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Thermarest Compressible Pillow Review for Camping

Thermarest Pillow Review for Camping

Let’s go slightly back to basics and take a look at this traditional Thermarest pillow whether it can compete with rest other lavish travel pillows that you have reviewed early. There are multiple reviews of the Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow by now, but multiple aspects can be convenient when it comes to appraising a kit online.

This pillowcase is filled with soft urethane foam blocks which makes it thick, but it is exceptionally lightweight and incredibly soft. The soft, brushed polyester cover feels comfortable against skin as you lay down your neck, shoulder. It promises your sound sleep and relaxation in places where it could be challenging to shut your eyelids. It will be more relaxing as you are concerned with the upcycled lofty urethane foam filling.

The Thermarest Pillow is perfect for anyone wants to fall asleep and comfort after actively traveling. This Travel Pillow offers all the support of home bedding in a little pack, convenient, and lightweight, compressible package for camping, backpacking, plane travel, hiking, and road trips. As it is ideal to travel essential, this head pillow has become the best travel pillow. You can compress it easily for packing into a tote bag, backpack, duffle, or suitcase. You can also expand the best camping pillow into a 4-inch thick and soft pillow to cradle for your head, neck, shoulder, and back.

This byproduct cushion utilizes the waste generated method during production. Cleanup of this Thermarest Pillow is quite simple. You can quickly throw it on a mild-cycle in your washing machine and toss in the dryer. The USA made product provides you with the quality assurance.


  • Product Dimensions 16” x 6” x 5”
  • Item Model Number Therm-a-Rest
  • Weight 1 lbs.
  • Color Amethyst


  • The brushed polyester fabric is easy to clean up
  • Cleanup of this Pillow is effortless
  • Use a washing machine to clean the fabric cover
  • Compresses to pack into a tote bag, backpack, duffle, or suitcase
  • Denim Blue is a color shows your passion for America
  • Lofty “urethane” foam is used for cushioning which is an upcycled byproduct
  • It compresses slowly after laying your back down, but will not flatten
  • Expands it into a 4-inch soft pillow to cradle for your head, neck, shoulder, and back
  • It is thick enough to give you proper support

Our Remarks

You might be persuaded by the comfort which the Thermarest pillow would provide, as well as its plainness and support. It has a little downside in weight yet, and you will love laying your head on it. This Thermarest Travel Pillow is a great budget option regarding performance and low price which makes this item a clear choice.

It is excellent for shorter trips, like plane camping and road trips. The polyester fabric is easy to clean, and rugged enough to withstand against wear or tear. In terms of appearances, the Therm A Rest is a soft pillow. If you love to wear blue jeans and have an affection for America, so unsurprisingly, this pillow looks like a good fit. If you are seeking a no-frills, this traditional camping pillow that does exactly what it is generally believed to be the case to do, the Therm A Rest compressible travel pillow is perfect for you.

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