


  • Item Weight 0.63 lbs
  • Size 3.8”x2.5”x1.2”
  • Warranty 12-Month Replacement Warranty 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Lifetime Support Guarantee


  • Handy slope meter
  • High-quality rugged-metal
  • Durable military compass
  • Luminous Compass
  • Water and shakeproof

Our Remarks

Sportneer Waterproof Military Compass is your reliable tool for any adventure. It is up for any challenge in any situation whether it is raining or shining or even a dark night. This campus must be considered by those who hike through the rugged terrain of the mountains or climb rocks. The quality and construction are remarkable too. We have always found this compass trustworthy.

10 Type-III 4pc Liquid Filled Compass

Type III 4pc Liquid Filled Compass

Type-III 4pc Liquid Filled Compass is Type-III products which are veteran owned and operated a small progressive business. The compass is a set of 4 individual liquid filling compasses that are made to provide accurate readings.

It is also a Wrist Compass that fits up to 3/4” (20 mm) watchband, and 550 cords slip in easily. This compass is perfect for a tactical watch or Paracord Bracelets also. You should keep the compass away from metallic objects because it is a magnetic compass.


  • Product Dimensions 4.5 x 3 x 0.3 inches


  • Liquid filling for most accurate reading
  • Combo or 4 individual compasses
  • Extremely affordable
  • Fits watchband and paracord bracelets
  • Magnetic compass
  • Veteran Owned And Operated Small Business
  • Set Of 4 Individual Liquid Filled
  • Fits Up To 3/4″(20mm) Watchband
  • Paracord Bracelets

Our Remarks

Type-III 4pc Liquid Filled Compass is a handy compass with extreme accuracy. You can attach the compass to your gear or paracord projects and start your hiking expedition without any trouble. One of the best features of this compass is its price. It comes at a very affordable price. The compass is perfect for budget-friendly people.

Final Verdict

This was all about the best compass or compasses that we have come across till date. By now, you must be quite sure about your decision. If not, we still have some further suggestions for you. Even if you have already made your decision, the following recommendation can be significant to you too. Take our last advice and buy the best compass for you.

For quality-lovers, we would recommend picking none other than Cammenga US Military Tritium Lensatic Compass. This compass has been loved by most of the users. If you are looking for a good compass with a pocket-friendly price tag, SharpSurvival Glow in the Dark Military Compass and Bayite Hard Shell Liquid Filled Button Compass can be your perfect decision.

For people who seek for elegance in every product, your choice should also be Cammenga US Military Tritium Lensatic Compass. You can also take Suunto MC-2 Compass. If you want just a product considering the utility at a minimal cost, you might like Type-III 4pc Liquid Filled Compass and UST Deluxe Map Compass. Choose these above-mentioned products and start your hiking expedition without any trouble.

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