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Evolv Luchador SC Climbing Shoes Review

Evolv Luchador SC Climbing Shoes

A good pair of hiking shoes is one of the essentials if you are thinking of a long day hiking. The hiking shoes enable you to climb swiftly without losing balance and save a lot of unnecessary energy loss. Wondering how? You will learn more about this in Evolv Luchador review.

When choosing the best climbing shoes to buy, you must keep in mind that the shoes must be tightly fitted and durable. The Evolv Luchador SC climbing shoes are tight-fitted and allow you to hold traction against the gravity in rocky edges and thereby maintain balance.

This Evolv Luchador review on trekking shoe will help you to figure out in detail about the performance and durability of the product.

Feature Analysis of Evolv Luchador SC Climbing Shoe

1. Synthetic upper

The Evolve luchador hiking boots are provided with synthetic upper which shapes with the shape of your feet. Though it molds properly with the shape of your feet, but will not be sensitive to rocky edges. The synthetic leather is breathable, and that’s why odor production would be in control.

2. Three strap hook and loop closure

You might want hiking shoes that help you to hold every grip without losing balance; we suggest you consider Evolv Luchador trekking shoe. They are provided with three strap hook and loop closure that enables you to climb through rocky edges and not slide out the grip.

3. New elastic tongue system

One of the most exclusive features of this new elastic tongue system is that it gives you the feeling of wearing socks. It reduces the bulk, and as so, it decreases the weight of the shoes. In this way, the shoe becomes lighter and more comfortable to wear during the whole day.


  • Weight 1 lb./ 3oz
  • Color Grey
  • Upper Synthetic leather
  • Lining Synthetic
  • Footwear closure Strap
  • Stiffness Medium


  • Flexibility
  • Great durability
  • Prevents fatigue
  • Reduces pressure on heels
  • Highly affordable


  • Might not be able to provide a wide range of professional performance

Final Verdict

The Evolv Luchador climbing shoes will give you excellent performance on rocky terrains. Don’t worry about the limitations as it will give you great performance in mild and moderate to potentially harsh environments.

In total, Evolv Luchador SC climbing shoe is a hiking shoe provided with a complete pack of all the features that you could ask for. Its synthetic soles mold perfectly with your feet and give you the proper grip. The three-strand hook and loop system and the elastic tongue system make it unique from other climbing shoes.

We hope that the Evolv Luchador review has helped you choose climbing shoe.

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