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Rab Expedition 1000 Sleeping Bag Review

Rab Expedition 1000 Sleeping Bag

Sometimes, few places in the world with panoramic beauty are the most incompatible – measurably in winter. Let’s say, the northernmost part: the Arctic. What is there to stop the gust other than some icebergs? There might be some human-made bulwarks against nature. No trees, No Bushes. Think, how you can spend nights beneath the sky if you do not have equipped with properly!

Sleeping bags are something you need for a super-cold night. This is all about comfort as well if you are backpacking to minimize weight and utterly combined with insulation from top to bottom. Such a useful item is the Mountain Equipment Iceline Sleeping Bag. It is a lightweight expedition down bag which has been designed for freezing weather and rough conditions.

Whom is Rab Expedition 1000 Sleeping Bag for?

Before buying a sleeping bag, it will be wise to consider the temperature ratings in case you do not want an uncomfortable night sleep due to cold. There are many methods for your convenience to determine the best sleeping bag. Most manufacturers, including Mountain Equipment, adopted the EN Standard. This bag is convenient for both men and women who frequently camp in rainy weather. With 800+ fill-power Goose Down, it makes the item light enough to carry comfortably on long-distance trekking though the Arctic or Alpine expedition.

The Iceline Expedition Down Sleeping Bag Explained

The Mountain Equipment Iceline Down Bag is a lightweight expedition Sleeping Bag designed for icy weather and harsh conditions. Its design fits for keeping human body warm in very low temperature down to – 30-degree centigrade. The Iceline Expedition is an enormous 994g of hand stuffed, a top range of Goose Down lightweight sleeping bag for authentic insulation which guarantees a minimum fill-power of 800-cu-in.

The sleeping bag is filled with finest Russian goose down comes with the EXL technology for most favorable loft and outstanding thermal efficiency. Gore Therium 10D is a high-quality material which has been used for the outer shell. This material is rain resistant which will not be impaired in any way even in wet conditions, as well as it is lightweight and breathable.

With a packed size 31cm x 27cm x 24cm, it is a compact sleeping bag yet provides enough room for extra clothing and equipment. The GeminiTM zip baffle foot box is structurally shaped which also provides warmth and space. Besides, the winter sleeping bag comes with an integrated neck collar with a Lode Lock closure system making it simple to fold or open and close but keeps warmth well.


  • Product Dimensions 31cm x 27cm x 24cm
  • em Weight 994g
  • Size Regular-Izquierda
  • Color Marmalade
  • Fill Weight 1650g
  • Outer Material Gore Thermium 10D Nylon
  • Inner Material Ultrasoft 20D Nylon
  • Insulation Goose down
  • Lower Limit Rating -30-degree C
  • Comfort Temperature 12-degree C
  • Sleepzone Temperature 3-degree C to -25-degree C
  • Design Down Slipping Bag
  • Suitable for Unisex
  • Usage Suitable For Expedition, Mountaineering
  • Extras Waterproof stuff sack, a storage cube, and inner pocket


  • Goose-Down Insulation for more hard-wearing and compressible replacement to synthetic fill
  • This bag is designed for icy weather and rough conditions
  • An expedition is more spacious fits for longer and wider shoulder
  • Able to provide warmth even under very low temperature
  • High-quality synthetic fill used in particular baffles to reduce cold spots
  • The outer material used in making this bag is breathable


  • Goose-Down Insulation features a little higher price tag

Our Remarks

At length, there is no escaping from a top of the range sleeping bag like the mountain equipment sleeping bag. Though it holds a slightly higher price tag, it is not the kind of thing that anyone would want to bring the purchase. There are a lot of inexpensive items like Kathmandu Globe Semi-Rectangular Sleeping Bag having the temperature tested to EN13537 standard comes with insuLITE H2 fill. But the used material is not water resistant.

Conversely, the Iceline Down Bag is rain resistant. Furthermore, you probably need something that comes with high levels of warmth but is lightweight. But from the view of a potential buyer, when sleeping in at freezing temperature, both are such an amazing piece of weather equipment, but the Mountain Equipment bags are better.


Question : Is the mountain equipment Iceline Down Bag durable?
Answer : This mountain equipment sleeping bag is durable because of Russian Goose Down insulation. The bag is ideally designed for icy weather and rough conditions.

Question : Is it a lightweight 3 season sleeping bag?
Answer : No, it is not a lightweight 3 season sleeping bag. 3 season bags have +10-degree to +35-degree temperature ratings. But this waterproof sleeping bag has that of +10-degree or lower.

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