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Five Ten Wall Master Climbing Shoe Review

Five Ten Men’s Wallmaster Climbing Shoe

Rock climbing is one of the most thrilling and adventurous experiences. With the right climbing shoes, this experience becomes more delightful. In the Five Ten Wall Master review, we have discussed in depth about one of the most comfortable and also durable hiking shoes which is Five Ten Wall Master climbing shoe.

Five Ten Wall Master is designed with breathable, double-strand velcro closure system and extra thick toe rand. This exclusive quality of the trekking shoes enables you to walk with ease and without any difficulties in all kinds of journey. There are more to discuss hiking boots in Five Ten Wall Master review. Let’s start the review now.

Feature Analysis of Five Ten Wall Master Climbing Shoe

1. Stealth c4 rubber outsole

The trekking shoes provide you with stealth c4 rubber outsole, which enables the climber to hold the grips on rocky edges. It helps to stick and move swiftly in rocky terrain. As a result, it helps you to not to lose control and slide out from under your feet.

2. Double strand velcro closure system

Unlike other climbing shoes, Five Ten Wall Master shoe comes with a unique feature of the double strand velcro closure system. This feature helps the climber to tighten the shoe correctly in position. It helps to catch the grip and maintain balance in rough terrains.

3. Unlined leather upper

The fitter a trekking shoe is, the more comfortable it is to climb mountains. As mentioned earlier, the hiking boots have the unlined leather upper which helps to mold the shoe in position. So, you can move smoothly over any terrain without failing to catch the grip correctly in every instance.


  • Item model number WALLMASTER-M
  • Upper material Leather
  • Flex Stiff
  • Closure Type Velcro
  • Weight 0.25 kg
  • Profile Flat
  • Lining Unlined


  • Superior performance
  • Fine materials
  • Comfortable
  • Great durability
  • User-friendly


  • Few colors are available.

Final Verdict

Five Ten Wall Master shoe is designed in a way that enables swift and comfortable climbing with long durability. Despite having a limited color choice, you should not be disheartened because the colors available are very fashionable and captivating.

In total, the Five ten Wall Master hiking shoe provides you with an excellent grip and well traction against gravity. Its unlined upper and supportive midsoles help to hang on and climb well in any condition and rough terrains. The hiking shoe is, after all, a well innovated and out of the box comfort product.

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