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Best Climbing Harness for Beginners (2024) – Reviewed

Climbing has always been an adventurous task. Not all people can do it. People who have got the guts can only do this job. To do this gutsy job safety measures should be taken first. We need the best harness to save ourselves while climbing.

Harnesses generally have a belt on the waist and got 2 leg straps. Some of the harnesses start from shoulder straps and end at waist belt. All the harness got a loop to bind the climber with rope to prevent the falling from a great height.

Why do we need to use a harness? We have seen many people falling from tree or building while working. People who fall down are most of the dead. If alive they are nothing but a chunk of flesh. People who remain live are mostly paralyzed. It is very hard to recover them. So, we need to be serious about safety before something really bad happens.

Mountaineer and other people who work at height need a harness frequently. The harness has to be sturdy enough to tackle the whole-body weight of ours. Harness’s tension and impact recovery have to be at best. Using the harness can save us from many accidents. It’s the basic to use the best harness while climbing or working at height. Regular workers often tend to not follow the basics of safety we need to warn them to be safe.

How Do We Pick the Climbing Harness for Beginners?

The harness is not a beauty product. Harnesses that can help us from falling down and get hurt are the ones we need. The harness has to be perfectly made to handle the weight of our body. Most of the quality harness is synthetic and nylon. Nylon products are durable. Those harnesses that can handle our whole-body pressure should be the harness we should pick, and these are the best harness.

Best Climbing Harness for Beginners- Top 10 Reviews

01 Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness

Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness

Weanas thicken climbing harness is made of polyester. The thickness of the harness is increased than the basics. For this strong construction of the harness, it can handle immense pressure. Polyester products are durable. All kind of users can use it. As far as a harness is working fine and fit any body the gender does not really matter.

Force limit of the harness is about 25 KN which is great. The extra thickness of the harness gives us the comfort to use it. Leg loops are adjustable we can strap them according to our need. It has got the extra loops to carry chalk bag or anything else needed. The weight of the harness is not a headache for a climber.


  • Product Dimensions 9.8 x 7.5 x 1.2 inches
  • Item weight 1.17 pounds
  • Gender Unisex
  • Force Limit 22-25KN (Kilo Newton)
  • Leg Loop Size 19?-30?
  • Gear Loops Yes


  • Can handle high load
  • Variable waist size to fit in for all users
  • Can serve a various climbing purpose
  • Simple to handle
  • Lightweight

Our Remarks

We can do any kind of climbing work or sports using this harness. It’s absolutely safe to use. Using it is very simple. Wear through the legs first then wear the belt. We need to look the leg straps are not strangled. It has the loops to carry extra needed utilities. The loops can serve a user in many ways. This harness might be low in price, but it’s not a cheap climbing harness.

02 Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness


This harness is made of synthetic. The harness is thicker than usual. It’s comfortable to use. This great looking harness is especially for women. That means comparing to another harness this harness is more user-friendly for a woman.

This women’s climbing harness is adjustable. We can change the waist and leg gear’s tightness according to our need. Colorful collection is available for this harness to attract the users. The weight of the harness is manageable for a woman. Dual core construction of the harness makes it durable and makes it able to take all the pressure on it. Leg loops and the waist belt are adjustable. That makes it comfortable to wear.


  • Product Dimensions 9 x 9 x 5 inches
  • Item weight 1.44 pounds
  • Colors Available Moroccan Blue, Caspian, Stone Blue, Smoke
  • Item model number BD651069MRCBLG_1-parent


  • Speed adjust waist belt buckle
  • Bullhorn-shaped waistbelt
  • Dual core construction
  • Comfortable leg loop customization
  • Rear elastic riser which is adjustable
  • Available Sizes To Fit All

Our Remarks

This harness takes care of all difficulties of women. Wearing this harness makes the climbing enjoying for a woman. This harness is made in a way that gives the comfort and makes it useful for women. It can handle the pressure of a body more than a regular harness. It should be an obvious choice for a woman.

03 Oumers Climbing Harness


At first look, it might look simple, but the Oumers climbing harness is CE certified. Certification has made it more reliable. It can handle 15 Kilo newton tension. Impact handle level is 6 Kilo Newton. The durability of this simple looking harness is great. Its webbing is synthetic. Two double back buckles of the harness improve the performance of the harness.

The leg loops and the waist belt are adjustable. It improves the comfort of a user. The pressure on the harness easily splits between waist belt and leg loops. This makes it more comfortable while climbing. The weight of the harness will not be a headache for a user. The weight is manageable.


  • Product Dimensions 10 x 7 x 2 inches
  • Item weight 14.4 ounces
  • Tension 15 ? KN And Impact ? 6KN
  • Waist 15?-48?
  • Leg 10?-31.5?


  • One size can fit everybody
  • Traditional buckle system
  • Comfortable in a pressure situation and also in warm temperature
  • Two double back buckles help to adjust waist belt in a single move
  • Can be applied or used for any type of climbing
  • Two Double Back Buckles

Our Remarks

As far as a harness is comfortable and fits somebody does not matter who is using it. The same harness can be used by both men and women. Adjustable waist belt and leg loops make it comfortable to be used by any kind of user. The harness can handle a lot of pressure and can be used for any kind of activity.

04 YaeCCC Climbing Harness Belt for Fire Rescue


YaeCCC climbing harness comes with shoulder strap. This is categorized as kids climbing harness. Age limit is 4 to 10. But it has got the capability to handle about 200 kilograms. This harness has got a screw gate to loop up with ropes or anything else. No waist belt in this design. The shoulder straps come down to the legs. It can handle the tension about 15 Kilo Newton. This harness also can handle impact pressure of about 6 Kilo Newton.

It’s comfortable for a waist size of 11.8 to 20 inch and leg size of fewer than 20 inches. Using this harness, we can ensure the safety of our kids at the climbing practices.


  • Material High strength polyester
  • Weight limited 800KG
  • Breaking strength 22KN
  • Waist Perimeter Approx. 80 – 140cm / 31.5- 55.1 inch
  • Leg Perimeter Approx. 60- 75cm / 23.6 – 29.5 inch


  • Capability to handle a great weight
  • The finest climbing kit for a child can help to do any kind of climbing or strapping
  • Slide lock buckle for secure fit
  • With proper tension and weight management secures the child
  • Certification of the harness makes sure its efficiency
  • Weight Handle Capability Up To 200 Kg

Our Remarks

The harness is categorized as kids, but it has got the ability to handle pressure like adults one. It will be very effective and helpful for our kids at the climbing activity. Using this harness our kids will remain safe.

05 YXGOOD Climbing Harness For Garden


YXGOOD Climbing Harness is a multi-tasking harness. It can be used to climb any kind of height like a tree, mountain. It can also be used for rescue purpose. It has an adjustable leg loops waist to easily fit in for a user. It has three designs available. We can choose what we need. It has a design that also comes with shoulder strap. YXGOOD climbing harness can manage 250 to 330 pounds. It can be a great rock climbing harness.

This climbing gear is made of polyester. It makes it durable. O ring or D ring used at waist point for looping and that makes it more durable. Its construction is user-friendly. It helps the climber to make the climbing look easy. Its soft and the leg loops and the waist are adjustable which makes it comfortable to use.


  • Weights about 3 pounds
  • Waist 33.46-47.24 inch
  • leg 23.62-29.53 inch
  • Gender Unisex Polyester Soft and breathable foam


  • Soft foam makes it comfortable to use
  • No gender specification anyone can use
  • Adjustable buckles to easily fit in
  • Can perform any kind of climbing or rescuing task
  • Able to manage enough weight

Our Remarks

A useful mountaineering harness that is adjustable can be used by both man and woman. It just needs to fit in properly. Different designs of the product can suit different body type. It’s very much capable of heavy duty. It has got all the features to protect us from any kind of unwanted situation while climbing.

06 Petzl Kids’ Climbing Harness


Climbing activities improve the mental health of a kid. It helps to teach a kid how to face the difficulties. To make our kids climbing experience safer, we can go for Petzl Kids’ Climbing Harness. The harness weights just 340 grams which bearable for a kid. The endo frame technology used in this helps it to be long-lasting. The framing is comfortable for a user and helps to absorb the pressure.

Colored connection look of the harness is helpful to keep an eye on the rope. We can add chalk bag in the harness. Front and back gear loop helps to keep necessary equipment with the harness.


  • Product Dimensions 9.8 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches
  • Item weight 12.3 ounces
  • Size One Size
  • Item model number C15AC


  • Colorful harness best goes with the kids
  • Use of endo frame technology ensures proper weight management
  • Colored connection loop allows for convenient visual inspection of belayer’s connection loop
  • Front gear loops give easy access to the equipment
  • Quick and easy adjust double back waist buckles
  • Endo Frame Technology
  • Harness Weight About 340 Grams
  • Rear Chalk Bag Adding A Point
  • Colored Connection To The Loop
  • Double Back Leg Buckles

Our Remarks

For kids, this colorful harness is an automatic choice. It not only great in color but also has got all the features to maintain our kid’s safety. Endo framing of the harness gives the strength and releases the pressure equal to the legs also.

07 Black Diamond Momentum Harness Package


Black diamond momentum harness package gives us a complete package. The package includes a screw gate, chalk bag, and chalk. It’s a synthetic harness. No doubt on its strong making. Adjustable leg loops and waist belt helps the user to find the comfort.

The screw gate served with it helps to loop up with ropes. It contains a very eye-catching chalk bag with chalk powder. Chalk powder helps to dry up the hands while climbing the heights.

Comes in three different sizes that ensure everybody can use this package. It has also got a remarkable colored collection to choose from. The package is one of the best harness packages for mountaineers.


  • Product Dimensions 14 x 7 x 6 inches
  • Item weight 1.5 pounds
  • Item model number BD6510660000LG_1-parent


  • A complete package for mountain climbing
  • Available sizes help to adjust users
  • Improves safety using the pre-threaded adjust buckle
  • Attractive colors
  • Made of synthetic which makes it durable
  • Includes Rocklock Screw Gate Carabiner, Chalk Bag, Chalk
  • Pre-Threaded Speed Adjust Buckle

Our Remarks

The package has got all the things you need for mountaineering. Climbing equipment served with the package is high quality. The harness served with this package very attractive, and the performance of the harness is very high. The harness can serve best for a mountaineer.

08 Condor H-Harness Black

Condor H Harness Black

Strong shoulder strap with a condor battle belt makes the harness strong useful for a climber. A climber can keep a lot of equipment in that condor belt. The shoulder strap is designed in a way to minimize the pressure. This harness can be used under modular lightweight load carrying equipment.

Nylon made harness ensures the durability. The item itself is also not so heavy. But it’s designed in a way to take the load. NTOA certified harness. That means it can best serve the military officers. It can also help the Mountaineers to keep all the necessary equipment with them.


  • Item Weight 300g
  • Material Nylon


  • Condor battle belt gives the user the comfort to keep a lot of things with
  • Lightly padded mesh gives the comfort
  • D rings and webbing helps to quick-access attachment
  • Compatible with modular lightweight load-carrying equipment
  • Nylon made so the washing is easy
  • Nylon Made
  • Weights 300 Grams
  • NTOA Approved
  • Lightly Padded Mesh
  • Condor Battle Belt

Our Remarks

The condor belt with the harness is very useful for not only a climber but also for others. The making of the harness is very strong with nylon webbing. The washing of the harness is also simple for its construction. Don’t need to think about the size the shoulder straps are adjustable and fit most. For a durable harness, this h-harness is the best choice.

09 Klein Tools Tree Climber Set

Klein Tools Tree Climber Set

This tree climber set is a mix of leather and nylon. It has got the elegant look because of the leather in it. 8 by 8 inch cushioned climber pad makes climbing work comfortable. Nylon climber straps for a long run. This set got the extra-long gaffs for maximum penetration for the climbing tree. Leg-iron and secure sleeve connection. 2 slotted hex-head bolts with lock washers and barrel type nuts help to keep the steel sleeve and leg iron together.

The nylon climber straps are neoprene impregnated which makes it ultra-durable. 113 mm wide stirrup served with the set to make tree climbing easier for an armature and also for a professional.


  • Product Dimensions 17 x 8.8 x 3.4 inches
  • Item weight 1.6 ounces
  • Size 17-Inch to 21-Inch
  • Color BROWN
  • Item model number CN1907ARL
  • Material leather


  • Made of leather different from another harness
  • Nylon climber straps last long
  • Replaceable gaffs
  • Helps to climb any tree comfortably
  • Its design is relaxing for a climber
  • Extra wide stirrup
  • High-Grade Leather Climber Pad
  • Nylon Climber Straps
  • 113 Mm Wide Stirrup
  • Steel Split Ring

Our Remarks

This leather tree climber set gives the extra comfort to a climber. With the secured gaffs climbers can easily climb the tree. Extra long stirrup makes climbing look so easy. It’s a perfect set for tree climbing.

10 Petzl Adjustable Harness

Petzl Adjustable Harness

Petzl Adjustable Harness is made using the frame technology. This technology helps to keep the body posture right. It also helps to distribute the pressure equal to the waist belt and leg loops. The harness has attractive looks. The webbing of the harness is nylon. This makes the harness stronger and safer for the users.

Waist belt and leg loops are adjustable for comfortable usage. It has got two front and 2 back loops to carry equipment with the climber. Back loops are flexible and high quality to put some extra weight on it.


  • Product Dimensions 13 x 7 x 5 inches
  • Item weight 1.69 pounds
  • Colors Green, Blue Jean, Gray, Methyl, Denim Blue
  • Item model number Petzl


  • Frame technology ensures the pressure to split into waist and legs
  • Adjustable leg loops give the privilege to adjust the harness according to the need
  • Flexible and high capacity back loop of the harness allows putting weight on it
  • A wide range of color combination helps to fit into any rock climbing gear
  • The waist belt is just perfect to buckle up
  • Two Front Equipment Loops
  • Two Back Equipment Loops
  • Adjustable Leg Loops

Our Remarks

Frame technology makes the harness more comfortable for the climber. Front and back loops help to carry multiple things with the climber. Lightweight but effective and able to handle all the pressure on it. This can be very handy for rock climbing equipment. This climbing belt has got all the features to be one of the market leaders.

Final Verdict

Harnesses are not just simple wearing for any of us. We need to use it for safety purpose. It has to be the best harness in quality. People might want to get some different look and feature in accordance with the topmost quality of the harness.

For an elegant looking leather made harness we can choose Klein Tools Tree Climber Set. This harness is specially constructed in a way to climb any tree. It can add a different taste to climbing gear.

For a complete package and sensible price, the Black Diamond Momentum Harness Package is the best choice. To lessen the hassle, it’s a perfect choice. Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness is one of the harnesses that are perfectly designed for women. This women’s climbing harness is one of the best harnesses for women. Petzl Adjustable Harness is a harness that we may get in a medium price and higher quality.

For kids is YaeCCC Climbing Harness most preferable. This harness is able to handle great weight and pressure. So it ensures our children’s safety. This kids climbing harness should be a part of our kids climbing gear. Petzl Kids’ Climbing Harness is another one we can select for our children. It’s got a strong look and is able to handle the pressure. This colorful harness can be a delightful gift for a child.

For a low price harness, we can select Condor H-Harness Black. It’s durable and low in price. Its condor battle belt makes it different from other regular harnesses. The condor belt is very useful to carry things with us. Oumers Climbing Harness is also low, and price and its adjustable size help everybody to fit in. This harness is not limited to any gender. These are one of the best harnesses at a low price no doubt.

Whatever design or construction of a harness has to confirm the safety of its user. Happy buying.

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