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Top 9 Best Mountaineering Equipment Reviewed (2023)

Mountain climbing is said to be the urge to reach the highest point of unclimbed huge mountains. Like us, you must also be very passionate about rock climbing. But as we all know, safety comes first. We must always be prepared with full precautions before we start climbing and only top 10 mountaineering equipment will safeguard you the most in this situation.

Years before people invented climbing equipment like modern piton (1910), steel carabiner (1910), stoppers (the late 1920s) and nylon rope (1940s). After years of evolution, we are able to make and receive advanced climbing gears like leg gaiters, traction cleats, state-of-the-art boots, etc. All these gears let us climb with immense safety and comfort. The next section of our review represents the key points to pick the top 10 mountaineering equipment. Have a look at it now before you go through further discussion on climbing equipment.

How Do We Pick The Mountaineering Equipment?

e have included something unique than other mountaineering equipment reviews for you. As we faced lots of difficulties finding top 10 mountaineering equipment that too after a number of failed attempts, we want to make you aware of the method that you can consider to pick the best equipment. Firstly, enlist some factors that you would favor in climbing gear and then search for the gear that has as an attribute of these factors. The abstract part of something that you can consider for buying the best rock climbing gear is material, flexibility, sturdiness, price, efficiency, etc. After you choose these criteria, your decision making will be much easier, and you will be able to buy the top 10 mountaineering equipment likewise.

Our 10 Best Mountaineering Equipment Reviews

01 Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain High Gaiters

Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain High Gaiters

Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain High Gaiters is made 100% durable nylon 420D material. The material or element is not only durable but also both waterproof and breathable. The water-resistant material makes room for air ventilation as well. Also, it one of the most lightweight leg gaiters that are perfect for rocky tractions and sky-high mountain climbing.

These mountain gear boots ensure a secure fit to your feet. It has 1 inch wide reinforced boot lace hook, bottom shear tab in the front closure and Hypalon instep strap. This top 10 mountaineering equipment holds your feet from all directions and gives you a comfortable grip.


  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 10 x 5 inches
  • Item model number: 61127-001
  • Color: 8.8 ounces
  • Size: S, M, L, S/M and L/XL sizes
  • Material: Nylon packcloth


  • Made of nylon 420D material
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable material
  • Reinforced boot lace hook
  • Bottom shear tab
  • Lightweight
  • Hypalon instep strap

Our Remarks

Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain High Gaiters are well-built leg gaiters that are known for its sturdy construction and secured fit. It is made of durable material with water resistant and breathable facility to keep your feet both dry and moisturized at the same time. The straps and front closures give a good fit too. These lightweight leg gaiters are ideal as hiking boots or cross-country ski boots to keep rocks, dirt and light snow aside and let you enjoy comfortable climbing.

02 Yaktrax Diamond Grip All-Surface Traction Cleats

Yaktrax Diamond Grip All-Surface Traction Cleats

Yaktrax Diamond Grip All-Surface Traction Cleats are extremely sturdy traction cleats for snow and ice and on all surfaces. It includes patented diamond beads that are made from case-hardened steel alloy strung on steel aircraft cable and comes with hundreds of biting edges grip in all directions. The aircraft grade steel cables ensure excellent strength and biting edges grip fits your feet with great security and easily.

This mountain climbing gear contains natural rubber sling to maintain elasticity and additional security which is extremely needed in sub-zero temperatures. Moreover, the beads swivel without any help and do not allow snow and ice to settle on it.


  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 3 inches
  • Item model number: 08532
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Color: Black
  • Material Steel: alloy/steel aircraft cable/ rubber
  • Style Large: (Shoe Size: W 10.5+/M 9.5-12.5)
  • Warranty: 90 days manufacturer warranty


  • Patented diamond beads
  • All surface usable
  • Aircraft grade steel cables
  • All direction biting edges grip
  • Maintain elasticity
  • Prevents snow and ice buildup

Our Remarks

Yaktrax Diamond Grip All-Surface Traction Cleats gives superior traction no matter what the weather and surface condition is. The patented diamond grips provide transitioning between surfaces like gravel, dirt, and concrete while rubber sling bands and biting edges grip hold your feet firmly. These traction cleats for snow and ice are also made of sturdy materials that make it built-to-last and protects from snow and ice build-up.

03 Moon Lence Waterproof Leg Gaiters

Moon Lence Waterproof Leg Gaiters

Moon Lence Waterproof Leg Gaiters is made of tough anti-tear nylon cloth that is both water-resistant and breathable at the same time. It keeps or retains you warm no matter how cold the weather is and protects you from a calf injury, cut or frostbite. As the top and ankle part has an elastic band and the bottom part has a loop, it remains stable in place.

You will have no issue wearing the rock climbing gear. It has front opening Velcro buckle on the bottom and elastic band on the top. It is comfortable to wear and can be simply put on and off. Also, this Climbing gear is machine washable. So, you do not have to make extra effort washing the rock climbing gear as well.


  • Weight: 230g
  • Color: Orange
  • Item model number: 20171127-or
  • Material: Nylon Lattice Pattern Cloth
  • Package List: Moon Lence 1 Pair of Gaiters and 1 pcs Storage Bag


  • Made of waterproof, breathable materials
  • Protects from injuries
  • Easily adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Machine washable

Our Remarks

Moon Lence Leg Gaiters is one of the top equipment we keep in the list while we go adventuring. This will keep you warm, dry, secure, and comfortable while hiking, hunting, climbing, outdoor research, gardening or simply walking around the backyard and help you to protect the feet and go along with the snow and glaciers by keeping moisture out of our boots. Besides, its simple usage and maintenance have always impressed us.

04 Hillsound Trail Crampon Traction Device

Hillsound Trail Crampon Traction Device

Hillsound Trail Crampon Traction Device contains 0.5 cm or two-thirds of spikes which grip into ice and packed snow. It has an ergonomic plate system that resists spike-slipping and adds more stability to it. There is an elastometer harness too which is stretchable enough to fit and hold most footwear.

These spikes for shoes have hinged plate flexes with the sole of the boot so that you can wear it comfortably. It also has ripped and stick over-shoe straps to hold the device on footwear securely and firmly. Moreover, it is tested on the trails of the Himalayas and has been marked as safe and reliable.


  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Item model number: 092800028100-P
  • Item Weight: 1.16 pounds
  • Spike numbers: 11
  • Spike material: Heat-treated carbon steel
  • Chain material: Stainless steel
  • Harness material: Elastometer


  • Features spike stability
  • Ergonomic plate system
  • Rip and stick over-shoe strap
  • Includes stretchable elastometer harness
  • Contains hinged plate flexes

Our Remarks

Hillsound Trail Crampon Traction Device has must have when it comes to hiking on the local trails or deep in the backcountry. It deals with extremely diverse winter terrain and all weather conditions. Ergonomic plate system, hinged plate flexes, harness and many other features let you walk on icy trails easily and safely. Plus, as this climbing equipment is tested on world’s one of the deadliest trails of the Himalayas, you can certainly put your trust on this.

05 Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe

Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe

Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe is constructed with a tough aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is also lightweight at the same time. It has an investment-cast which is the one-piece stainless steel head that includes a large hole for a carabiner. Besides, this rock climbing gear provides comfortable and dual-density molded grip that stiffly holds the place where it is put on.

This Diamond Raven Ice Axe is equipped with a slider leash for your ultimate convenience in using the axe to its best. There are pick’s curve and teeth engineered too to arrest the targeted place securely. In addition, CEN-B certification gives you another reason to rely on this top 10 mountaineering equipment.


  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 12 x 3 inches
  • Item model number: Black Diamond
  • Item Weight: 1.84 pounds
  • Spike: Stainless steel
  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Grip: Dual-density


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum shaft
  • Dual-density molded grip
  • Lightweight
  • Robust curve and teeth engineering
  • CEN-B certified
  • Contains slider leash

Our Remarks

Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe takes you closer to new heights and achievements. This climbing equipment provides versatility, safety, and durability. Being made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, this axe lasts for years. The pick and teeth engineered, slider leash and molded grip ensure enough security to self-arrest and hold your target. Plus, we never had any logic in doubting the quality of this CEN-B certified climbing gear.

06 Black Diamond Ice Axe Protector

Black Diamond Ice Axe Protector

Black Diamond Ice Axe Protector is made to cover the pick and adze on your ice axe and save it from all sorts of risks and dangers. It is made of Translucent thermoplastic urethane protectors that give your ice axes ultimate protection and makes it more durable and long-lasting.

This rock climbing gear is so adjustable that it can fit any ice axe effortlessly and comfortably. Besides, ice axe this top 10 mountaineering equipment can fit almost any tool as well. It is versatile climbing equipment besides being a safe and protective one. In addition to this, it also comes at an unbelievably low price.


  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 36 grams
  • Color: Grey
  • Item model number: BD4130000000ALL1
  • Material: TPU
  • Origin: Taiwan


  • Translucent TPU construction
  • Greater adjustability
  • Protects ice axe effectively
  • Reasonable price
  • Fits any tool

Our Remarks

Black Diamond Ice Axe Protector is a must-have accessory for those who have an ice axe and are concerned about its well-being. The translucent thermoplastic urethane protectors protect your pack from your adze and increase its longevity. Another reason that has made us put this gear in our top 10 mountaineering equipment list is its great adjustability that can fit any ice axe or tool

07 Black Diamond Spike Protector

Black Diamond Spike Protector

Black Diamond Spike Protector provides reliable protection to your ice tool spikes while transporting the spikes from one place to another. It protects the pick and covers the ferrule which is the spike at the end of the shaft. The sturdy translucent thermoplastic urethane construction gives out a long-term service while protecting the ice tool spikes at its best.

This mountain climbing gear quickly adjusts to any ice tool spikes, except the most radical technical tools. It fits most of the tool that includes OKish fit on the Grivel Airtech Evo, Petzl Quark and BD Cobra and Viper. You will also be impressed with estimating the affordable price of the protector of spikes for shoes.


  • Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.6 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 13 grams
  • Color: Grey
  • Item model number: BD4130010000ALL1
  • Material: TPU
  • Origin: Taiwan


  • Made of TPU
  • Protects ice tool spikes
  • Covers ferrule
  • Quick adjustability and adaptability
  • Affordable price

Our Remarks

Black Diamond Spike Protector eliminates your worries during transporting the ice tool spikes that is most likely vulnerable to damage. The TPU material protects and covers to maintain the efficiency of the spikes. Although it fits most of the tool and quickly adjusts, you should know it does not fit Camp Corsa, Nanotech and Neve, BD Raven Ultra and the DMM Switch, Petzl Nomic and Ergo and BD Fusion.

08 Putee Silent Hiking Boot Gaiters by Bushbuck

Putee Silent Hiking Boot Gaiters by Bushbuck

Putee Silent Hiking Boot Gaiters by Bushbuck is made of laminated tricot and oxford material that makes it a durable and water repellent yet quiet mountain gear boots. It is constructed with silent tricot face material that limits the noise, and water-repellent DWR coating prevents dust and debris.

This mountain gear has twin rivet steel lace hook and underfoot Hypalon strap which firmly attaches to your boot laces and ankle. Rivets and bar-tacks made high wear areas more solid. Moreover, the adjustable G-hook securely stays around the top of your calf. Velcro strips are also there that makes putting on and off the mountain gear an easy task.


  • Brand: Bushbuck
  • Item Weight: 7 ounces
  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Laminated Tricot/ Oxford
  • Gender: Unisex


  • Laminated tricot and oxford material
  • Silent gaiter
  • Prevents debris and dust
  • Rivets and bar-tack stitching
  • Adjustable G-hook
  • Velcro strips

Our Remarks

Putee Silent Hiking Boot Gaiters by Bushbuck should be an ideal option for a range of outdoor actives, such as hunting, hiking, farm-work and ranger/conservation work. Spending most of the time on bushes or ice cleats requires this mountain gear the most. It is recommended to hand wash this gaiters using non-detergent soap and line dry away from direct sunlight if you want to keep its durability.

09 Ravifun Ice Cleats

Ravifun Ice Cleats

Ravifun Ice Cleats has 18 teeth ice crampons that have high-quality stainless steel construction. The thicker and stronger ice cleats stay rigid and provide ultimate safety for all outdoor activity. These ice cleats for shoes have spike and chain system for a fine grip and excellent traction on all surfaces including slippery ice surface or worse.

These ice cleats for boots are very lightweight and compact. You can easily put it in a small storage bag or even in pockets and transport it anywhere. This mountain gear is equipped with hard plastic tape into a super elastic rubber hand that adjusts to your shoes tightly and keeps you safe from injury. It is very easy to wear. Just use buckle, hook from the front and laces tied to the hook for easy adjustment and stability. Also, two straps ensure tighter and safer ice crampons.


  • Item Weight: 415g/pair.
  • Color: Black
  • Materials: High-density stainless steel, rubber.
  • Teeth: 18 teeth.
  • Length of teeth: 1.8cm/ 0.7inch


  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Spike and chain system
  • Easily portable
  • Hard plastic tape
  • Easy to wear

Our Remarks

Ravifun Ice Cleats are suitable ice cleats for boots to perform a number of outdoor activities. There is less risk of injury when walking on ice, snow, mud and wet grass or other poor conditions because of its tighter and safer fit. Wearing and adjusting is easy too. This top 10 mountaineering equipment has been always trusted by us when it comes to winter trails that need extreme traction and grip.

Final Verdict

We are just about towards the end of our review. We expect our review to be understandable to you and helped you to one amongst the top 10 mountaineering equipment for you. If you are still confused by your decision, do not worry as we are here with some last guidelines as well. Now, pick the top 10 mountaineering equipment by looking over them.

For quality-freaks, we suggest no other mountaineering equipment than Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe. If you are directing the eyes for a budget-friendly option, your two fine choices are Moon Lence Leg Gaiters and Ravifun Ice Cleats. For top-class people who rely on exclusive products only, our suggestion will be to choose Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe.

For people with a basic choice who wants just simple lighting within an affordable price, we recommend to pick anyone between Black Diamond Ice Axe Protector and Black Diamond Spike Protector. Now, you surely have no problem picking the best mountain gear for you. Take a wise decision now. Happy shopping!

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